Chat RP Schedule January/February

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For January and February instead of scheduling a plot for the day, I have a Genre of the Day! When people are ready to go start up a Cbox Roleplay, they can choose characters or quickie plots based on the Genre. This should allow players more freedom to do whatever they're in the mood for. :D

You can start at Cbox roleplay at ANY TIME. Just ask people in the cbox if they are up to playing!
Everyone is welcome to go and roleplay in the Cbox channels whenever they want. You do not need permission or staff supervision. So if there's none of your usual GMing staffies around and you'd like to play, just kidnap someone!

To Roleplay in the Cbox:
On the Cbox you will see some color orb buttons.

:fantasyc: :modernc: :scific: :miscc:

Click those and they will take you to a different Channel of the Cbox. The orbs are color coded with the same Colors as our Genre on the roleplay forums. Fantasy, Modern, SciFi, and Misc. There is also the Iwaku World channel.

If a Channel is already in use (and not taking any new players), go ahead and jump in to a different channel!
You don't have to stick to the genre topic if you find your usual channel busy. :D It's okay.

We encourage all members that enjoy Cbox RP to try scheduling their own Cbox RP nights if they have special plots they would like to run! Be it one of your Forum Roleplays or just something random. All you need to do is set a date for it in the Calendar (making sure it doesn't conflict with another person's plans!) and then advertise it!


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