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  1. I have some ladies that I have been wanting to play but no interest in the past from prospective partners. So I thought I'd give it another try. So here it is!

    I have rough plots for some of these characters, so if you interested all you have to do is message me and I will share them with you. I'm going to be posting a ling below to the two characters that are in my blog. Give 'em a looksie and let me know!

    All I ask of you is this:
    -Please be patient with me as I am in the process of searching for a new job, so my replies may be a little slow, but I will get them to you.
    - Post at least 2-3 good paragraphs with some meat to them. You know, give me something to work with and I will always strive to do the same for you.
    -Let me know if you don't like something or have an idea... Anything really, I like chatting outside the RP.
    -Warning: when truly inspired, my posts can sometimes be long. Just wanted to throw that out there!


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