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  1. Name: Yar Eroth
    Age: 27 elven years.
    Sex: Male
    Race: Half-orc-half-elf
    Appearance: Yar has much of his elfish mother's looks. He does have his father's dark black hair that he let grow out and the markings of his father's people on his shoulders. Also he has his father's haunting red hungry eyes. He stands around 6'7" with a rather slim but muscular build. His skin has a slight blue tinge to it that he claims is from his father's side.
    Imagine a life started by two lovers that should never have been set to spiral out of control by the unpredictably which was your existence. Now, you are starting to somewhat understand Yar. It was not everyday or every year an orc and elf even spoke kindly to each other. Yet, somehow, two fell in love and had a child that had no place in the world. Yar might have none that with his first breath or maybe it was his second. Sure enough, everyone made sure he knew no matter where he went. His existence was punishable wherever he went.

    His birth was right outside of a great elf city. His mother was a daughter of a great guard elf and his father had been a prisoner in the great elf dungeon. They escaped together to have hi,. His parents raised him in secret for as long as they could. Their peoples had been searching for them. They were killed for their "sins and dishonor against their peoples". He was around the age of 9 he was left to his own means having narrowly escaping execution himself. They thought he would only suffer and die. He had a strong determination even then. Survival skills in his veins helped him to survive through the tragedy.

    It was easy to see no one would take in such a child. He quickly became a thief and began to lead a life of crime. He had no other choice. He became a harden criminal as his life went on learning to use the magic his parents' peoples used to steal and survive. No matter where he went, no help was to be found. His path would not stray from that of a thief. He had no use for killing yet though. Not until he finally found what little work he could as a mercenary. He learned the art of murder to get by. He quickly learned to use magic to kill and also he picked up a bow. No one really knew what he was, but hired him to get the jobs done.

    His life only got harder. Everyone soon realized he had not stopped breathing so easily. He soon had not only any lawful troops after him as a mercenary, but orc and elf troops after him also. He was forced into enough corners he was finally caught. It had taken all three forces working together to get him into a small corner. When caught, it was easy for them to want to kill him, but instead, they decided to make him suffer more by putting him a small cell.

    Yar is not very social or yet he does not know how to be. Having never been able to interact with anyone, it is a wonder he even knows how to speak. His sense of humor does not exist yet. Neither does his trust in others. He expects nothing but hatred from everyone, but does not really blame many for it. He has a tendency to be cold to others not knowing any other way. Deep down he would love to help people if they ever gave him a reason to. He had seen much suffering and knew how it felt. He is very pessimistic, but easy going. His determination could get him through anything. He is out to prove to the world that he has some sort of worth. He is very cunning and quick on his feet when put in almost any situation that is not a social or positive one.

    Reason for imprisonment:
    His first breath of air, years of thievery, mass murder people, murder of troops sent after him

    Hunting, Use of some dark magic and nature magic, Stealth, Archery, Close combat and Sharp shooting, Escape planning
    Weaknesses: Tries to do anything he can alone, Forgets dark magic can also effect team mates, Terrible communication skills, Has trouble working with others, Does not listen to orders, Misjudges what type of combat a situation calls for often, blames any mistakes he can on others

    A few ideas to start with:
    -Your character buys him out of prison and uses him for whatever their mission
    -Your character escapes from imprisonment being and happens to help Yar out
    -Your character is a guard who pities Yar and lets him out to help him

    Any ideas are welcome those are just a few and I would like more to the plot with further deep reasoning. Someone side romance would also be nice. FxM or MxM welcome.
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  2. I like very much!
  3. Pm me with a plot idea and a character sheet. C:
  4. I wanna buy him out of prison for a mission I want him to help my character with.
  5. Oh I just seen your message. Ok I will pm
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