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    Is Better than your life

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    Tell me Iwaku.

    What things are better than my life?

  2. No, Me! Asmo is old and will die before I will.
  3. Turducken.

    Or sex.


    Dont look at me like that, someone was going to say it!
  4. I see your pizza and I raise you this:
  5. I just came here to represent da chicago reference. <3
    -hits chest and looks cool.-
    REPRESENT. - ^-
  6. Beer

    you should have expected this.
  7. BOOBS
    boobs make everything better

    yeah you try to have a handfull of titty and be frowning... ((and it not be your boob because man boob is not hot))
    shit the only thing better would be to have squeek toys in tits

    or how about
    drinking a beer after having sex with a girl with huge tits.....
  8. Marshmallows make me happyface. c:
    Gingerbread ones are adorable. > w>~

    You know what is bettur than my life?
    The happiness I will feel in a year or so. - w-
  9. Body shots?