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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Inherited Character traits

Do you see your character traits as something inherited? Is the saying like father like son true for you(Or like Mother like Daughter or whatever whatever). Or do you find that you are nothing like your parents? Is this a good or bad thing for you?

The older I get the more I see my parents in myself. When I was younger I thought I was a complete opposite, but that changed - either that or I just didn't notice. A lot of the things that define me are the exact things that defined my respective parents. Some of the things, such as my work ethic and ability to push myself to obtain things I want, are good...others, like my stubbornness and going out of my way to find bad things in people I meet, not so much.


What say you?
Aside from my temper, I don't think I've inherited much from my parents. Well, I'm as stubborn as they are, and I do enjoy working hard, like my dad does. But that's where it ends, really.

Both of them have incredibly strong family values, but to me, it doesn't matter so much. Maybe it's because I'm not close with my family at all, but I don't think I have to visit them every time they get sick, or something, not am I obligated to help them. I'd do it simply because I want to, not because I have to... So, I get a few traits from them, but I'm mostly as different as different can get.
I'm turning into my dad over time. My love of geeky things, however, is my own invention. But my love of guns, knives, outdoors, hard work, stoicism, and no patience for laziness are all from my dad and some from my mom. I got my mom's sewing technique and my dad's shooting technique. I didn't inherit dad's love of mechanics and handyman skills; I phail at fixing cars, while he can make a 20 year old car run for another 10 years. I think I inherited my mom's temper; dad is pretty laid back.

But overall, I think I'm turning into a doctor version of my engineer father. This is a good thing, because he is all sorts of badass in a Gregory Peck sort of way. Only he doesn't do man-scowls.
I'm completely different to my parents. My father is very working class. I'm a little more like my mother. She has a broad range of interests and has a liberal disposition. I used to think that I was becoming more and more like my parents, but I have realised that I was just growing up as a person and that it had next to nothing to do with them or how they raised me. I feel that I'm a product of my own personal experiences with social environments.
I have a mixed of inherited behaviors and learned behaviors. There's little things that I never knew about my parents until much later, only to find out we shared those traits. .__.; Like my Dad's interest and skill in art. While growing up I had NO idea he could draw or paint. He's a very bland kind of guy and never really did anything creative. c__c Then BAM I find out his artsy little secret and realize where I got all of mine from.

Then there's other unpleasant traits. D:< Things I got from my mother and grandmother, and I can only pray that my free will is stronger than genetic inheritances. Otherwise in the next two years I'm going to turn in to a psycho.
I feel as though I've adopted my dad's sense of humor, and my mom's passivity (and her terrible, terrible, driving abilities, guffaw). I've been told many times before that I'm just like my *insert immediate family member's name here*, so they have shaped me to some degree. That's understandable, considering how much time we spend with them in our life. I also like to think that I've learned NOT to have certain traits from my parents, if that makes any sense. Like I often have a terrible temper, like my dad, but I've learned how to handle it and what to direct it at.
I learned behaviors from my family.

i learned annoyingly resilient optimism from my father. I probably get my nativity from him too.

I learned getting overly angry or annoyed over very small things from my mother, though if I act on it, it's very controlled.

And I learned stubbornness and defensiveness from my brother. I probably get my few moments of clever thinking from him.