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Vote for your Genre and Fav plots!

  1. Space Scifi

  2. Modern SciFi

  3. Modern Supernatural

  4. Modern Realistic

  5. Fantasy Magical

  6. Fantasy Realistic

  7. [b]Cursed and Forgotten[/b] Characters are suffering from the effects of a local curse. They finally

  8. [b]College Frat Party[/b] It's almost exam time, so it's time to PARTY! Don't party too hard there,

  9. [b]The Redbrook Bed and Breakfast[/b] An old mansion property beside a big lake has been rennovated

  10. [b]Dragon Triangle[/b] Go aboard a cruise ship touring the infamous Dragon Triangle outside the coas

  11. [b]Superbar[/b] Super heros and their villain nemesises having a drink at a bar. (Super Hero Modern

  12. [b]Archelogist Adventure[/b] Travel the world in search of rare historical finds, while avoiding riv

  13. [b]Pirates[/b] Join a band of pirates and pillage for goodies! Avoid those rival gangs and getting c

  14. [b]Rebel Alliance[/b] Go up against evil, be it a hostile take over of your government or your prope

  15. [b]Slayers[/b] Hunt down and kill evil supernatural creatures that are plaguing your towns. (Any gen

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm going to move thankfully off topic and ask the people with long memories, has Murder had a Saber Nero yet?
  2. we have too many sabers in general, please no more
  3. Intent is not the source of the grey area, the grey area lies within the fact that of the definition and the etymology. Trinimac is definitely an Aedra, elves consider him to be one of their ancestors, so the term Aedra (Ancestor) applies to him. However the definition commonly used is "Aurbic being that assisted in the creation of Mundus" this also applies to Trinimac, his tranformation into Malacath doesn't change that. And Meridia was one of the Magna-ge, ergo, definitely an Aedra, even though she was banished to live with the Daedra.
  4. I am seven years older than my first waifu.
  5. Modern Supernatural - I was going to state a preference, but you know what? I'll just be happy if this is popular enough to be chosen. After that, surprise me. Just throw something at me. I freely admit I might not have been so indiscriminate were this not a chat game.

    Superbar - I was once in a really fun "supers" game that managed that fun balance of seriousness and acceptance of absurdity(while retaining stakes and meaning) that some of my favorite comics have. I'd like that again. No gritty deconstruction. Just fun.
    The Redbrook Bed and Breakfast -I'm warmer to horror in chat games than I am on forums.

    Rebel Alliance - I'm warmer to these too.

    Slayers - I was a little too sleepy last time. Hopefully I can really enjoy myself the next time one of these rolls around.
  6. Im all over the place and its nice to have choices. A B&B sounds nice. Scary, bloody horror. I like it. Can I make a reservation?
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