Childhood Goals vs Adult Goals

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When we're kids we have a million things we want to do when we're adults, and not all of them make sense or achievable. XD As we get older, we end up changing what we want to accomplish, as we mark things done/undone off our life lists...

What are the things you had on your life to-do list when you were a kid?

What is on your to-do list now?

And, what's the difference between your goals then and your goals now? Has anything changed?
That's a pretty good question. My child hood goals were all militaristically (that's not a word but it works for me) viewed. I wanted to be a jet fighter, a navy seal, a green beret - A Mercenary for Hire that traveled the world blowing shit to all high hell. This was mostly due to the fact that both grandparents were retired military - one a seal the other a marine. But I also wanted to be a genetic scientist as a kid and create super soldiers out of mixed dna structures of animals and man. Late child hood I wanted to be a rock star, a writer and an actor.

As an adult things have gone eschew. Until recently I've been juggling what I really want to be when I finally grow up. Though I'd still like to be a credited writer and live out in the middle of nowhere and shoot at people that come onto my property I've chosen Political Science as my future endeavor. I'm looking into grants and funding for college to get started. So, yeah - I want to change the world.

Uhm - the difference is kind of obvious. I probably would've ended up a soldier if the military hadn't sent me away for medical issues.
When I was a kid:

Grow up
Finish school
Become an astronomer or rocket scientist.


Marry Corvus.
Childhood To Do List:
Become a History Teacher
Form a band, and become world famous
Move to Canada
Grow taller than six feet

Adult To Do List:
Quit smoking
Pay off the rest of my school loans
Win the Lottery
Be promoted to a manager for whatever job I end up enjoying
Move to Canada
Grow taller than six feet

The Difference:

Never managed to finish my degree due to my inability to learn in a classroom only style of education.
Managed to play for a number of successful local bands, but never made the cut to the final line up, due to not conforming to mainstream music tastes.
Haven't won that fuggin' lottery yet, not for lack of trying with my measly eight dollars a month spent on lottery tickets.
In the process of quitting smoking. I'm down to a pack a week which is awesome for me.
Steadily chewing away at them school loans, so hopefully I'll be free of them in a few years if the pay, and hours remain the same, or get a boost.
In the mix for a Supervisor promotion. Fingers crossed on that.
Haven't had the funds to move to Canada yet. Still optimistic about that happening soon.
Still 5'4. I'm starting to think I'm a bit screwed on that. Thanks gravity. You're such a drag.
Be a vet
be a part of animal rescues or relocation
be an animal cop
kick bad guys in the groin
Make my awesome future house be a rehabilitation center for animals that were recovered
Move out of Texas
Travel the world and see as much as I can.

be a part of animal rescues or relocation
Become as badass as SJ
Make my awesome future house be a rehabilitation center for animals that were recovered
Travel the world and see as much as I can.
Move out of Texas

Ive alway been animal-centric, but the specifics don't change all that much. I found out that to be a vet, you not only have to know shitloads about animals, you have to know how to treat each structure. It's a lot different than just being a doctor, really. And I found that it wouldn't be realistic. Same with being an animal cop. When I was a kid, I was a bit of a innocent bitch... I meant well, but shit, I hurt a lot of people. But if a boy my age got into a fight with me, I'd kick low. It was hilarious to me.

The male population can thank my brother for sitting me down and explaining why I shouldn't always use that in kiddy fights.

I STILL want to make where ever I live into a rehab facility for animals. It's just something I feel like I need to do.

I still want to travel especially for wildlife that is unique to every place, I want to see every little mouse, every creature.

I wanna be badass like my old supervisor for an animal group. She was sixty and she kicked ass. Her name was SJ. She's probably STILL kicking ass.

And I'm moving out of Texas by crook or hook before I die. I have to.
Child Goals- Become rich. Become famous. Protect people. Achieve the mighty level of Super Saiyan. Become a Pokemon Master (in real life).

Recent goals- Get the hell out of my parent's house. Get a job. Move up in the world, enough so that when/if I get married or in a relationship, my significant other can follow her dreams without worrying about finances. Improve my artwork. Maybe become a writer. Protect those I care for. Play every Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem game. Become a Pokemon Master (in real life).

Differences- First off, I was angry when I realized I needed to be Saiyan to become Super Saiyan. I also realized there's no way in hell I'd get rich, with my apathy and lack of motivation. Essentially, I realized that my destiny was to make the person I end up with happy, so now I simply want to have a decent paying job, at a job I don't completely hate.
Childhood Goals:
Get married
Become a Pokemon Champion in the card league [Which I did!]
Become a monster truck driver [That's my dream job.]
Get tons of tattoos
Get tons of piercings
Find Thor's hammer and keep it
"When I grow up, I want to be Batman."

Adult Goals:
Survive college
To have a family and get a house
Not kill myself with stress
Tell everyone to fuck off and go to tech school so I can be a vet technician or assistant [In other words, do what I want, not what everyone else wants]
Go to Italy

... The only childhood goal I achieved was the piercings one, if 5 amounts to "tons". I'll get more for my ears overtime, but no more for my face. And, as I listed, my goal to be a Pokemon card master was achieved as well!

Now it's just survive school without killing myself and find my true happiness. It's not quite as exciting.
Childish Goals:
fall in love
scuba diving --> done! :D but I wanna do it moooore!
sky diving
bunjee jumping --> done! but againnnn! because that was a theme park one :/
climbing a mountain
having a fancy white wedding party
traveling the world
designing video games
become a world class Yugioh-Duelist

Adult Goals:
LOL all of the above except the Yugioh one? :D Because I tried that I couldn't make it past the local prelims >.<
And I guess:
decent job
love marriage