Character drawings?

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  1. So like ive got two continuous characters that are twins i use the guy and the girl but the girl is a lesbian. Jw if i gave you a depiction of them could you draw em plzzz itd become my profile pic.
  2. Link to Minibit's Deviant Art so you can see her art style!

    If you're not in a super-huge hurry (ie: gimme a few days) I could do it; I'd like to know a few things about each one. Reference pictures are great but if you'd rather write a detailed description that's fine too:

    Hair colour

    Hair style

    Eye colour

    Face description(round? Long? Thin? Big nose? thick eyebrows? Any distinctive quirks I need to know)

    Skin tone



    How muscular?






    If you want me to, I can take this information and make a sketch. I'll show you the sketch so you can correct anything I got wrong, and then I'll ink and colour it :)

    @Lochlan do you still want this picture? It's all right if you want someone else to draw it :)
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