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A basic thread about childhood items that we, as children, once held dear. Do you still have your item, or did you lose them as you grew up? Or did you purposefully get rid of them? If you could, would you try to get them back?

For me, my two childhood items that currently burn into my mind are 2 books. My father gave them to me. One, if I recall correctly, was a picture book called Dear Lilly. Despite it being a picture book, was a fairly less childish approach than most books. The other, too, had a bit of an adult theme to it. I had just started leaning to read, and it was quite advanced for my skills. [I remember having issues figuring out some of the words]. The cover had horizontal lines, that poked out from a wall. Children ran across it, and up the ladders doing various things. It was orangish red. I lost both books.

Oi. I'm currently searching for both as of late, and I'll be lucky if I ever find them. I'm quite curious of their contents, and I think on them often.

What of you?
No one give me any weird looks when they read this okay? My dad's a British-Paki professor, so...

My dad always wanted me to read super-good books so that my English would be amazing. So when I was like seven or eight, he bought me a shiny new Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities. Although at the time, I did not really understand the book, I felt so proud that I actually had a book that I could highlight, scribble, and underline in. When I was kid, we weren't very well off, so I didn't have many possessions that weren't put together by pieces of other things (by myself, or by my father), so having a book that wasn't due to return to the library was a really big deal. I remember, sitting in the grass in the park and reading it out loud, word by word, stumbling over the words I couldn't pronounce, saying them over and over again.

That's probably one of the reasons that there are some words that, even being American-born, I don't pronounce correctly (because I taught myself, and by the time we learned the word in school, I'd already memorized it wrong. xD) Anyways, I loved that book so dearly that the pages are rounded at the corners and there's a whole history of breakfast spills, lunch spots, and rain crinkles. My father still has it, I guess he's holding onto it for me. The awkward large note taking in the pages and the multicolored underlines, circles and question marks are just hilarious, but at the same time, very nostalgic.

I had little trinkets and toys that my father built for me when I was a kid, but nothing comes to mind as quickly as my two cities book. :)
I had a doll that I loved very much xD and it's still in my room, sitting on a chair and I hate her xD she is in the way all the time now a days xD But except that doll I don't think I had anything special I liked when I was a child. We are probably going to give the doll away to my brothers children when they get a bit older.
I'm currently searching for both as of late, and I'll be lucky if I ever find them. I'm quite curious of their contents, and I think on them often.

I've done this a lot, not with material items but with media. Shows or songs from my childhood that I had only a vague recollection of I was able to find with the help of the net! In some cases I only had one line or a picture to work with, but was still able to find them. So Good luck with that!

Hmmm, favorite childhood item?

I had this stuffed animal of Garfeild the cat. I'm not sure why I liked that thing so much, but I did. I would go into more of a background story about it...but there isn't much at all to tell, lmao.
I had a knitted yellow blanket with silk edges which I call yellow blanky. I used to take it around with me everywhere, even at school I wouldn't let go of it and would get really angry when anybody tried taking it away from me so the teachers just let me have it. I somehow managed to loose that blanky though. To this day I wonder where it would have gone. One of the other items I had from childhood was a small brown teddy bear called 'Snoogums' who hat a little pajama cap and bunny slipper with a sleep expression. I still have him to this day and cuddle up to him at night. =)
The first things that come to mind are my large stuffed animal collection, I still have it on shelfs lining my walls near the roof, my favourites lie on my bed, including a large new foundland rom Italy and my favourite cocker Lady that I played vetrenarian on as a child:) I've also had a large car and horse collection, the cars I gave to my cousin and the horses I threw away except for the best ones which I have on my desk as a decor. Except that I have some books I loved as a child that I can sometimes look through now a days too (I'm over 20 I know but sue me>.<) Those include Tomtebobarnen, Folk och rövare i Kamomilla stad, All världens sagor 1&2 och Fiffiga Frasse och Nisse Nasse - Snabbköps mysteriet (only Swedish people will get that:)

I still know a few songs as well that I used to love, and I used to collect rocks when I was in Spain with grandma but one of the best things from my childhood isn't something I can collect, whenever I was going to bed my dad came in and invented stories about Kapten Sjöbjörn for me, I loved those times but sadly I can't recall much about them anymore:( The one thing I want back of my childhood things is my dad's stories.

If it's not evident from these things, I'm a collector:) I always like to collect things so my room is always stuffed full and I have a hard time throwing old things away, ah nostalgia:D
A greenish blue blanket that I called my green blanky and stuffed ring tailed lemur that I called Monkey after everyone wouldn't stop calling it a monkey. D8< I don't sleep with either anymore, but I put them next to my pillow because I feel bad just pretending they don't exist. My blanket is far too fragile and I'm just not one to hug a stuffed animal to sleep anymore. They've both gotten me through some hard times in my life.
I have a small TINY TINY TINY locket necklace that I have had since I was a baby. :D


I still have both of these, and they still work (last time I checked)
A friend of my mother knit me a multi-colored blanket for me just before my birth. Soft as hell, the ultimate in comfort-tools and monster defense as a child, it was practically my confidant. My father tried to get me to leave it behind once or twice while I was growing up, but I'd retrieve it no matter what.

I still have it and keep it close to me at night, and goddammit I don't care. Its soft, its comfortable, its a hell of a foot-warmer, great thing to curl up against, and cats love it. To prove a point, I've got it in my lap RIGHT NOW. If I have a kid someday, I'll pass it on....maybe....nah, I'll probably have a new one knitted for him/her.
When I was growing up I remember sitting at my grandpa's feet and he had this wooden guitar. It was like a deep brown that faded into honey. It had a dove and vines carved into the wood. I always loved listening to him learn how to play. As the years went by he never learned how to play, he would just hit the strings randomly. Though age ended up getting the best of him, and he passed away. He left me that guitar which I still have today. I don't have the skill to play, but sometimes I bring it out to just hit the strings like he use to.

My other item was this doll I had since birth it was porcelain with a hand knitted dress. My grandmother made it, I remember having it for years. Then when I hit my teens it disappeared...I still see pictures of me when I was younger just holding it. I don't recall playing with it ever. I just use to lay in bed and play with the knitted dress for hours. Wish I knew where it was just for the memory aspect of it.