Character Death

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  1. I'm curious, what is the new Iwaku's opinion of death of a player character in an RP

    Personally I don't support reckless PC murder of the kind that exists in ADnD, I simply subscribe to the line of thought that my players can do anything they want, there will however be consequences.
  2. I never have come across killing a character of mine yet, or having them be killed. o wo So I haven't had that issue yet..

    I HAVE had a character come terminally close to death, like a coma, or poison, etc. And once, a character of mine even became handicapped, or had a limb amputated. So.. that does change things up QUITE a bit..

    I think, with killing characters off.. If I am the GM, and have to do it to someone else, I grab their permission first, and if they want them to be killed off, I would try to do so in a tasteful manner that makes sense, and could possibly give some fuel to the other players to continue on the story.
    If it is I who wants my character killed, or is asked by a GM to have something dangerous happen to my character, I would work on making the final paragraphs of posts as epic as possible, and make sure they are 'off'd in the right way for the particular roleplay.

    I don't really like when characters die that are being actively played, though.. It's kind of a tough subject, and kind of sad to me..
    But it can make sense if someone plays a character that turns out to not be quite the right fit for a roleplay. Especially tabletop, with stats and all..
    Like.. a sort of do-over chance to get back into the Game in the right way.. you know?

    I don't know if this made sense. 8D I tried.
  3. The situation is important. >:]

    I would never kill an active player's character without permission. If an active player's character dies, it's because they planned it, we planned it together.... or on the rare occasion I actually got so fed up with someone in my RP that I kicked them out and killed their character. O__O That has no happened in REALLY long time though.

    Otherwise, I warn people ahead of time in my group roleplays that there IS a possibility that I will kill their character if they go inactive too long. I give more than a fair amount of warning time before I do it. So there's no surprises. o_o And I always have a back up soap-opera style "omg they survived" plan if that person actually comes back to play again. 8D
  4. Killing characters..well can't say I NEVER do that as PM was a prime example but certainly with killing characters it's got to be a unanimous decision and planned out IMHO between the two characters. Hell...I don't think ANY of the active main characters survived my last RP >3 but we'd planned that from the start.

    The ONLY time I will actively kill off a character is if I'm the GM and the person has been inactive for a long period of time and i've contacted them and either a)they NEVER EVER respond to me or b)they respond to tell me they've dropped out for not fracking reason so then I take full reign and just nix them from the RP plot : D

    Death can be a beautiful plot driven thing in certain situations/settings (like PM) : D as I know there will probably be some deaths in PMII >3 dunno if it'll be main characters buuut WE SHALL SEEEEE teehee <3
  5. It calls for a good time and a great villain, actually. Who always wants a happily ever after?
  6. I give fair warning that there might be character death in the rps that I start, if applicable. I don't kill unnecessarily, but many a time, my characters are into killing other people. If you put your character in the way of mine, and they don't have the skills to back themselves up? At the very least, they are going to end up hurt.

    That being said, I have the same mentality for my own characters. If I throw them at something, knowing full well that this may end up killing them, I'm not gonna be butthurt over them dying. If someone kills my character in a fight or something, and they have the skills to back it up? Thumbs up to them, I'll move on.

    However, if a weak character, a character who has been written to be a brainiac or not inclined to fighting EVER, just suddenly off's my character in a feat of sheer physical miracle? There's gonna be some words exchanged >:[
  7. Back on my other site..I'd have another story line for my character who died.

    Like, when he was dead..There this was counter that told how long it was until he was resurrected.
    And another time, where my dead character walked the spirit realm until he reconnected with the realm of the living.

    But, in general. I don't like killing characters unless I know I won't be using them anymore, if they're to lead to a greater character, or if they have something planned in the future.