"Chasing Shadows", A Modern Fantasy Demon Hunting Rp

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  1. Hello and Welcome!

    Chasing Shadows is a Roleplay in which magic and Demons are common throughout the world, however they manage to hide themselves rather well. Humans, after all, have become powerful, numerous, and are easily frightened... but this isn't enough to stop the occasional Demon-involved crime.

    When this happens, Silver Team is sent out to investigate the crime and apprehend the demon, despite their skills, training, and combat capability... casualties are common, and they need all the help they can get... going so far as to hire demons who they classify as "Safe"

    Recently... Demon-involved crimes have been climbing higher and higher in frequency, and Silver Team is needed more than ever!

    Unfortunately, Silver Team has been faced with opposition by two different factions. The Ardent Knights, who seek to exterminate Demon-kind, and is entirely humans, usually those who were greatly wronged by Demons in the past; and the Iron Talons, who wish to greatly increase Demon Influence, and is made up entirely of demons.

    (Players will be able to choose a race and faction.)

    [Questions and Suggestions would be appreciated, I want to make this a good one!]
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  2. I'm interested.
  3. This looks awesome. Mark me down as interested. ^-^
  4. Sign me up, because I'm always ready to roll!

    So, can each faction have their own subfactions?
  5. I don't see why not.
  6. Sure, why not.
  7. I'd join this, though it would be easier if you had a specific class of demons in mind, or something like that.
  8. Demons in the story will be of three varieties, humanoid, beasts, and evil spirits. Those who play as demons would generally be of the humanoid variety.

    They could also be an evil spirit possessing a human host, or have the ability to turn into a beast.
  9. Aight. If you make a thread for this I'll definitely jump in.
  10. Totally interested.
  11. Interested in a demon, although for the purposes of this story are demons strictly evil or just other living beings.
  12. Demons are more inclined towards evil, but there are plenty of good ones.
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