child vampires?

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  1. THE SISTER- a vampire story
    Name: Amelia
    Age: 12
    Sex: female
    To her knowledge she was never born. Because of her loss of memory, she doesn’t remember anything from before the first day of opening her eyes as a vampire.
    Unfortunately, she has no recolection of her parents ever existing. She has no memories of them what so ever. She does remember her sister though, the only memory she has of her sister is when they were playing on the docks before she was killed and killed her own sister.
    She is forever a child physically because her body 'regresses' with every sleep she takes. Though, she doesn’t need to sleep often. She can put off sleep as long as she can, and her body will age, but once she falls asleep, it begins to reset.
    Her mind grows and matures, but will never run into complications, because she is a vampire.

    What drew your sire to you?
    She does not know, nor does she know what she is.
    She met her sister, who for some reason unknown to her, follows her around.
    She views others with a very shy attitude, never speaking on her own. Always letting her "sister" speak for her.
    She thinks of things such as, where to sleep, and when to feed her "sister" Where she can find something to play with or eat.
    She can speak through her "sister" and uses her adorable physical appearance to get what she wants.
    She is hidden inside a abandoned warehouse with her sister, though she has no idea why.
    She sees her existence as very new. Nothing is familiar except for her sister.
    She requires to be treated with extra care.
    She is afraid of fire and lightning.
    She is going to start off a few months after becoming a vampire. She found her sister and now the dreams are what reveal to the reader what she has gone through. As far as what her goals are, she is concerned with simple; childish things. Because her body continued to grow but her mind didn't she still is fixated on things maybe only a 10 yr old would want. Play, food, clothing, friends and candy ext.

    Looking to make something based off the above.... any interest?