Child of a Slaver

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  1. I have a vague idea for a character that I would quite like to try out. Plots and sexualities will be discussed with anyone that's interested in the roleplay, so I'll just stick to laying out the character profile.

    This person is the son (or daughter) of a well known slaver, born into riches and a rather sheltered life. He is somewhat naive about the realities of the world, particularly when it comes to slaving. He thinks these people are treated quite well, and somehow manages to ignore most of the atrocities that occur during day to day life. He is quite a kind person, though stubborn and often full of a bit of a sense of entitlement, mostly born out of his upbringing.

    So, travelling with his father and a contingent of slaves, the caravan is attacked. During this clash he ends up being captured, either being mixed up among the slaves, or else taken prisoner as the attackers know his identity. This is where a partner comes in, with whom I would like to discuss the roleplay. I'm thinking it will either be quite a tender learning experience, or else things will get quite nasty and grim.

    Anyway, if you're interested in exploring this further, please let me know either here or via private message.
  2. Just to make it sure, you want one of the attackers that know your characters identity to be played by the partner?
  3. The partner is not set in stone. The second character could be one of the attackers, it could be someone who buys him/her as a slave.
  4. Hmm..I see, how about she gets mixed up with other slaved and meets someone in those?
  5. That would definitely work. So, are you up for it? If so, we can talk a bit more over PM.
  6. Hmm, sure we can discuss it, I guess I'd be up for it unless there is something else coming up ^^
Thread Status:
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