Children of Evil

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  1. Okay I couldn't think of a better title but I'll fix that later.

    Anyways so here's the overview:

    Helga the Hellbent was the first. And she married some regular run of the mill guy named David. He got her pregnant and she killed him, as was tradition during that time.

    The kid they had was named, Diane the Deleterious, and she married a duke named Joe, who she killed after he got her pregnant with twins. But since boys can't become witches, we'll focus on her the daughter;

    Rita the Rotten, who seduced and enchanted a prince named Tim, who got her pregnant and who she killed. Rita's daughter was named;

    Isabella the Immoral and she married Greg, and got pregnant with sextuplets--but then she died in childbirth, leaving Greg with seven evil daughters. (Who were also witches).

    The tradition has been broken, the mother has died and so then the father lives on. It would be the duty of the children to kill their father and continue the tradition but they don't want to do that because he is there father after all and they have grown to love him.

    And so Helga the Hellbent, Diane the Deleterious and Rita the Rotten (who were very very old and really really didn't like breaking tradition) disowned and kicked Greg and his seven evil witch daughters out of the coven.

    So now the daughters have to fend for themselves while protecting their father from any witches who wish to kill him. And the only way they can do that is if they create their own coven and become the most evil, most horrid, hellbent, rotten and immoral witches the world has even seen.


    This rp will be set in Middle Ages by the way.

    I will need six people to play six sisters, as I will be playing one of them. Someone could play the father but he doesn't plat that big of a part.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.