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  1. Delilah (open)
    Name: Delilah

    Age: 16

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Red

    Personality: Delilah is a sweet caring girl, she is always seen smiling even for no real reason. She is a music and animal lover. She's playful which can make people call her childish.

    Known for: Her very caring nature and magnificent musical talent.


    Delilah sang softly while she sat in art class, she had a talent for all things creative. She dipped her paintbrush again painting the water of her landscape, she was at peace like this. She was at peace until the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. She packed her things up, washed her hands and headed for her locker.

    Delilah never kept many friends around her, she had only one best friend, Alice, a very smart girl. And that's who she met at her locker waiting to walk home with her.

  2. When Alex was in art class, he seemed to be drawing instead of painting. He was always quiet and alone when he did..everything! It didnt seem to bother his as people would think but there were times where it seemed like Alex could really need a friend. He looked around the class and saw Delilah. He looked at her, then started looking down at his paper. He did this several times until the bell rang and he gathered his things and headed for the door.
  3. Delilah and Alice stood outside talking watching as all the kids ran to either their parent's or their own cars, all ready to go have a nice weekend. "Oh no!" Delilah suddenly let out and jumped away from the wall she was leaning on "What now?!" Asked Alice "Sorry Alice I'll meet you at your house later, I forgot I have violin practice" she was already running back into the school building not giving Alice time to speak.
  4. Alex ran into Delilah, dropping all of his things. Some were notes for school but most of them were drawings. Extremely good ones at that. Some of roses- mostly of roses, some of people, some of animals, and some even monster. But at the very bottom of the horrible mess laid a beautiful, precise drawing of Delilah. He looked at the picture and blushed hard, hoping she didnt see it as he slowly picked it up.
  5. Delilah fell and dropped her violin case "ouch" she slowly looks up to see the boy from arts class, she looked at his drawings, and caught look of one that strangely looked like her "Hi" she smiled her usual pretty smile "Those are really good" she said as she got up.
  6. "I-I'm sorry I didnt see you.." He gently helped her up and picked up her violin case and handed it to her. He noticed that she did in fact notice the drawing of her and his face turned immediately red, "Oh God this is awkward.." He started picking up his drawings and shoved them into a folder and into his bag.
  7. "wanna walk to the gate with me?" sh asked right away. This boy always seemed so alone and she hated seeing peole so alone. She smiled and took her violin from him, practise was most probably over no use in walking all that way for nothing, lus the boy who was always in her art class didnt seem so bad, he was polite had amazing talent for drawing and drew her of all things and people.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.