Character Alignments

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    ...yeah, mostly, I just wanted to share this picture. I got many laughs with it. It makes lots more sense to those of you familiar with the alignments and their meanings.

    Brings up a fun discussion topic, too! What alignment do your characters usually follow? What one do you think you are? Which alignment are you in video games? >:3

    Also, is there one you hate?

    I've always hated chaotic evil. When a buddy in my DnD group would play a chaotic evil character, it was often chaotic stupid. Annoying... Very annoying. I myself mostly played chaotic good in those tabletop games. Video games though, I'm always an evil son of a bitch. >>; I love to mouth off to the other characters and make them wanna kill me.
  2. I have trouble ever playing an evil character. I always start off trying to be evil, but I eventually start feeling bad and shift over to Neutral/Good.
  3. I'm definitely a Chaotic Good Gamer.

    As far as games goes... yyyyeah, Chaotic Good for the most part.

  4. I shift between Neutral Good and Chaotic Evil
  5. True Neutral, Stupid Neutral, Chaotic Good, or Lawful Dick.

    Haven't tried playing Evil, though, must feel good.
  6. I reject your limiting character alignment system even though I use it to describe others! I'm too lazy to figure out myself.

    One of these days I'll do a Cuftbert run of games, which is Chaotic I Hate This Plot. Not enough games let you have muttonchops and summer bonnets, though.
  7. If it's a brand new game I'm chaotic neutral. "I WANT TO THROW MY BACKPACK AT THE GUY!"

    But if it's something I'm familiar with it ends up being Lawful Evil to Neutral Evil for me! >D

    As far as characters go I'm usually just plain neutral to chaotic neutral.
  8. I'm all over the scale on this one, but I absolutely adore Neutral - then I get called an ass...which is only fair. Most of my characters tend to be good in the beginning, though, only because the vast majority of the party starts out that way.
  9. I've played many different alignments, Lawful Evil was the most fun, and one of my more sucessful.
  10. My favorite character to play at the moment tends to slide between chaotic neutral and chaotic evil all the while trying to appear chaotic good.

    I like to experiment, and don't tent to think in terms of pidgin holing when I play though.

    As a gamer I'm lawful neutral.
  11. I'm Lawful Good in real life. Used to be Neutral Good, then Chaotic Good, then jumped back all the way to Lawful Good.

    You know who else is lawful good? Atticus Finch. One of the last examples of a truly manly man. Good old integrity, tolerance, quiet badassery (mad sniping skills that he never brags about), humility, and confidence. Oh, and he stares people down with Gregory Peck Gaze.
  12. Chaotic alignments tend to be rather stupid in general.
    I am almost ALWAYS lawful-something, though as a person, I'm bland as oatmeal, True Neutral, leaning towards Law.
  13. As a gamer, I'm a Neutral Evil kinda guy; yes, I use asshole tactics. And couldn't care less if you make an issue of it.

    When it comes to the ol' D&D, however, I prefer chaotic characters, usually going for Chaotic Good. I tend to play them as smart-ass, snarky douchebags who also possess a decent set of morals but tend to ignore things like, oh say, the law. Which makes for entertaining times when other players go for lawful characters.
  14. Quoted for like-mindedness.
  15. I usually play lawful neutral characters. in real life I'm Lawful good.
  16. I'm Chaotic stupid :D
  17. I'm either Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good.

    It's hard to perfectly align my character to the DnD alignment system.