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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Glassea, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. hullo, my wonderful peoples!
    wo jiao Glassea. or you can call me Ozma if you like, whatever works.

    so. i am a girl in the eastern time zone who likes roleplaying far more than is healthy. but you can't know my age because i wouldn't want to put you off from rping with me, eh? so i will go ahead and make my first posts on the forums, and then you can pm me. and i can actually reply.

    and because i'm a boring person, i like:
    green tea
    avatar! [ not the blue ones, no ]
    teen titans
    young justice
    harry potter
    hunger games [ but not katniss. i really truly hate katniss. don't ask. ]
    aaand more things i don't wanna list!


    ‚Äčoh joy can't figure out coding on this site
  2. Hi. What you listed you doesn't make you boring.
  3. Glassea? As in Glass from CS? 8D

    Teehee, yeah the coding is different here, but I'm sure you'll adjust.