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  1. Noah began to move after she accepted his offer to take her to the local station. grabbing his helmet off the bike he handed it to her "i'll give you a ride but you have to wear this" he said looking to her, he would never let a girl risk her head while on a motorcycle, no matter how good his skills were. He smiled as he started up the crotch rocket and waited for her to get on. "let's go, dont know why you want the police station right away, but hopefully your interview goes well." he commented as the soft breeze pushed his red hair around while he waited on the bike for her. it was a nice and sunny evening as the two met for the first time.
  2. "Of course, safety first... I'd rather not crack my head open over something that could easily be overlooked"

    She looks at her watch "Ohhhh, it's this time already... arghhhh, I'm probably too late... besides the people aren't even expecting me, I should find their number first and phone them."

    Noticing the sunny evening she blushed lightly on how cool Noah looked 'Stupid hormones, always getting in my way'

    "Say instead of dropping me off at the station do you... uhh, could drop me at a hotel? It's getting quite late, and I have no where to stay right now... being new and all..."
  3. kill all humans
  4. Finally gonna get to go back to group today. Been a few weeks. So that's really cool.

    And then after that it's time for Ashes of Ariandel to consume my life for a few days. Thanks, Miyazaki.
  5. If you need to rant about something ship related feel free to let out it all out here! XD​
  6. Anyone here got ARMAA?!
  7. Once he's approved, I'll bring Sam into this! ^^
  8. Ashley turn and stare at them and giggles.

    Kunari smile and reach in and pick her up, "You finally noticed us."
  9. Ashley laugh softly as she reach and tug his hair.
  10. Hmm.... I notice on our wolf thread that when I hover over the thread the beginning of a thread shows. So in this new rp I added a 'warning, and summary' above my Bio. Since its the first thing people read.

    I also notice you are missing a letter in your name on the wolf-rp. The one in the title?
  11. Right~ <3
  12. A plan to overthrow Capitalism and seize the means of production?

    I mean, what?
  13. Everyone Else:

    "Ilona needs to be locked up!" "Ilona needs to be free!"

    Robin: "Here's all the details on a secret organization that you all shouldn't kno anything about."

    Corrin: "Let's get to a Doctor."
  14. Oh well. /patpat Asmupuu/

    You tried. x3
  15. ...what?!

    *puts Darkness through Babelfish*
  16. I don't know, man, I was drunk.
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