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  1. Hello! I'm Stormo. Welcome to my RP request thread. I know it's long, but if you make it through all of this you can find yummy stuff later on and I promise it's well worth it.

    General Expectations/Info
    • I usually do a minimum of one paragraph. My average is three, and I can get up to nine or more paragraphs depending on the roleplay, my muse, and how much I have to reply to. I'd prefer quality over quantity.
    • I have very few limits of any sort and no triggers. You NEED to tell me if you have triggers/things you don't like. I can't avoid them if I don't know what they are.
    • I'm better at instant replies and prefer to rp over IMs/Skype/etc. I can rp over Email, PM's, or Threads here at Iwaku however. I'd love at least 1 reply per week.
    • I prefer playing male x male pairs, but I have and am capable of roleplaying any gender pairing including aliens, no-gender, and multi/switch gender characters.
    • I work a full time job and go to college full time as well, please keep that in mind before you ask for a roleplay. Despite that my laptop is my life, so I'm almost always on.
    • Currently I'm up from about 7-8 am to 7-8pm Mountain Time. I live far across the pond in either direction though lol.
    • You HAVE BEEN WARNED. My sense of humor isn't much of one, and I'm usually blunt and to the point. If something you do bothers me you'll know, and I expect the same in return.
    • I expect you to have semi-decent grammar and spelling, common sense, and common courtesy (Also called manners =3). I will give you the same in return.
    • In roleplays without a set beginning and end I fully expect for you to contribute to the plot or roleplay in some manner. I will end rps early if I'm constantly running out of ideas and having to do all of the leg work.
    • I like to get to know the people I rp with. I don't care if all you want to talk about is plot ideas or how your mother is being a snot for making you do homework on saturday, but I would prefer if you talked to me. Let me know how you're doing, if something's going to come up, or did come up, or whatever.
    Content Ratings

    Please keep in mind these are my general feelings on the categories/tags provided. For most of these you MUST ASK if you wish to use these tags in an rp. If there is something relevant I do with/to my own characters it will be explained.
    • Abuse - Many of my characters have had, or will receive, some sort of abuse. Most often it's due to a fist fight, or a fight, though it's not always so mundane.
    • Anime Physics - Allowable in several rps. No opinion on this otherwise.
    • Buckets of Tears - Not big on this sort of thing appearing in an rp. We'll have to discuss first.
    • Character Death - Occasionally characters will die, though most often they will be my characters by my hand.
    • Fluff - Depends on the roleplay really.
    • Furry - Furries are alright in most rps. Please ask.
    • Gay - Looovvveee This! 90% of my characters are //Males.
    • Gore - Only in 18+ roleplays will I show a lot of gore/descriptive violence of sorts. Please do not mix this up with Gore (the kink).
    • Graphic Violence - See Above ^
    • It's a Kissing Book - Hehehe :P Romantic and squishy. Gotta love it. Not entirely my favorite, but a lot of my roleplays center around romance and intimate(close) relationships.
    • Language: Explicit - Generally don't curse out the wazoo.
    • Language: Mild - All of my character's swear. *shrug* It's who I am.
    • Lesbian - Generally don't play this, but I don't mind.
    • LGBT - Looovvveee This! %100 of my characters are LBGTQA+ hahaha...
    • Mental Illness - Quite a few of my characters are a little off their rocker...
    • Mindfuck - I'm not entirely familiar with this sort of roleplay, so... if you want to give it a go... ask?
    • Pre-Made Characters - I generally don't do completely pre-made characters, but you can always ask.
    • Religious Themes - Sometimes comes up, though usually it's unintentional.
    • Satire - Once again, not something I do much, if at all, but if it's what you want them please ask me.
    • Sexual Themes - <3<3<3<3<3 Sexy Time. Part of being an adult yea? *cough* most, if not all, of my rps usually have some sexual themes though I can tone this down to fit just about anyone.
    • Strict Rules - Generally not into strict rules, but it really depends on the roleplay. If more rules are required than I've got listed in my Info on the posts above I'll let you know.
    • Teenagers - Some of my roleplays do have teens in them. However I prefer to play characters who are 20 or older for personal reasons unless they're an extra.
    • Torture - YOU MUST ASK to do anything concerning this to MY character. I may or may not torture my own characters to help further the plot/give them back story, but I rarely allow someone else to do so.
    • 18+ Only - Kinda... self explanatory yeah?

    • Age Difference - Characters must be the equivalent of 18 human years! Otherwise anything with 4 years+ difference age wise is acceptable & allowable.
    • BDSM - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Dubious Consent - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Euphemisms: Dirty - 0.o; What's considered crude and raunchy? I feel old here people...
    • Euphemisms: Explicit - My Favorite <3 and most prefered.
    • Euphemisms: Hilariously Bad - Not particularly interested in this.
    • Euphemisms: Vague - I can try if you really don't like getting descriptive.
    • Fade to Black - I can do this. =3 Just make sure to let me know it's what you want.
    • Group Roleplay - Generally not a fan of multiple person rps, especially when involved in Libertine RPs.
    • Hardcore Kink - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Hurt/Comfort - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Incest - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Multiple Partners - I don't mind this at all, as long as all of the characters involved are controlled by me and you. Reference the Group Roleplay thing above.
    • Porn Without Plot - Rarely done by me, but please ask if you're interested.
    • Rape - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Slave - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.
    • Tentacles - Mmm, not a huge fan, but I can give it a shot.
    • Dude on Dude - Faaaavvvvooorrrrriiiittttteeeeee!
    • Chick on Chick - Don't have much experience rping this, but I can do it if requested/given a good reason.
    • Critters - I'm more than happy to oblige on either side of this should it be requested.
    • Jail Bait - May allow. Please Ask. I may do this to my character via another character of mine.

    Quinn Cathal (open)
    Late 20's, Male, Bisexual, human. Used him across several different genres from modern to futuristic. He's typically a combat/triage/general Medic/EMT style character. His only four well known skills are singing, playing music, sex, and patching people up.

    Kingfisher (open)
    Newest Baby. Unknown Age, Male, Bisexual, Bird-Human shifter. He retains his wings, tail, and some feathers along his back when human. Free spirit and probably not good for space-faring adventures. He likes fish, shiny objects, and has the "vocabulary" of a Mockingjay.

    Cain & Alexander (open)
    Cain is late 20's/early 30's, Male, Bisexual, human. Alex is mid-20's/late 20's, Male, Bisexual, Human. Double Trouble and always played together. They're best friends. Cain's an ex-con working as a mechanic by day and moonlighting as a musician, and Alexander trains service dogs for a living. Best pair for modern rp's.

    Alpin & Yanga Lupaie(Furry-Feline) (open)
    Alpin and Yanga are both 18-22. Alpin is Male, Closet Bisexual, furry large-cat type alien. Yanga is Transmale, (as of right now) asexual, furry large-cat type alien. They're a futuristic space-faring species from a different rpg game, but too cute to not use. Depending on the setting Alpin is either a pilot, security, or a warrior. Yanga is usually a technician of one sort or another.

    Evelyn "Bane" Holder (open)
    Early 20's, Male, Homosexual, Enklar Nacht (think werewolf). He's got a fucked up history and is currently working as a horse carriage driver in a large city. Generally used for modern/futuristic fantasy.

    Twist (open)
    Unknown Age, Male, Bisexual, Forest Sprite. He's tasked with balancing and tending the forests of the world he lives in. Still needs a lot of character development.

    That's it. *huffs and pants* I can always make new/different characters upon request. About 1/2 of these guys have pictures if you want to see.​
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  2. Hello ^.^ I Was hoping you were still looking for a partner. This is a brand new account, but I am not new at rping. Although I haven't really thought up a character yet, because I like to see what sort of setting my partner wants to play in. That helps me decide easier. I love Fantasy type setting, or futuristic types but anything is okay really. I like your Quinn and 'Bane' characters if your still interested let me know!
  3. What's your idea/character for an incest role play?
  4. Ryuuji

    Either of your chosen characters of mine can fit into a futuristic-fantasy type roleplay quite well so it really depends on what exactly you'd like to do. Quinn would take some time to build up to some serious action, while Bane's got action right off the get-go.


    I have no set ideas/characters for incest rps. If you have an idea for one you're welcome to pm or post it for me. =3
  5. I have an idea for a modern MxM but I'm not sure if/which of your characters would fit the role. Interested? =)
  6. Okay, I just gotta ask: you say you like MxM, but which, erm, role do you play? For example, I prefer to play as the Uke, the sub, the bottom, that sort of thing. Naturally, I don't want to RP with another Uke, now do I? As for character that interest me, I like the Double Trouble pair of Cain & Alexander.
  7. @Grimm_Reaper1005
    Very good question! =D I'm capable of playing either role, though for the particular pair you're interested in Cain is primarily dominant (in bed) and Alex is primarily switch (in bed).
  8. Well, that's good to know. So, if I prefer playing the Uke, that isn't going to be a problem? Well, if you're interested, I'm up for RPing.
  9. if you are still looking for a male partner im dying to get into a good roleplay, my creativity skills are just overflowing so please message me if you are still seeking a gay style rp
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