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  1. What if I told you now that throughout history, mythology held true? The Gods - They all existed. The Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese - and many more. They all existed. They were beings of unimaginable power, but their power also depended on us. They were beings powered by faith, and as our beliefs in them began to fall to the sands of time and the invasion of technology, so did their powers. However, being such powerful entities they never truly left us. They were confined to their places of power; the Norse, Asgard. The Greeks, Olympus and etcetera. However, it didn't mean that their powers wouldn't continue decreasing. Humans were once strong, too. We were once as fast as the cheetah, as strong as the ape. Our eyes were as sharp as a hawk's, and we could hear a leaf fall in a large forest.

    Then we stopped relying on them so much. The first instances of technology came into existence and as we found technology a more efficient tool we began to forsake our senses and soon they dulled to become what they were now.

    As our belief in technology grew, we grew weaker, too.

    As our belief in technology grew, the less we worshipped the gods. The more we began to deny their existence, explaining more and more things through science and science alone.

    As our belief in technology grew, they grew weaker.

    The old stories of demigods were true. Half mortal, half god. They were used as pawns, to put it in a cynical manner by their immortal parents in the great scheme of things.

    And to this day they still exist.

    The year is 3120 - Space is no longer an unknown region. Galaxies have been discovered and scouted with the advance in technology. The Gods, people who never met and never really cared about each other finally came together and they held a council. They decided that the term demigod was now going to change - Demigods will no longer be their children only. They will pass their spark on, their spark of power to those that they feel deserve it, and they will become demigods. The next generation.

    However, these demigods are different from what they once were, millennia ago. It was said that Children of Zeus could call down bolts of lightning, Children of Poseidon bent the waves to their will and Children of Hades brought the dead to life.

    Not any more.

    The gods are much weaker now, and so are their children. The power that was once great has faded from them, leaving behind barely anything. The only special abilities they would have inherited from the gods are enhanced physical capabilities. That is not to say that they are defenceless, however. Do not forget that technology now is advanced - These new demigods, armed to the teeth with the most advanced weaponry; guns that fired plasma, swords that vibrated and cut at a molecular level, they became great.

    These demigods lived and died on this giant mothership - The result of six already gargantuan ships linked together, and it was called ..

    The Nexus.
    The old places of power were gone, and now the power of the fading gods concentrated on where their only hope of existence lay - Their children, those who lived on the Nexus.

    These demigods, they worked as mercenaries, vigilantes, freedom fighters. They went on quests still - Some returned and others didn't. Occasionally a large group of them may be called to duty as mercenaries, paid and fighting for money. They were the elite of the universe, because they had the pinnacle of technology and the pinnacle of physiology.

    Until now.

    There had been a group of old gods; those who did not wish to pin their hopes on technology and new children, and wanted to adhere to tradition. They had been thought to have faded away into obscurity, merely becoming another insignificant speck in the universe, but we thought wrong.

    They are calling back old things. Old, old things. The Titans, the primordial Chinese gods and everything else. They want to congregate their power and regain control of the universe they once ruled over once again. They send out promises of power - And they keep those promises. Demigods who forsake technology and return to their side are once again able to command their powers at the levels of those of the old demigods. Lightning roared for their glory, fire blazed for their will.

    And the Children of the Nexus will be the only force able to stop them.​
  2. Interested. May or may not join.
  3. I'm...Kinda interested...
    I'll send you a PM.
  4. Definitely interested.
  5. So, a little plotting here: I would like to play an antagonist demi-god, based on a Lovecraftian entity (Haven't decided which yet).
  6. Interested! :D

    Though a small question: Do we have to be an existing God or can we make up our own?
  7. This is pretty neat sounding.
  8. An existing god, please.
  9. This seems quite interesting, and I would love to be a part of it. I think I'd need to know more information however on what you're looking for out of created characters.