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What's your favorite character from a movie or show and why?

Personally, I love Walter Bishop from Fringe. The actor did a fantastic job portraying the character of Walter - he's quirky and absent-minded with a good heart and a brilliant mind who cares about nothing more than his son.
Some of my favorites. Gregory House (House MD), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Mike (Breaking Bad). These dudes are all bad-ass characters in their own ways.
I loooovee Dr. Brennan from Bones! Her social awkwardness is adorable. XD

I also adore Lady Larken in the tv movie "once upon a mattress".

Funnily enough, those two actresses are sisters. >:D
Wesley from Buffy/Angel. The way his character changed from Buffy to Angel, and then over the course of Angel was absolutely astounding.

There are loads of other characters from a lot of shows that I grew to love, but it would take too long to list them all.
I also love Dr. Brennan from Bones and Dr. House from House. I'm not sure if I like the lead in Falling Skies or just really enjoy the actor playing the character because I am fan of the Librarian Movies and the character in him. It's like seeing a geeky Indiana Jones - how can you not love him?
Malcom Reynolds - Firefly, he's not the strongest, smartest, or even savviest person on Serenity, but he manages to get shit done even when tortured, shot, kicked shitless and pissed off. He also takes in River and Simon, not because they bring him money, but because they need to be kept as far away from the alliance as possible.
OH OH OH OH JAYNE FROM FIREFLY. Omg. XD That character makes me laugh SO MUCH.
Dwight Schrute, a character in The Office. :3