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  1. Thanks to your help with answering questions and donations to Iwaku our Character Vault is finally open for TESTING! 8D Yaaaaaay! You now have a place specifically designed for storing and browsing through characters.

    Really AWESOME things about the Character Vault
    -- You can use the premade fields to fill out info about your character OR use the last field to create and style your OWN biography template. We would LOVE to see people create and share their premade bbcode templates in the Roleplay Institute as a resource.

    -- You can list your characters in the public categories, or keep your characters in your own album's categories. You have complete control over where your characters are posted AND who can view them!

    -- You can create an Album for a specific roleplay and allow other members to post their characters in it, so your roleplays can have their very own character listing! How badass is that?

    - You can search for members by Categories, Tags, Member, and so on!

    - There is a really cool gallery bbcode for sharing characters!

    - You can have a separate thumbnail image for the character!

    Some ANNOYING things about the Character Vault we may/may not be able to fix

    - You HAVE to upload an image with your bio. We converted a gallery script to use for this, and there was no way around it.

    - You currently can't replace the uploaded image, but we have requested this from the mod designers and hopefully they will add this as a feature. For now, if you ever wanted to change the image, you would have to repost the whole character bio and that sucks. D: (You CAN change the thumbnail image though, so that at least helps a little!)

    - You can't upload more than one image, but you ARE able to post more than one image using bbcodes within many of the fields. :D So that can help you get around some of the image problems too.

    - You can't add a character to multiple categories or albums. This feature has been requested and we're crossing fingers for it!

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  2. AS A NOTE: To edit and add in a character bio after you post the initial image and caption, you should be clicking the "EDIT TAGS AND FIELDS" tab!
  3. Well we learned our FIRST UPDATED RULE. No NUDES or HENTAI IMAGES in the character gallery! This gallery is shared between age groups and that would not be good for us. O_O
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  4. No surprise there. Everyone knows those things will come eventually if you forget to have rules against them :lol:
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  5. NICE!
  6. Sweet. Now people don't need to read the GM's story and reflect on its themes to come up with a character who uniquely fits the setting.

    Just look at the content tags, browse for the correct boob shape in their character vault, decide if they could or couldn't care less, and position them in the corner of the nearest room.

    All hail the ego-silos.

    *tips over the refreshment trolley*
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  7. Oh Asmo<3
    Or it's a quick way to review information ona character later!

    "Lindsay was from Alabama, right?"
    "Shit, what colour were Hans' eyes again?"
    "Oh right! Arynn has a sister! Can we have her come in for a plot twist?"
  8. Go finish your dumb book, Asmo, so people can make fandom universe characters for it! 8D
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  9. It won't accept the URL that I got from Photobucket. It shows an error and says the URL isn't valid but it's the same URL I use with BBCode to post the image.I don't get how it isn't valid.I even posted the image here to prove that the URL is valid.

    Vasya (open)


    I really hope this problem can be fixed since I have to use URLs for images due to be being on my phone.
  10. Oh yes... eye colour...

    ...that thing that is so important and intriguing...

    ...that thing that drives the narrative

    ...that indispensable pillar of characterization.

    I take it all back. Please... allow me to partake in this tedious catalogue of non-essential details.

    My characters are nothing unless you remember the length of their hair. Forget that, and they fall apart into naught but ambiguous vapour.

    *pisses on the trolley*
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  11. I can't help but laugh at the mass of furries and anime characters.

    Cool looking system, though. An old RP site I used to go on had something like this, it was pretty useful. Remember TW, @Grumpy? :D
  12. uhh..sorry.. I think I'm spamming with my characters..but I love this! I'll stop now, for the sake of everyone's sanity :] ..for now.. bwahaha! thank you admins for the awesome vault, this was a wonderful idea! :]
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  13. That's so true.Eye color is very important just like hair length and hair color.Leave out hair length and they might as well be bald.Hm...speaking of bald.I just realized that I have no bald male characters.I need at least three.
  14. Dammit Asmo, don't make me call your wife! D:< These tools are for roleplayers, not stuff oldman authors!

    MEANWHILE, for you, there might be a problem uploading through photobucket. D: When I view the image source it sends me to the image's html page. Try doing some test uploads with other image site sources and see if it's just photobucket. If NOT then I'll try and figure out where the bug is
  15. Will it ever be possible to change the focal point of your thumbnail image? Because for the one character I've tried uploading so far, it decided to choose his knees for the thumbnail, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to role-play with someone's knees. I tried cropping the image, but it didn't seem to do anything for the thumbnail.
  16. You can actually upload a separate image for the thumbnail! You'll want to choose the "Change Character Thumbnail" link on the right upper side when you're viewing the character page.
  17. I really like the fact that image source is included in the description.

    My only real issue with it is the aforementioned picture issue (I have to upload a photo to change the preview image? I can't change the image?) and the fact that posting one character means my notifications is spammed with everyone else's. Not sure how to turn that off.

  18. It works with other sites.So...I guess it just dislikes Photobucket.That's somewhat of a problem for me because some of my favorite images are on Photobucket. Without those images my character bios are lack luster.Please see if anything can be done to fix that tiny problem.I would be very grateful and I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  19. The only thing I can help with is helping you stop getting alert spammed.Got to your alerts and click the link at the bottom of the alert.I think it says,"Watched Category".Once you're in the category scroll down to the first character and look about their image (If one is there).You'll see "Unwatch Category" next to RSS Feed.Click "Unwatch Category" then confirm it.You'll stop receiving alerts then.If you post another character you may or may not have to unwatch the category again.
  20. I like how, of the things @Minibit posted that could actually be plot relevant, Asmo of course chooses to focus on the one with the least plot significance without even acknowledging that other things were listed there. xD

    Anyways, this is a neat tool. I probably won't use it to catalog all my characters (I have a website for that >_>), but likely to store previous characters from older, closed RPs so that I have easy access to them later.
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