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  1. Hi there! Skechur here! This may come as a shock to many of you, but I do sketches, and it is my sheer love for the activity (however mediocre my skills may be) that has drawn me here to see if anyone might perhaps want a character drawn. IreservetherighttorejectrequestsduetoanyreasonIseefitbatteriesnotincluded The types of characters I like to draw, are, however, usually contradictory to what is requested... So I'll kinda add this... No furries, sexually explicit content and.... Um. I think that's it so far but that's also what most of the requests I get consist of. In any case, here are some stuff for reference. Oh, and fight scenes and such are my forté, so I'd be more than happy to do something like that if you want me to :3


    Also, here's my dA for anyone who's interested.

    Appearance[/b] ((Include height, build, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour and any detail that might be noteworthy))
    Fill in the app below and I'll try to get to work on it ASAP
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  2. I don't need this for an RP or anything; I just love people drawing my OCs. :D So don't worry too much if you don't want to do it or take a long time. I included his personality to give you an idea of how he carries himself.

    Name: Carl Savette

    Sex: Male

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Carl has a very square-looking silhouette: six and a half feet of firm lines and sharp angles. The thick muscles underneath his tan skin are built up from hobbyistic workouts. He has broad shoulders and a firm, masculine jaw. Small brown eyes offset a large rectangular nose and a wide mouth, all helping to give him quite the intimidation factor. The only thing that disrupts his threatening appearance -- quite efficiently at that -- is his hair: a golden blond afro that adds another six inches or so to his height. Every hair is always kept perfectly in place, and if you happen to muss it up even the slightest bit, God help you.

    Clothes: Carl is usually seen wearing muscle shirts or tank tops in camo print or neutral colors like black, white, and brown. Most of the pants in his wardrobe are baggy cargo shorts. He isn't a fan of wearing shoes where possible, but if he has to they're usually a pair of tan hiking boots.

    Personality: To someone he doesn't know very well, Carl is cold and forceful, always making sure his voice is heard and his commands are heeded. If you listen to him, he'll back off, but ignore him or worse, disobey his orders, and you're sure to suffer. Among friends and family, Carl warms up a little. He shows a more quiet, subdued side of himself, one that cares deeply for his loved ones and puts the needs of others before his own whenever possible. Feeling useful is important to him; he always makes sure he has a job to do. Having a lot on his plate is rarely a problem.
  3. Sorry it took me so long :( I kinda skimmed through since I can't focus long enough to read it all this late, so I might've missed a couple of things.... >_> Forgive the sloppiness
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  4. bahahaha oh my god

    Thank you! XD I have tons more if you'd be up for more sketches, haha.
  5. Put them here and I'll do my best tomorrow and the day after :P
  6. Well, I don't want to seem too greedy...owo' How about this?

    Name: Silex Amoro

    Age: 38

    Appearance: With all the stress in his life, not to mention all the time he spends indoors, Silex has not aged well. His skin is pale and premature wrinkles line his cold, black eyes. His hair is just as dark and reaches his shoulders. It tends to look slightly greasy, and the bold white skunk stripe running down the side doesn't exactly call attention away. Even his bony hands tell much of his storied past, his fingers moving with deadly precision, not a tremble in sight. His serene expression, impressive height, and gaunt face intimidate many people on first impression.

    Clothes: Silex prefers to dress professionally at all times, even when the situation doesn't really call for it. He is usually seen wearing a dark blue suit.

    Personality: Silex is cool-headed, pragmatic, and fiercely defensive of his ideals. He is most comfortable when in complete control of his situation. Everything is approached scientifically, assuming fundamental laws governing all phenomena and working from there, exhausting or eliminating all possibilities until the clearest answer remains. Taking advantage of or otherwise hurting others to reach his goals are not outside his comfort zone.
  7. Alternatively/additionally, I know you said you're best at fight scenes...Carl wields a giant metal warhammer. It's about as tall as he is, with a blocky head that has short spikes on one side. Like a huge one-sided meat tenderizer. :D You could sketch him doing something badass with it, maybe...? .w.
  8. By "no furries," do you mean no non-human/non-humanoid characters? You know, like this guy...
  9. :sunglasses:I like yo style.


    So would you draw my character? Please?

    Name: Callus Grimdark

    Sex: male

    Age: Let's say... 39

    Appearance: Callus is a tall, boney man with ghost-pale skin. He has no arms, just cut off stumps a little off his shoulders with metallic arms that look like:
    This (open)
    image.jpg without the sleeve and his fingers are more talon-like. (You can draw them however you want this is just the general idea)

    coming out. His face is thin and his chin pointed. Messy jet black hair that goes a little past his neck and the shadow of his hat (which we will discuss soon) cover where his eyes should be. If you were stupid enough to expose his eyes you would find them to be missing, only empty sockets. (no one knows how he sees but he does, and far too well.) His teeth are pointed but few notice this because he never smiles.

    Clothes: Callus wears the same thing every day, because he lives in a mystical wonderland of fantasy where you can do that. A black cloak with dark crimson flames around the tattered ends and his top hat. The man's top hat is ancient, so old that the color has faded to a slightly dark grey, it's dotted with several rips and stitches, and the top is hanging outward. He keeps it tilted forward so it's shadow can cover his 'eyes'.

    Personality: Completely heartless, that's what defines Callus best. As said before he never smiles, some wonder if he has no emotion at all. Always with a grim look on his face. He has no sympathy, no mercy, and can not love. He will kill without reason if he feels like it, which is most of the time, and always travels solo. The only time shows to be capable of emotion is when he remembers his deceased wife, then he lets just one tear fall.

    Plus: Both of his arms can be replaced with scythes with silver blades and black handles.
  10. I was thinking non humanoid but I'm not really good at drawing animals. If you want, I can take a shot at it.

    Sorry for the late reply >_< I'm a bit swamped these days but I'll get to these two ASAP.
  11. No rush at all! You're doing these for nothing but our gratitude so don't worry about it. :3
  12. I second that
  13. Take your best shot, then. :bsmile:

    Oh... any questions, just ask.
  14. [​IMG]
    I did Callus first cuz he just stuck in my head so when I didn't have access to the forums, I could just... you know :P
  15. Thank you! I think I'll ask for your help again in the future!
  16. Ooh, this looks interesting. I would love one of my newer characters to be drawn

    Name: Felix Egil Wolfson

    Age: About 25

    Gender: Male

    Felix stands at about six feet tall. His body is lean and his skin is pale. He has a sharp jawline and a prominent chin that has a black goatee. He has long black hair that is braided down his back and is rather silky. His eyes are white, glowing, and pupil-less in his natural form. He has sharp, uniform teeth that are pearly white and thin lips. Felix has pointed, elf like ears with twig like protrusions. His ears are pierced with a golden ring and his right eyebrow and nostril are also pierced with gold rings. He has a black tattoo of a curling, vine like design on his chest and up his left arm.
    Felix wears a dark purple vest that is buttoned up and has no under shirt. With this he wears black pants alike to slacks that are rolled up and buttoned a few inches under his knees. He wears black boots in public, bit prefers not to wear shoes.
    Image of him for a reference:

    Personality: Felix is a cunning and mischievous man. He loves dangerous situations and his confidence in such situations can be interpreted by some as arrogance. He has a smooth tongue and a charismatic charm that he can sometimes use to manipulate others. Though some may see him as evil, if he is interested in someone, he will show more kindness than usual.
    He holds himself with a confident and almost professional way and smirks often.

    I was curious to see what he would look like in your art style. Please, take your time and PM me if you have any questions. :)
  18. I am SO SORRY guys D: I've had so much on my plate for the last month... Both drawing-wise, and exam-wise... Once I'm done with my subject tests, (2nd of may) I'll try and get everything done ^_^

    Oh sheet... *runs away*
  19. are you still open? if so i may have some that i'd like commissioned if you don't mind they aren't prepared yet but i'll let you know when i've got all the written details worked out