Children's War Game

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    They were all best friends growing up, living in the same neighborhood, going to the same school. Eventually though, they began to split apart. Some have moved, some don't talk to each other, and some have just changed as people. They say that's what high school does to a teenager. Change, and finding yourself, where you belong. With senior year about to start in a couple days, they all decided reunite after three years, to catch up with each other. Having a fire out in the woods, that was the plan. Though, little did they know that this night was going to change them all, forever...
    This will be a detailed, character driven, realistic roleplay. You'll be playing a character that wakes up finding themselves with special gifts, and abilities. How the character lives with it, it's up to you. Having to deal with life, school, and now super powers. It's a lot for just a high school student. This is the story of eight children, and their personal war game.
  2. Interested.
  3. I'll bite.
  4. Im interested. Will we be choosing and developing our own power or will you be assigning them?
  5. That
    That's a good question. I think it would be better to choose and develop your own powers, instead of having assigned ones. Giving it more freedom. There will be a restriction to some powers though, so things don't get out of hand.
  6. I'm down.
  7. Sounds good. I reckon the CS should have some kind of level system perhaps. The RP itself need not actually use levels, but simply use levels in the CS to indicate rough power. For example:

    Level 1: (no training): Can create small fires in the palm of hand and freely move it within 3 foot of his body. Flame's max velocity is 3m/s and flame will burn out after 30 seconds.
    Level 2: (slight training): Can create larger fires, movement range increased to 6 feet. Max velocity is 6m/s and flame can last 60 seconds before burning out.
    Level 3: (moderate training): Can create still larger fires in palm, and can create smaller fires anywhere within 9 feet. Max range increased to 9 feet. Max velocity 9m/s and flames last for 90 seconds.
    Level 100: (Has absorbed a God because OPness ftw): Can create any size fire anywhere within 100 meters of himself. Max velocity 1000m/s. Max range 3000 meters. Flames never burn out naturally. Flames explode on impact.

    Or something. Maybe not precise values like this, since it only needs to act like a guideline so people dont accidentally develop too much in the IC and it has to be rectified.
  8. I can start up the thread soon. i've just been kinda busy with school.
  9. Understandable.

    As for my character's ability, can it be communication with animals, and consequently shapeshifting.
  10. I'll be going with electromancy, because all superpowered RPs need an electricity user of some kind.
  11. Interested. (I'm guessing that's how people reserve spots.)
  12. There's usually no need to reserve spots on this website, unless the RP specifically states you have to. Just jump in in the OOC!
  13. I might choose Light Mimicry as mine, or maybe something else. I do have a question though. Can we go rouge? Like going on a rampage. I'm not saying that I will be doing it >.> just saying it would be interesting.
  14. Nature Manipulation? Please?
  15. Yes! That's a great question, and the answer is yes!

    Of course!
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  16. Are you going to post the OOC today?
  17. aaaw i'm not fancy. Can I get a link for non-fancy people?
  18. For non fancy people.

    You get the cat...

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