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  1. Roleplay between RedBlood & NotAllThatCreative
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    "This is ludicrous!" A harsh man voice echoed through the small apartment just as the door behind him shut closed. "We can barely afford the air and still they're raising prizes on everything." He complained while throwing off his hat onto the hatstand. It missed. "I should just go and stab that fool of a king in the heart myself."

    "Brother, don't say such things. With everything that has been going on lately, just a word of disobedience and they might cut your head off. Don't do anything reckless." A worried female told him. She did not wish to see her brother executed because of a foul mouth. The current state of their country was surely bad, no one could deny that, but she wanted to believe that it would become better.

    "I would never let those rats catch me if I ever decided to go against them. I won't do it though. Not as long as I have you, Marie. If I joined the rebellion, they would surely think of you as an accomplish. I can't afford to do anything reckless. Not because my own life would be in danger, but because yours would be. I won't put you in danger, ever." The older man said and kissed his sister on the forehead.

    Marie sighed and shook her head. "Value your own life a bit more Marius. I don't want to see you end up as dad." She laid a caring hand on his cheek, for a moment lost in memories of the past, but as fast as they had taken her over, she snapped out of them. "Now, pick up your hat from the floor and then go clean yourself, otherwise I won't give you dinner." Marie told him with a playful laughter before returning to the kitchen. She had only gotten home half an hour before him. No one could afford to sit around without working. They would starve if they both weren't earning money. So even she had been working hard that day.

    They might not have had much money, but at the very least they had each other, and with that they could be happy. But unbeknown to them, something was about to stir up their happy family time. On the streets of Paris, an officer and six police men were walking forward, soon to approach the siblings dear home. Marie had been right in her assumption. They would come for Marius if he spoke ill of the current system. What she hadn't realized though was that they would come for her too. The state now believed them to be traitors, and nothing could save them from the guillotine.
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  2. It was the start of a new morning and Sulian had a rather eventful night. He hummed lightly as he listened to his faithful henchman finish up unloading the dead they collected from the night before. Turning on his heels, he walked up to the older looking gentleman and looked towards what the collected, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "I suppose you're taking them to the graveyard?"

    "Yes, sire." The man croaked out and kept a tight grip on the scythe in his right hand. The graveyard was a place that he claimed in the underworld. It was where he put all of the bodies they collected after his master decided what to do with the souls. He looked over at his cart before glancing up towards the man next to him. "And you will take care of their souls?"

    "Don't I always?" Sulian raised an eyebrow and looked towards Ankou. "Yes, later on in the night I will. I have something to do first." He walked over and entered his earthly home through the back entrance. Walking through the hallway of his home, he made his way to the front entrance and grabbed his jacket before exiting his home.
  3. "Are you getting done this century?" Marie asked teasingly while she finished preparing the table. There wasn't much on it. Only two pieces of bread for this evening. They tended to eat the most during breakfast as they needed the energy for a long work day. All they did in the evening was eat and going to bed, thus they didn't need the same amount of energy. When the money was extremely scarce, they were sometimes forced to skip dinner. At least they always seemed to have one meal on the table each day though. Some didn't even have that. Marie felt sorry for those poor people starving out on the street, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

    Finally Marius came to the kitchen and they said a small prayer together before they dug in on their bread. They spoke about how work had been going, but nothing interesting seemed to have happened either of them. It was the same old, work work work until you pass out or finally was allowed to go home. There wasn't much to talk about on that topic. As fast as they had finished eating, both of them headed to bed. The next day would be an equally hard work day, and they needed rest.

    "Marie." Marie heard her brother as he hurried towards her room.

    "What?" She asked. It had only been less than half an hour since they separated to get some sleep. It was quite odd for him to wake her up so suddenly.

    "Get up and get out. Take the back door and go somewhere. Anywhere." Marius seemed to be in panic over something, but she wasn't sure what. Before she could protest though, Marius was already speaking again. "Please, trust me. There's no time to explain. Just go. There's something I'll have to take care of here." The urgency in his voice made her understand that something was horribly wrong. For now she simply nodded and he went with her to the backdoor. In only her sleepwear and a over sized jacket to hold her warm, she walked out of the backdoor. The girl had no idea that soldiers were coming from the front, and her brother was trying to make sure they wouldn't get her. If he went with her, they would continue to chase them both, but maybe they would leave her alone if he just came with them quietly. Marie would never have accepted that if he had told her though, and he knew that. So he let her go clueless.

    The police had no intentions of stopping though. They had been ordered to take the whole family, and they would make sure to do it.

    Marie stepped out in the dark cold night, not sure where to go. Walking around half the night, trying to avoid passing any shady places or people, which wasn't the easiest task, she finally fell asleep under a bridge. She hadn't meant to fall asleep, she just thought of resting her eyes for a bit. It became quite a long bit in the end.

    Eventually the sun and the noises of the people walking over the bridge woke her up. She was stiff after having slept on the ground, but at least she had found a grass filled spot. "I wonder if it's okay for me to go home now." Marie mumbled to herself. Why had her brother thrown her out like that? She hadn't been able to figure it out in her tired state the night before, and it was little difference now when she was newly awoken.
  4. Soon enough, it became dawn and Sulian was still out walking. He was looking for something and what that thing was was a complete mystery to those around him. He wandered around the city most of the night and each dead, or dying, human he passed, he made a mental note of them. This war caused nothing but pain and suffering to a lot of the humans around him and practically relished it. It gave him something to do whereas most of the other wars didn't cause this much death. As he passed by the bridge, he stopped and noticed Marie, giving a soft frown. Was this woman another one of the homeless? "Are you alright?" He spoke up and raised an eyebrow, seeming curious. "You seem a bit... Troubled."
  5. Marie had still not decided if it was best to go to work or to go back home and make sure everything was alright. But even if she did return home and her brother was fine, he wouldn't be home. If he was fine he would have left for his own job already. Should she go to work then and hope for the best? She was already late and would definitely get into trouble. Maybe they would even fire her.

    The decision was not yet reached when a voice from behind startled her. Marie turned and saw a man looking at her seemingly curious. "No.. I mean yes.. I'm alright. At least I think I am." There was certainly nothing physically wrong with her, except for a sore body from having slept on the ground in a bad position. Though she was rather troubled. Her brother had randomly thrown her out of the house without telling her why. He had seemed almost frightened about something. It was as if the devil himself had been about to make a visit. Or the police.

    "Oh no." As the thought had entered her mind she understood. He might have seen them coming. Why hadn't she thought about that before? "Excuse me sir, but I need to get back home." She apologized for the man whom had shown concern for her, before she started to pass him. If they truly had come for him because of his big mouth, then he wouldn't be at their home to meet her when she arrived. But even if that seemed to be the truth, she did not wish to believe it. Marius had to be home, he had to be well, she must have misunderstood it all. Unbeknown to her, there were a couple of guards waiting for her arrival. When they hadn't found her, they had gotten orders to stay behind and get her once she returned.
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