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Character Fandom Versions

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~DirkJake~, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. What this is, is a commission where I take your character and make it look like it lives in another Fandom. For those who may not understand, here is some fandoms and what I would do with that character.

    Harry Potter
    I would draw the character in the robes or uniforms of their House.

    I would draw the character in the assigned clothing of their faction.

    I would draw the character in their God Tier or Dreamer outfit.

    Five Nights at Freddy's
    I would draw the character in an outfit from a human version of an animatronic or in a security guard uniform.

    Percy Jackson
    I would draw the character in a Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter shirt with the weapon of choice.

    Doctor Who
    I would draw the character in the outfit of one of the Doctors or near the TARDIS.

    DRAMAtical Murder
    I would draw the character in the outfit of a canon character from the series.

    These are not all the fandoms I will make, these are just examples. I may have to do research on the fandoms, so if I get it wrong, bear with me. Please do not tell me exactly what outfit you want! I need a certain amount of control, but I will let you have a lot of option. Believe me.

    With pricing, mostly everything will be free! However, if you want more than one character in a single drawing, it will cost about $5-$15 based off of complexity. If you want two characters in two different drawings, they will be free. I do not have a PayPal set up, so fines will be given later.

    People use this format when requesting an image. Anything with a * next to it is optional.
    Character Name:
    Hair Colour:
    Hair Style:
    Eye Colour:
    Original Outfit and Extra Items*:
    Preferred Colours*:

    Examples (open)

    This is a sucky example. I promise your pic will be better.

    I finally figured out pricing.
    One Character: FREE
    One Character w/ Background: $11
    Digital B&W Two Character: $10
    Digital Colour Two Character: $17
    Paper Pencil Rough 2 Character: $8
    Paper Pencil Colour 2 Character: $10
    Paper Ink 2 Character: $12
    Paper Coloured Ink 2 Character: $17
    Torso Digital Coloured 2 Character: $10
    Torso B&W Digital 2 Character: $8
    Torso Pencil Rough 2 Character: $6
    Torso Pencil Colour 2 Character: $8
    Torso Ink 2 Character: $10
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  2. Deen of Ahvviyinn

    Yes, I know, not the requested format, but for my character, easier to have a visual ref. As for "fandom"... Harry Potter. Personality? Well, as you can tell from his smile, playful. Though a bit too old for schooling, he could be a teacher.

    Oh, and here's more on him: Physical Description

    Since I'm not able to pay, whatever you want to do freebie is fine by me. Just have fun with him.

    Any questions, just ask.
  3. OK. I will try to draw him in a house outfit since most wizards and witches hold on to House pride... I will finish it this week... or early next week.