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  1. Yo, post character bios here, if you want. Generally, I like to let the RP do character explanations, but if you think it'll help with reference, do so, by all means.
  2. I do plan on creating a bio for reference, but a fluid one and I won't be posting it here.

    I am interested in participating though. Work hours are typically 4-10 so any time before 3:25PM and after 10/11PM will be when I'm most available. Always available on Monday and Thursday evenings though.
  3. As for me, the only question I have is whether or not humanity is the only race available for player characters in the RP.
  4. Ah, yes, I should specify that.

    The answer is... yes and no?
    The people of Cadwall have an appearance similar to elves, because they've been living with nature for so long, their outward appearance has been altered slightly by magic.
    The people of western Loyn (Rhos, if you will), are generally taller and more... refined looking?
    Silver Islanders are pale, with lighter hair and eyes.
    The people of Esilott were like a foot taller than other humans.

    And, of course, there are "half-elves", I guess, mixes between the variations.

    Think of it like the Elder Scrolls- all elves are Mer.
    In Lost Lands, there are different types of humans, but they're all human.
  5. We've an interesting composition so far: a guardsman, an orphan, and a wanted mage on dragon-back.
  6. Sorry I haven't responded for two days, Christmas business. I should be able to keep up at least once a day now.
  7. oddly enough, this is my first "orphan"-type character, i just realized.

    i wasn't even planning/expecting such occurrence, it just happened because i imagined it fitting.
  8. I delurked to join up here; it looks quite fun!
    As for bios and stuff like that, I'd be glad to throw one together as we go. But feel free to ask me if you have any questions?
    Speaking of questions, any chance we could ask about setting stuff here..?

    Not that I have any at the moment; I'm just glad to catch something interesting as it begins.
    I'll be looking forward to trading whispers with guards and soldiers, knights and wastrels, urchins and kings...
    Or a blade in the gut. You never know how these things turn out, am I right?
  9. I guess any questions could be asked here. This is a world I've had built for a long time, and things took a turn I didn't have planned out... which is awesome! I guess my favorite part of writing is seeing other people change my world, as if they were really in it, molding the world around them.

    Any questions you have, by all means, ask.
  10. Part of it is, I don't want to step all over other people - and especially your! - worldbuilding; I can tell you've put a lot of thought into it, and can only hope we help create rich and vivid stories within it.
    A lot of the information I want to ask is background detailing, like what metals are used for armouring and currency, whether the plague that the gods released in their flight still ravages the land occasionally, relapsing into sudden new pestilences; what Loyn exports and other things that aren't immediately useful. Uh, I guess I'm just curious, ahahaha!

    So basically, if you have any domestic details you want to mention here, I'd be glad to listen; and if you'd rather we just keep extrapolating, that's fine too; or any combination of the above.
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