Character Homes #1: The Painter

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  1. In this challenge, I'll introduce you to a character, and you tell me about their home!

    It can be their dream home, or something more realistic; you can stop at just their bedroom or describe the entire property, it's up to you!

    The mini version of the Guild's Houses Template is at the bottom for those of you who prefer a form, but you can also free-write a description instead, if you want!

    Character Name: Maria
    Gender: cys female
    Job/Role: freelance watercolour artist, waitress.
    Age: 22
    Current Goal/Purpose: to make a steady living with art
    General Personality: quiet, withdrawn, cautious, optimistic, likes the rain and soft colours
    General History: born in this city, good relationship with family, if a bit distant. Four year arts degree from out of town college, currently working part-time to support an independent lifestyle.
    House template (open)

    Street address:
    How many Bedrooms:
    How many Bathrooms:
    Additional Facilities:
    How it looks from the outside:
    Other Notes:

    questions to get you started (open)

    Does this character live alone? With family? Friends?
    Does this character have, or frequently host, any children?
    How often is this character home?
    Is this character a host type or a guest?
    Does this character worry about other people's impressions?
    Does the character have a pet or pets?
    Does this character have a differently-abled body which would require special accomodations?
    Is this character a pack rat?
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