Character Careers

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  1. Like many roleplayers I have a lot of characters. A looooot. Tons in just modern settings alone, and it's starting to get really difficult to think up unique jobs and careers that these characters are doing, so I don't have a character portfolio filled with 20 Teachers, 15 Cops, and 10 Strippers. D: Variety is the spice of life!

    We have a totally unpolished space saga job list and a fantasy setting job list (feel free to comment on those to add more!!) as resources... but not a big master list of cool careers for modern time!

    So outside of the commonly used jobs we always see (cops, teachers, bakers, lawyers, thieves, waiters, chefs, etc, etc) what sort of cool and interesting careers could go on a master list of modern careers -- and what is something you'd love to use for a character! 8D
  2. Librarian, all the way.

    Some sort of scientist would be cool too, especially if it's like in Gone, where a nuclear accident cause all the plot.

    Game Programmer, I'd like to see that.

    Though I've done it tons of times, I've not seen others play an artist of some sort very often.

    Priests. Especially the non-priestly priests :D

    Thinking back on it, being both the scientist and librarian are giving me awesome ideas for characters :3
  3. Bank teller is a modern career you never see that makes pretty decent money and employs a lot of people, since there are so many banks!
    Tortured daycare workers could be a decent one to showcase a patient, daily suffering character.
    I don't think I've ever seen someone play a character who worked as something like a car salesman. XD
  4. Gem Cutter, Coal Miner, government field/office worker (forestry, licensing, ecology, revenue, etc.), piano tuner, printer, electrician, plumber, mobile warranty repair person, taxi driver, water quality inspector, international relations expert for business, coffee bean roaster, optometrist, physical therapist, speech therapist, feng shui expert, motivational speaker, migratory farm worker, ship yard security, university janitor, tiny museum director, esthetician....
  5. I have not really seen people play gardeners. No, not fancy biologists or botanists, simple gardeners that just enjoy taking care of their flowers. Even if a character is portrayed as a gardener, they are usually an old man. I would really like to see some gardeners, who are not old, as main characters. Also, another character choice I have only seen rarely is a children's doctor, not to mention midwives as a main character! Chauffeurs tend to get neglected and put in non-important roles too... And for now, that is all I can recall from the top of my head. I might add a few careers later on, though.
  6. Artists, counselors, Avon/Mary kay reps, state appointed gaurdians, CPS worker, computer programmer, Photographer, A phone company rep, cashier, yeah, that's all I have.
  7. Old men as a gardener trope is a hobby gardener, not a career gardener. Gardening as a job isn't usually about love of flowers but manual labor. Now landscape artist on the other hand....
  8. Forensic scientist, psychologist, some type of sciencey doctor lol
  9. Mechanic.
  10. Funeral Home director!
  11. Bounty hunter criminal profiler private eye. Grave digger
  12. Graffiti artist, social worker, carpenter, welder, truck driver, HVAC specialist, gun smith, commercial pilot, fisherman, small business owner, wedding planner, customs officer, insurance adjuster, recall coordinator, school teacher, shelter worker, priest, lawyer, nurse, paramedic, radiology technician, dentist, casino pit boss, jockey, night cook, bartender, dog groomer, farm hand, lounge pianist, DJ, television producer, stuntman, professional blogger, coach, tour guide, museum curator, archaeologist, college professor, economist, photographer, newspaper editor, police officer, skip tracer (these guys find people who have skipped town to run from debts), roadie, biker, drug smuggler, salesman, mechanical engineer, chemist, electrical engineer, computer hacker, gun runner, private investigator, bank manager, bank teller, stock broker, hydro worker, physicist, actor, clown, race car driver, bouncer, pop star, factory worker, security guard, tow truck driver, professional athlete, humanitarian aid worker, janitor
  13. mine have been a mechanic, plumber, cop, a general, hotel manager, hotel owner, ect.
  14. I read a cool book once where a character's mother was a Dante scholar 8D

    In fact, regardless of how impressed I am by plot, ALL of the Picoult novels I've read so far have characters with seriously innovative careers, which I highly prize. After a while, the standard detective, policeman, doctor, lawyer, math/English/history/science teacher, politician gets incredibly old.
  15. Beautians that work for the funeral home. Wig maker. Director of a Non-Profit.