Childhood Movie/TV/Book Classics

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Welcome, welcome!
Now I've always had a soft spot for classic childhood movies, tv, and/or books. So I thought, why not make a role play based from them? So with that said, I'm looking for any partners who share the same love for the classics as much as I do to write with! :D Now I am open in doing any pairings as long as they're M/F or platonic relationships, and I usually write up to 4+ decent sized paragraphs, but I am willing to be more flexible for people who only do 1-2 solid paragraphs (make sure your spelling and grammar is decent) for each post. Also keep in mind that I don't do CS's, but you're free to make one if you so wish (no anime/manga style pics).

Oh, and one last thing, I have no preference on wanting to use the forum threads or PM's. Also, feel free to suggest something different if you don't see one to your liking.
Have a fantastical day/evening! :)

- Little House on the Prairie
- The Secret Garden
- A Little Princess
- Little Women
- Pride and Prejudice
- Black Beauty
- Narnia
- Jumanji
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I really love this idea, and I think our writing styles/levels are very similar. Since I'm new I'd be happy to show you examples of my writing. :)

Also I'm an underage member, so I know that makes some people uncomfortable, and I understand if you'd rather not have me as a partner because of that.

I really like A Little Princess, Black Beauty, and Narnia. Those are the three I've read more than once, and really enjoyed.

Just one question! Are we going to be following the original storylines or changing things up a bit?
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