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  1. Hey guys! I'd like to thank you for checking out this thread. I'm Chaos, or Deathly, or Autumn (any of those are fine)! I am searching for someone that will be committed long term, knows the rules of the site and follows them, and can write length paragraphs (sort posts kind of tick my off sometimes) that also help drive the story. Without further delay I will introduce the plots and pairings I have.

    PAIRINGS = Pink is the character I wish to play
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Good Girl[/BCOLOR] x Bad Boy
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Tom Girl[/BCOLOR] x Jock
    Jock x [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Nerd[/BCOLOR]
    Teacher x [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Student[/BCOLOR] ( of course student will be of age)
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Werewolf[/BCOLOR] x Vampire
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Vampire[/BCOLOR] x Witch
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Siren[/BCOLOR] x Sailor
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]City Girl[/BCOLOR] x Country Boy
    City Boy x [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Country Girl[/BCOLOR]
    AND ANY OTHER KIND OF PAIRING CAN BE SUGGESTED AT ANY TIME! Also we will design a plot together for pairings!

    PLOTS! (this can totally be different than pairings, and again Characters I wish to play are in pink!)
    The Exchange - A mix-up in paperwork gets Muse A sent to a same sex boarding school for the opposite sex (e.g. a girl is sent to an all-boys school). Muse A pretends to be a member of the opposite sex in order to stay at the school, hoping they don’t get discovered. Muse B, after a while, grows suspicious of Muse A and begins to investigate them until the truth is revealed. Now Muse B begins to blackmail Muse A into doing whatever it is Muse B wants.

    Shift - While driving home on a quiet backstreet, Muse A spots a wounded animal on the side of the road. Having a soft spot for suffering creatures, Muse A pulls over and scoops the animal up into the backseat of their car. Muse A drives home with the
    good intention of nursing the poor animal back to health, unaware that the animal (Muse B) is really a shape shifter. After making a comfortable place for Muse B to sleep, Muse A heads off to bed. By morning, Muse B is feeling a bit better and they shift back into their human form just as Muse A enters the room to check up on them. Muse B tries their best to explain what’s going on without terrifying Muse A. According to shape shifter law, Muse B now owes Muse A their loyalty and must stay with them until the debt is repaid.

    Little Red Riding Hood - Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But do they? What they don’t know is that the wolf was not a wolf, but a werewolf instead. One that knew the secrets of the old witch that lived in the woods. The one who lived peacefully, but practiced magic and threatened to extinguish the werewolf race. So the pack leader, the Big Bad Wolf, killed her, made her disappear. But the huntsman, the witch’s son, sought revenge and got it—finishing the pack leader for good. But this only created a larger blood feud, sending the whole pack out to get the huntsman and his family. With the huntsman’s only daughter in the middle of this war, Little Red, as they call her, the pack will stop at nothing to get their final revenge and end the war. But when Red and one of the wolves fall in love, what will become of them?

    Tale of Two Kingdoms - Muse A is a prince. Muse B is a princess. Both royals are from neighboring kingdoms that have had a tenuous alliance for hundreds of years. Muse A’s kingdom has a formidable army; while Muse B’s kingdom has plentiful gold and silks. War is threatening to come to their lands and the only thing that can secure peace for both kingdoms is a union of families by marriage of the next heirs to the throne. The prince and princess are set to be wed shortly after their first meeting, once Muse B is of age to bear children. At first, the betrothed couple do not get along. Bad blood between their fathers have tainted their views of each other long before they come to meet. Gradually, as they are forced to engage in the courting process for the sake of the kingdoms, their negative impressions of each other fall away.

    Unteachable - Muse A and Muse B meet one night at the carnival that comes to town every year before school starts. They hit it off well—having things escalate to a point of sexual relations. They exchange numbers and agree to go out sometime—there was undeniable chemistry that they both wanted to explore. All of that comes crashing down when Muse A, who is a senior in high school, walks into class on the first day and finds Muse B sitting behind the teachers desk. How will they cope with the discovery that a relationship would be illegal? Will Muse B break it off before it goes any farther? Will Muse A be disgusted and beg to switch classes? Or will they work something out, both knowing that, if caught, Muse B will lose their job, and Muse A will be expelled—or worse?

    Strictly Business - Muse A is a wealthy CEO who runs their own fortune 500 company in a bustling city. Muse A is in their 30s-40s and has been married to their college sweetheart for 12 years, though the passion between them has long since fizzled out. Muse B is a 20-something, fresh out of college, possessing a business degree and needing to get their foot in the door of the business world. Muse B is lucky enough to be hired by Muse A’s firm and becomes Muse A’s personal assistant/secretary. Muse A and Muse B exchange pleasantries from day to day, but don’t socialize much beyond the details of their business together. One evening, Muse B gets a call from Muse A asking a favor. Muse A must go to a charity gala and their spouse is not able to attend; they want Muse B to attend the event with them. Muse B is flattered and agrees to go for the sake of not letting their boss down.
    Muse A sends a private car for Muse B along with an expensive outfit for them to wear. When Muse B arrives at the gala, they are blown away by the elegant venue. Champagne is flowing freely and Muse A looks attractive as ever in formal wear. Throughout the evening,Muse A reveals a playful, charming side to Muse B that they don’t get to see in the office. Muse A is flirtatious even, lightly touching the small of Muse B’s back, sliding their arm around Muse B’s shoulder, complimenting Muse B in front of business associates. Muse B knows that they shouldn’t read to heavily into Muse A’s flirtation, because Muse A is married and they work together, but it’s difficult not to get swept up.

    When the gala is over, Muse A insists that they retire to the hotel room they’ve reserved upstairs until they’ve sobered up some. Muse B agrees to stay and the pair takes the elevator up to a penthouse suite, the likes of which Muse B has only seen on luxury blogs and in travel magazines. Fueled by a mutual attraction and champagne, Muse A makes a bold move on Muse B, crossing professional and marital lines. Muse B feels guilty the next morning, knowing that Muse A is married, but the attraction between boss and employee can no longer be ignored. Over the course of the following weeks, Muse A and Muse B embark on a secret affair; sharing intimate moments between business meetings, going away on overnight “business trips” together, indulging in private shopping sprees with Muse A’s platinum card.
  2. You still have me! :)

    And I'm always willing to rp another rp along with the other with you. 2 rps are cool with me.
  3. Hey! I'd like to do the Shift idea if you wouldn't mind.
  4. I would love to do any of these!! They all sound excellent.
  5. Feel free to PM me!
    Haha thanks. Feel free to message me with one that you would want to do!
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