Chasing Shadows 2035

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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
Before, Silver Team was a band of Humans, dedicated to keeping the demonic world in check. They had originally split off from the Ardent Knights in hopes of solving the conflicts peacefully instead of hunting the Demons.

As the Demon-controlled Iron Talons rose to power... Silver Team recruited Demons into their ranks as well in order to combat this vicious Faction. While this happened...

However, In late 2016 the Iron Talon had opened a portal to Hell... releasing a force that Silver Team could not win against. The Ardent Knights and Silver Team joined forces to close the portal, and likely saved the Earth... but at a cost... the Ardent Knights had died to the last man... The leader of the Iron Talons would die to the Field Commander if Silver Team.

Nineteen years later, the Iron Talons are scattered across the world, but have been growing in power once again.

Now, strengthened by new technology and recruits, the two factions are prepared to clash again.

*Questions and Ideas are appreciated.
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