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  1. So, I almost didn't want to share these because they are beautiful and I want to make a character out of each of them.

    I found this AMAZING artist on Deviantart and their work - original and otherwise is just breathtaking. it mostly works with Fantasy/ Modern Fantasy, but go ahead and check it out!

    Len-yan's gallery!
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  2. Sorry, I prefer my characters to have COLOR in their art.

    They look good though. I'm sure a few of these will pop up in the character gallery with 'dark, brooding, and depressed looking for love' as the only detail on them in the future.

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    Don't mind me. I'm having a bad day and it's affecting my general ability to enjoy cool things.
  3. Totally the epitome of dark and broody right here, ayup.

    But yeah this is pretty cool, I think I've seen quite a few of these used too.
  4. Oh wow, OP, that's some awesome artwork. I think I've seen some of it around the internet and might've even saved some to my computer in the past.
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