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  1. I've just missed a job interview.

    I sent this email to the interviewer.

    Do you think it will work?

    Hello Diane,

    I was meant to be your 3 o'clock interview today. But to be totally honest, I couldn't find you. I put "Tregoniggie Industrial Estate" into Multimap, and it sent me to the completely wrong end of town.

    Now, if the cliche is to be believed, no one would ever give a job to someone who couldn't even find their office. But on the off-chance that you'll let my relevant skills speak for themselves, I would love to give it another try if you're willing.

    It could be third time lucky, and I'm willing to fight against the fates that seem to be keeping us apart.

    Hopes and apologies,

    Greg Corcoran

    Hurr hurr hurr!
  2. I hope she has a good sense of humour...
  3. And then Asmo gets lost again.
  4. You should have included a line saying "I find you incredibly hot. In case you believe that my infatuation for you might be a problem in the job, don't worry, I'm a homosexual and I haven't had sex with a woman for almost a year now. In the case you would like to turn me back into being straight, I would find that simply fabulous."
  5. Darkness, your logic is flawed...
  6. Helping wasn't the point.
  7. ... Oh my, Asmo...
    Hope she likes personality, I suppose.
  8. Yer boned, mate. Sucks to be you.
  9. If I get this job, you owe me 10 roleplay posts each.
  10. Asmo, I don't participate in roleplays with you. I dun owe you shit.
  11. Yeah, that was my point...

    Never mind...
  12. .....
    Right, then.
  13. You should give up that job and come work at the dogfood factory! We make 500 bucks a week! sure it is 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week.. but hey! Who needs a life anyway!?
  14. Well the email failed to send. So I guess I'll take that as a sign.

    *begins looking into a job as a Driving Instructor* :|
  15. Why do I think you'd be the most apathetic instructor ever?

    I mean, it's not that even that you're british.

    Or is it just me?
  16. Oh well. /patpat Asmupuu/

    You tried. x3
  17. I know you put a lot of work into this... But you know that I've been NPC'ing the comic/animated version of him and I'm not allowing doubles of the same person in Epic.

    Declined at this time. If you want to work this out on the drawing board as a son or nephew with the same name and the background of growing up in the Penguin's shadow? Maybe.

    But denied as it stands.
  18. Big Patrick O'Rourke

    6 ft 6 inches
    Red Hair, graying
    Blue eyes

    Intelligence 5
    Strength 4
    Durability 3
    speed 2
    range 1
    fighting skills 4

    amateur Boxer
    accountant & mba from MIT
    a good shot with any number of guns
    Home educated in mythology and basic ritual magics.

    of note !

    Charismatic.... Patrick is a born leader, highly charismatic and inspires loyalty to both his family, his friends and his territory.

    Bred to succeed. As part of a long term breeding program run by certain Irish goddesses for several generations to be ... all that he can be and have offspring that are even more so.

    Short Bio.

    Originally, born in what was once Trenton New Jersey, Patrick was in a clan of folk who didn't exactly see eye to eye with the law. For several generations since the old days the O'Rourke's were known for being honorable... for criminals. Patrick spent all of his childhood in the "neighborhood" but always managed to keep his grades up.
    Surprisingly adept or guided, he was sent to MIT for his education with a post grad at Columbia. A masters in accounting and an MBA could have brought him any business and heaps of success. But his father passed a month after his last degree was achieved. So, with that, Patrick went back to the old neighborhood.

    Patrick is about his neighborhood, all of his loyalties are there. He lives to achieve and keep the respect of his territory and safety. He does all the things other crime lords do, but because of his charisma, very rarely does he need to resort to brutality. His was called a velvet covered iron glove style of leadership.

    He is not aware of the change within the "world(s)". He remembers a positive relationship with James Gordon.
    For him, he has always been in Gotham.

    He will do "whatever" it takes to keep his territory safe.

    He has access to anything a crime lord can get, he has generations of criminal status for his family with all of the money that goes with that. Further, he is incredibly good with money and over the years has invested as only an expert can, his personal wealth rival's any in Gotham except the Wayne family.

    It is a family secret that Grady Murtaugh is secretly his son by the Morrigan, given to his best friend to raise, as that man, William Murtaugh was a friend since childhood and his number one enforcer.

    He is or was a loving father to his daughter April, but they had a falling out with her independence and subsequent job track into media. He was at one time going to have a bullet put in Rupert Thorne's big fat head, but decided against it. He very much regrets how things are with his daughter.

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