Childhood Phases!

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
I remember when I was little I went through a dinosaur phase...and an astronaut phase...a car phase...and even a train phase! What sort of phases did you go through as a kid? Did you ladies have tea parties with your stuffed animals and did you boys go through some of the phases I mentioned above? Or were you a rebel and have some strange fascination as a child?
I went through a phase where my best friend and I decided that we were going to be Knights in England and we practiced swordfighting and archery for a couple weeks...
Let's see...there was a Ninja Turtles phase, then an X-Men phase, then we would go out and play war with pellet guns, but some of us had ours taken away so we switched it to water balloon/super soaker fights. Then it was playing marbles. Etc etc.
What Cotillion said. But I never got a pellet gun, and after supersoakers it was Pokemon, then Digimon, then porn.
I wanted to be a Digidestined for a really long time. Then I was I was in love with Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Then I went through my deep dark weeby Narutard phase, which I've apparently never recovered from, because whenever I get wasted I try to talk to everyone around me about Naruto.

Yeah most of my childhood/adolescence revolved around anime/video games.
Oh, I also forgot to mention those Digipet things where you could get a cat or dog or whatever and have to feed it and clean it's poop and stuff.

And pogs!
TMNT and X-men, also Like Cotil, Pogs.
the good old fashioned BARBIE Dolls, -like with thousands of dresses and accessories even from my mom's collection, marbles, Pogs, slammers, MY Little ponies, an Illegal Copy of the Fraggle Rock Red Doll from Jim Hansen just before he died and the merchandise was all taken off the shelves... uh.. Polly Pockets, and most definitely my favoritest ever: Power Rangers, when they first started! Lol. Mom spoiled me rotten.
Well, for a while, I pretty much worshiped Pokemon. The trading card game more than the show, though. I was obsessed with collecting as many as I could so I could build good decks. I attended TCG meetings every weekend and for hours, the other members and I would battle. I eventually got so good, I earned all the badges involved with the group and became a "gym leader". :I Pretty much what that meant, is I mentored rookie TCG members...

It was after that phase that my Mom finally let me have a Gameboy and some Pokemon games. Woo.

That's the main phase, really. I went through many others, too. I tried asking the Ninja Turtles if they were in the sewers... And I'm not sure if this is a phase, but every single day until the VHS broke, I watched the movie Fantasia about 5 times a day. Drove my parents nuts because they'd have to rewind the tape so often, else suffer my brat wrath.