Children of the Shadows

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  1. Children of the were all chosen for this life. You were all meant to be here, all meant to lurk in the darkness and take the lives of your targets. Remember the tenents you were taught and carry out your contracts well my children. May darkness cloak you and may your steps be light. ~Shadow Reaver

    The Tenents of the Shadow Mark (not created by me)

    1) Never betray Shadow Mark

    2) Never refuse an order given to you by a superior.

    3) Never kill another member of Shadow Mark

    ~*~ Plot ~*~

    The Shadow Mark is at a high point in history. The guilds name is known throughout the country but none dare say its name aloud lest they summon a cursed member. However not all fear this guild, there are some who call upon them and ask them to fulfill their contracts. Contracts that are fulfilled when blood splashes the floor and fear strikes. Some require stealth, others publicity. The members themselves lead a somewhat ordinary life, they keep their occupation hidden just like their blades. There are names that rise from the guild but never true names, always lies.

    In a business like this it never hurts to make partnerships, teams. There are few who can truly pull off this difficult task of team contracts and they quickly disband. However there are some that are marvelous at it and receive dangerous contracts. One such team has just been called to meet with the head of their dark guild. Little did they know just what they were about to get involved in....

    They entered the office and stood patiently waiting for the guild leader to enter. She did so about a minute later with a black scroll in her hand. There leader wore completely black armor, her hood off at the moment. A no nonsense air settled in and she handed the scroll to one of the members. "You have been contracted to do something that we have not yet done in our lifetime as a guild. The Shadow Mark has accepted the agreements of the client already and we have received a very generous pre-payment. You are to dispose of the King of this country and kill his heir. Their is no specific weapon you must use but know this. This is not a public kill, this must be done in secrecy and if anyone sees you carry out this contract they must be terminated. I expect only good results from you. Do not fail me."

    The group was dismissed and after preparing their supplies they exited the guild through the tunnel exit.

    You are a member of the team that has been contracted to kill the king and his heir. May the shadows be with you.

    Character Skeleton:

    Code Name:
    Time Being in the Guild: (how long)
    Reason For Joining Shadow Mark:


  2. Name: Liam Olinson
    Code Name: Blade
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: quiet around others, sarcastic, can be kind of cold, around his partner he can be kind of childish and loud at times
    Time Being in the Guild: 7 years
    Reason For Joining Shadow Mark: his father was part of the Shadow Mark and he decided to follow in his footsteps after his death
    Weapon(s): Long blade, knives/ daggers
  3. Name: Alexandria Greyhaven
    Code Name: Hawk
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sarcastic, tactful, caring, smart, sometimes childish, usually quiet
    Time Being in the Guild: 8 years
    Reason For Joining Shadow Mark: She was recruited by the shadow mark at a young age because of her behavior. She proved useful to them.
    Weapon(s): Bow, Crossbow, and Throwing knives (can be used as a emergency close range weapon)
    Other: She was very anti-social until she met her current partner, before she worked solo.