Chat RP Plot Schedule Poll!

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Vote for your Genre and Fav plots!

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What I have here is a list of "quickie plots". These are made for "one shot" scenes or roleplays in mind, easily picked up at a moment's notice and can be cross genre.

If everyone will take a vote, I can see which ideas are most popular and we'll try those first! I would like to schedule regular chat roleplay nights, so don't worry if the plot you like isn't the first one chosen.

This is a multiple choice poll! Please vote for the plot ideas you like AND for which genres you prefer playing!
Don't forget to reply to this topic to say which plots you vote for and what genre you'd like them in!

You can also post some quick ideas in this thread for future RP nights. BASIC ideas. Anything too detailed will be hard to "just jump in" for a chat rp.
Modern Supernatural, Space Sci-Fi or Realistic Fantasy.

I can do an Aliens Chat RP. Those things usually work better if there's a sense of urgency.

And maybe a quick Call of Cthulhu-style horror thriller.
Just a bumping reminder that everyone has another week or so to vote on the poll or add any plot idea contributions!
Modern Supernatural - I was going to state a preference, but you know what? I'll just be happy if this is popular enough to be chosen. After that, surprise me. Just throw something at me. I freely admit I might not have been so indiscriminate were this not a chat game.

Superbar - I was once in a really fun "supers" game that managed that fun balance of seriousness and acceptance of absurdity(while retaining stakes and meaning) that some of my favorite comics have. I'd like that again. No gritty deconstruction. Just fun.
The Redbrook Bed and Breakfast -I'm warmer to horror in chat games than I am on forums.

Rebel Alliance - I'm warmer to these too.

Slayers - I was a little too sleepy last time. Hopefully I can really enjoy myself the next time one of these rolls around.
Im all over the place and its nice to have choices. A B&B sounds nice. Scary, bloody horror. I like it. Can I make a reservation?
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