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....Humans. We think we're the only sentient life in the galaxy, and possibly the universe. But we are wrong. There are thousands of species, on thousands of worlds across the Milky Way.

But this story is not about them. This story is about four individuals who are so different on the outside, yet desire the same things, and deep down, are more alike then they think. These four beings have no idea that just meeting each other creates bridges that aren't usually created for thousands of years.

Earth. A seemingly primitive planet to the rest of the galaxy, and not on the galactic radar by any means. Yet two aliens, or 'Children of the Stars'
as their name translates to English, find themselves drawn to it, unable to resist the call that their very essences cry out for. You see, these two beings' species await a call, no...a desire that they must follow. To mate, they must hear the call, and heed it, for the one they are drawn to is the one they mate with for eternity.

Now these two friends have felt the call, and are drawn to the planet Earth together. Yet none of their species has ever visited this place, which means only one thing....their mates are not of the same kind. This has only happened a few times in the entire history of their people, and social upheaval has always followed. But they cannot argue with what they cannot control.

Descending to earth undetected, the two Children of the Stars shed their natural forms, and take on the guise of the natives, Humans as they are called. Using the natural intuition that is so evident, they home in on the location of the two that they desire most, and wonder what awaits them. Eternal love, and a chance at Immortality? or crushing defeat, and a broken heart which may cost them more than just their emotional well-being?

And how can they even approach these Humans? it's not as if they can just stroll up, tell them the truth, and it will all be fine. No....they must improvise for such an occasion, and that may prove to be more than just complicated.​


Two Human males, good friends and just barely into their adulthood live their lives normally. They laugh, they work, they date, and they eke out an existence, wishing only to leave a legacy of themselves, wanting to be a part of something that will last after they die.​

Little do they know what is on the way, and how it will change them forever...

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Basic Plot: Two alien females are drawn to a backwater planet(Earth) and are drawn to two human males which they must make their mates, as is tradition.
Rating: Mature. We'll cross the bridge of physical scenes when we get there, but don't be afraid to put in some mature content. This IS a romance after all. ^_^

Genre: Modern, romance, Sci-fi.

Other Details: Just some more information on the two Aliens for you ladies. This species is old. very old. They are one of the most advanced alien species in the Galaxy. That being said, they have some unique abilities. I'll leave most of that up to you, but shape shifting, being able to travel at near speeds of light, being able to survive in the vacuum of space in their natural forms, and being dang near Immortal are among the list of talents they possess. Others, I'll leave up to you to add.

Also, the concept of mating is more than just sex for these beings. A mate must be in love with the other one, and vice versa. So no instant matings, and such! I'd like this to be drawn out. Take your time, let the mood simmer, that type of stuff. And above all, have fun with it. XD embarrassments, drama, plot twists, the whole shabang. Since this is a kind of small group, I welcome it all.

The setting will be modern, year 2011 type of stuff, and it'll be in an American city which has no name, but has it all. Be creative, I'm giving you the reigns here for where the characters go, and what they do in what places and such. If you think I should add anything else to the plot, setting, etc. let me know and we'll talk.

Character Sheets:


Age:(For humans, anywhere between 20 and 35. For the aliens, let's not make it incredibly old, but remember, you're part of an very long lived race.)


Appearance: (Text or picture acceptable. Or both.)

Unique talents:

Brief bio: (Including up to present going ons.)

Other details you wish to add:

Yes, I know the sheets might not look extremely complicated, but hey, that makes the creative process all the better right? And it leaves more to the imagination....Ooooooo *shakes hands hauntingly*

Name: Alexander Sheridan, but his friends just call him Alex.

Age: 27

Personality: Alex has been called many things. Arrogant at times, condescending at others, and yet sweet and kind. Coming off as a know-it-all, Alex has to constantly remind himself he does not in fact, know it all, but rather is well informed, more so than most. He'll often have to explain things to people because quite frankly, they don't understand him a lot of the time. He's social alright, but puts people off with his verbal and mental acuity. Only a very close circle of friends truly know the real Alex, including his friend Roy Byatt, and his girlfriend of two months, Stacy Verdann. he can be shy at times, and will enter a social situation only when he has observed for a while. Rarely will he initiate a conversation, for fear of sounding arrogant, or presumptuous.

Appearance: His short, dark brown hair is kept trimmed, orderly, and never out of place, much like Alex himself. His chocolate brown eyes are deep, and when he stares at you, some people, especially his current girlfriend, have said they get lost in them. Alex is least proud of his hawkish nose, but his well-defined brow and carved out of marble jawline make up for it in his mind. He has no facial hair, save for the odd five o'clock shadow that rarely stays on long. In fact, you'll nary find a hair on his body, except a light dusting on his arms and legs. focusing more on his intellect than his body, Alex has an average build, with little muscle but some on his biceps when he remembers to lift free weights. Standing at just under six feet, he isn't imposing physically, but his mind makes up for that fact.

Unique Talents: Alex has a very good memory, and it borders on photographic. he also absorbs information at a high rate, which has made him kind of geeky, yet he still retains some charm and and old style chivalrous attitude.

Brief Bio:

Alex's intellectual pursuits were not by mere chance. Growing up with a family of practical geniuses paved the way for him to be what he is today. With his father working at NASA in the Engineering division, and his mother one of the top Forensic analysts in the FBI, Alexander and his two siblings, Jenna and Frederick were practically destined to follow. But something was different about Alex. While his sister and brother, both older than him, accepted accelerated education and benefits, Alex decided to stay back, and go through the grades and his life normally. He made this decision at the age of seven. For a time, this was okay, but as Alex matured, much faster than the other children, he began to grow apart from them. Soon, as his intellect grew, and his knowledge base grew as well, his social experience lessened. By the time he met Roy Byatt(it is perfectly fine), he was something of a pariah. At first, Alex suspected that Roy was talking to him for some other reason that would eventually lead to his ridicule by the other classmates, and he was right for a time. But as they spent more time together, and Roy got to know Alex, and vice versa, Alex's suspicions wavered, and he let him in.

It was, as he would discover, one of the hallmarks of his life, though he would never admit it to anyone, least of all Roy. As their friendship deepened over the years, they rarely were apart, except when Roy decided on a foolish juncture: He wanted to serve in the military, and overseas at that. Needless to say, Alex was not pleased. He couldn't understand why Roy would want to throw his life away. Alex knew much about the war in the east. for the few months before Roy departed, Alex tried to convince him not to leave. First with charts, and facts about the likelihood of him getting injured or worse. After that didn't work, Alex tried other means. Logic, arguments, nothing worked. Finally, Alex conceded defeat, and wished him a safe tour. After he came back with an injury and many stories, things began to settle down in Alex's life. He finished College with a double major in Psychology and Criminal studies. He works as a profiling analyst for the FBI part time, and with the connections he has in the Bureau, his expenses are taken care of. Alex even had time to develop a relationship with Stacy Verdann, a woman who Roy had fixed him up with at his self-defense school. They have been going out for two months, and she seems to like him, even if she has to still consult Roy about some of his eccentricities.

other details: Alex is slightly paranoid of Alien life. He watched the X-files, and read Stephen King's Dreamcatcher when he was too young, and he has had a steadily growing phobia of possible Alien invasion. (Oh I just had to. Sorry Lorelei and Crona, had to make your lives just that much more complicated. XD)
Name: Roy Byatt, most people who are close with Roy tend to call him by his last name.

Age: 26

Personality: He is a kind and gentle person, which people have said is part of his charm. Roy on a good day wouldn't harm a fly, thats if he had anymore good days. After coming home from overseas with an honorable discharge, Roy has become more tense and serious. He still likes to have a good time and go drinking with his friends. Being tense all the time, Roy finds that the only time he truly relaxes and acts more like his old self is when he is with the friends that know him the best. The old him likes to laugh, charm women into spending the night with him, pretty much being a playboy, yet what he really is is just a guy who loves life for what it is.

Appearance: Blonde hair that just falls short of his neck with green eyes that are often mistaken for hazel. Roy is 6 feet when standing straight. He is well built, and he still works out about 3-4 times a week. His body naturally developed to one that was almost perfect, with very little scaring on it. Roy has a scar on right breast from a bullet wound when he served overseas with the military.

Unique talents: Being able to pick any type of sport, a quick learner, great cook yet eats out more often due to lazyness.

Brief bio:

Roy is the only child of a high middle-class family. He quickly picked up football when he was four like most kids his age. By the age of six he was playing both flag and tag football in a house league. By the time he was ten, he was attending the best private school his parents could afford and playing little league tackle football. By the time he was in middle school, Byatt had started to play baseball as well, and quickly became the ace of the team. This is also the time that he met Alex (if this is okay with Admiral). Their friendship wasn't the best at the beginning. Roy the school's biggest jock and Alex the class named know it all. This seperation wouldn't last long though when a few months into school, Roy out of a dare, striked up a conversation with Alex. Lucky this was after school cause the conversation lasted for a few hours, before they finally went their seperate ways for the day. Afterwards though it seemed like the two of them when either not studying or playing on one of the many sport teams were always together. Alex helping Roy with his school work, and Roy helping Alex socialize a bit more. You could say they made the best set of friends with Roy being the brawn and Alex being the brains.

The pair finally split for a period of time when right after college, Roy joined the military at the age of 20. Within six months he went overseas for two years. When he returned it was because he had been discharged after recieving a bullet wound to the right half of his chest. The bullet caused his right lung to collapse, which forced him to cut down on how much stress he could put on his body. After he returned home, and catching up with Alex, Roy opened up a small self-defense school, which quickly became a big hit within the city, and was one of the best places for a workout and learning how to defend oneself within a matter of months. Roy has been doing this for the past four years and is making good money, but he now wants to settle down, knowing that life can end in a split second.

Other details you wish to add: Has never thought of getting his right lung replaced.
Name: Adelaide [ah-dah-lied]

Age: 135

Personality: Her personality is bubbly and curious though she does have a quick temper. She is very interested in the way the Humans live. Constantly smiling unless you get her riled up. When she is angry she is very dangerous. She gets jealous easily and can't control her actions that well when she does become jealous. By human standards she would be considered bi-polar. By her races standards she would be considered normal. She is always wanting to learn new things and try new things.

Appearance:In her alien form, she has a pulsating blue, teal and purple light surrounding her form which characteristics border on the human race. She is normally light blue skinned with deep purple, almost black hair. In her Human form she has Deep chestnut hair, stands at roughly 5'4'', has a shapely body yet slender waist. She got her appearance from watching Celebrity's over the years. Her unique trait that show's she isn't normal by human standards is the one Electric Blue eye and One nearly neon green eye. Her dress style is that of a Victoria's angel, because she finds the less the clothing [skimpier included] the more comfortable she is in that skin.

Unique talents: Among hovering and floating about things, she has telepathic skills, can learn information and tasks quickly, her singing has been used to entrance people or simply serenade them.

Brief bio: Being pulled towards the earth for some unknown reason, she searches for that beacon of light that draws her there. She was on a quest to another galaxy father then the 'Milky Way' for research.

Other details you wish to add: She appears to be in her early Twenties. She has taken a fascination to Horses, kittens, dogs and earth music. She especially loves the Cars, which she learned how to fix very quickly. Like her friend, she can pick up on languages fast, but usually uses her translator until she feels comfortable in speaking the tongue. Her translator is in her earrings.
Name: Lona

Age: 132

Personality: Lona is more timid compared to her friend Adelaide. She has always been easily frightened, and watching a human horror movie made her become scared of childish things like the dark, open closets, etc. She has become quite shy and passive over the years after she embarrassed herself countless times in front of others. She enjoys company, but has personal space issues.
If someone gets too close for her comfort, she'll shy away, wanting to put distance between her and the one who dared get too close to her. Lona will open up to someone if they try hard enough, but they can not be too pushy with her.

Lona has a slender body shape in both her true and human form. She stands at around 5'3" in both forms. In her natural form, Lona's skin is blue violet swirled together with purple, and has a tiger-like stripe pattern that is baby blue all over her body. Her eyes in her natural form are purely silver. The colors seem to give off a light glow.

In her human form, her hair is semi-wavy and goes down a bit past her shoulder blades. It is a golden brown color, and her eyes are a lovely blue gray. The skin color in her human form is light tan. She appears to be in her early 20's when in her human form.

Unique talents: She is able to pick up on other languages easily. When her and Adelaide first came to Earth, Lona was fluent with the common language in a matter of a few days. She is also able to turn herself invisible, making her presence in a room seem smaller, almost undetectable. She can't actually make her form turn invisible, only her presence. This comes in handy for her when she wishes to leave a room unnoticed.

Brief bio: On the planet she came from, they still had school. Her father wanted her to be a politician of their race, while her mother wanted her to go into the 'air force' of the aliens. They had her study to be both; taking extra classes along with her required ones. She majored in Mathematics and the science of the aliens even though her parents wanted something else of her.

Every time Lona tried to answer a question in her classes, her classmates always found a way to humiliate her. This discouraged her from standing up in front of others to talk, which she used to be very good at. Adelaide was one who laughed with the others at times, but she eventually stood up for her after a prank that went a little too far. She wasn't picked on anymore afterwards, Adelaide saw to that. Lona has always been grateful to Adelaide for stepping in. They became the best of friends, at least in Lona's eyes. She wasn't so sure about Adelaide's views on their friendship.

Years after they finished school, Lona wanted to travel around and see the universe. It was convenient that Adelaide wanted to go along too. They both seemed to be drawn to a backwater planet, known as Earth to the natives. On their journey there, Lona studied up on the planet, taking in every bit of information she could. She became fascinated by the literature and movies and food of Earth, and she couldn't wait to get there.

It was clear after a while that the reason the two were being drawn to Earth was that their mates were there. The knowledge that she would have a mate after all this time was exciting to her, yet a bit frightening that it was a human. Even after all the knowledge she has gathered about their culture and stuff, she didn't know much about humans.

The two friends had fun learning about Earth on their way there, and picked out what their forms would be when they got there. She went with a look that was similar to her own. Their ship generated everything they would need on Earth, including enough U.S currency for them to buy many things. Once on Earth, they each rented their own apartment. They were in the same apartment building though.

On one of her little outings on Earth, she wound up in an Elementary school and was mistaken for the substitute teacher. She was rushed into the room of kids she was to teach, and liked it after a while. Their ship generated everything Lona would need to be a substitute teacher, and now she uses the job as a pass time when she isn't looking for her mate.

Other details
: She has taken up an interest in reading books, watching movies, and cooking from Earth.
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