ART CHARACTERS SOLO RP Chill's Moody Art Episode 2: The Dumpening

what would you like to see more of

  • pencil/traditional sketches

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  • paintings

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  • copic stuff

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  • speedpaints & timelapses?

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what it says on the tin, folks
i used to have an art thread here before (i think) but i became inactive for like a year+ so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway im on twitter please look at my art there

if you steal repost trace or redistribute my art i will hunt you down and i will steal all your keyboard letters

now with that out of the way lets begin

here are some WIPs im struggling on & my favourites from art fight this year (my team lost ): )

bunnywip.png WIP
nova.pngmartha and archimedes.png art fight stuff

also heres a random pencil sketch i doodled during some class i think it was german

i also do commissions if anyones interested yeet
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