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  1. Chances
    "What if you were given one chance to correct something you did wrong? To save a life? To save hundreds of lives? Cure diseases? Prevent wars? I guess you could say that's me. My name is Rory Mills, and I have the power to go back in time. I don't know where I got the power or why it was me, but I have it. I've searched for a long time, but still don't have any ideas. I've been hoping to find someone like me, someone with powers, but if there are others, they're doing a damn good job hiding it. So this is my last call, like a final hoorah. So listen up, I know this is hard to believe, and all of you are probably laughing at this crazy girl on the internet, but if you're like me, there's a building in Mid-Town Chicago, the address is 33151 West Pandora Road. Come as you want, because maybe together, we can find as answer."

    The video cut out there. People had been saying they wanted this as a TV show, or an animation, but it was real. Rory Mills was lost and searching for answers. Her power was out of control, and she needed help. She was hoping that at least some people with powers saw the video and were on their way to the Warehouse. She sighed, sitting down on the couch. The Warehouse itself looked like it was falling apart on the outside, but on the inside it had been completely re-done. The bottom had a kitchen, dinging room, living room, and full gym. The second floor held all ten of the Master Suite sized bedrooms and bathrooms. On the third floor there was a large open concept room filled with filing boxes, computers, tv's, everything Rory needs to do research. The fourth floor is a full sized sparing room. It didn't fit in the gym, so Rory used the extra floor to build one.

    Rory lived here alone since she turned eighteen, which was really lonely, considering how big the place was. It was a gift to her on her 13th birthday. Her parents bought the building so that Rory always had a project to work on. If Rory didn't have anything to do, she would get ansty and figgety. So she came to the Warehouse. The total renovations took five years to finish.

    The video that she created last week had gone viral, but most of the people took it as a story pitch. Rory hoped from the bottom of her heart that at least someone believed her. She flicked on the TV and lay on the couch. She had been awake for the last fourteen hours doing research on powers or any other stories like hers, but just like her last attempts there was nothing. Her red hair sprawled out on the pillow and her eyes watched the tv lazily, not really paying attention as to what was on.
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  2. The boy named Adrian walked alongside the streets. Though the current method was unpleasant, a majority of his journey had already taken place within the comfort of a taxi service. Well, what comfort could be had within the overused vehicle. Nevertheless, with phone in hand, he eyed the building. Perhaps it was due to his guarded nature that he chose to remain on the opposite side or the road, cautiously eyeing the door way. He allowed a moment to pass before referring to the silver phone once more, repeating the video for what may very well be the last time. It was uncertainty, the topic of powers was, after all, unheard of. But the thing he himself has scene, as well, the things he has done proved it could be true.

    "Go, Adrian" The voice rang from his side, forcing his head to turn in it's direction. From the beginning, he knew there would probably be nothing there, but instincts, are simply too hard to overcome.
    Thrusting his hands into the pockets of the jacket, he proceeded to cross the street. Quickly looking both ways whilst in the process of crossing, he didn't even really bother to note whether or not cars were coming.

    Upon reaching the other side, he approached what seemed to be the main door of the warehouse. Once more looking around himself, making sure that no others were in his immediate vicinity. When ready, he knocked upon the door, taking a meager step backwards before looking over the building once more. The idea of being caught entering such a shabby structure would probably be seen as suspicious, hence he did not enjoy the idea of standing out for long. This mild nervousness, though he would not allow any to think of it as such, quickly turned into an equally mild temper. Within a moments notice, not giving the inhabitant a chance he stepped forward once more, knocking heavily upon the door before returning his hands to his pockets. Would he have to enter himself? Was it even safe to do such?
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  3. It was a good time to be alive, as the woman known as Jennifer drove along in her old Cadillac. The address within the video had been hot on her mind, the way that girl spoke was enough to draw her to this place. To save lives... She could see herself actually participating in such an activity, and while her heaving breaths made her seem like an old hag, there was no doubt that she would take herself on board.

    Clothed in a short black dress and a long black coat, the raven haired woman soon pulled up to near the warehouse, parking her car a few hundred steps away from this place. The wisps of mist left her lips while she looked around, taking out her phone to check the location which she had put in. Yep, this was it.

    Her heels were driven into the asphalt with each step, all while she kept her gaze upon the immediate area. She could see a few people already gathered - perhaps, those who indeed had powers like the video had requested - and she simply made her way over, not a word escaping from her lips.
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  4. Rory jumped at the sound of the knocks. She nearly sprinted towards the door, hoping this time these people weren't just trying to buy her story. She flung open the door and two people stood before her. She grinned, they looked her age, or maybe older, and she waved them both inside. She closed the door behind the two people, turning to look at them. "I hate to be so to-the-point here, but do either of your two have real powers?" Rory asked the question in high hopes, she wanted them to be real, instead of the fakers who showed up.
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  5. It was fairly early by Vurto's standards as he rode his bike down the city streets; lately he'd been dragging himself out of bed later and later, unwilling to face the new day with the same resolve as he used to. He had only just recently gotten his learner's permit, and thus wasn't allowed to drive by himself just yet. His bike was the only way he had to get around town. It was, unfortunately, exhausting. The fear that this was all a hoax, that he would never find a group he actually belonged with, kept nagging at him. What if the address was fake? Or even worse, what if there was some completely unrelated family inside? Surely they'd laugh at him when he knocked on the door expecting a girl with superpowers.

    Powers...the word still seemed odd to him. Was what he had really a superpower? Or was it just a curse? He supposed it didn't matter; it was real, and that was what counted. He could only hope this girl wouldn't be afraid of him, and that he could trust her in return. This could be a trap, and soon Vurto might find himself thrown in a jail cell for the murder of that man...

    "Shut up," he growled to himself. That damned voice in the back of his head, always nagging at him, psyching him out. He couldn't afford to get cold feet. "This is real," he muttered. "It has to be."

    By the time Vurto arrived, parking his bike nearby, the other two had already been pulled inside. He checked the note on his phone against the address plate on the warehouse; definitely the right place. He supposed a deserted building like this was the perfect place to discuss things like this. Or conduct secret experiments on poor suckers like him...

    Sighing, he walked up to the door and knocked halfheartedly.
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  6. The wait felt far longer for Adrian, the heat of both annoyance and mild embarrassment. Surely, a few moments had to of indeed passed, seeing as a female approached the door as well. He desired not to allow himself to turn away, so instead he readily readjusted his stance more openly towards the other, more than half a cheek facing her direction. He needed to be on guard, he was amongst a strange presence that may very well have a power. Question being, was this another illusion, crafted by his subconsciousness, or another potential danger? Perhaps even a third party, who sought nothing more than to criticize the individual within the walls.

    Shortly, the door sprung open, allowing Adrian to tuck inside quickly. Slight relief could follow, seeing as the one who greeted them was indeed the girl from the video. However, the question of power immediately followed. A mild grin took to his features, a silly amusement playing within his mind. "I make apples", of course he would not let them know the entire nature of his abilities, but it was wise to at least relinquish the question as soon as possible. Even more so, to the others he merely pulled the aforementioned apple from his pocket. The only event of particular flare, was when the object seemingly vanished from his hands in a twirl of color. "Apples, apples he said!" A laughter came from within the warehouse, bringing Adrian to look about for the first time.

    The building was actually quite welcoming on the inside, it looked entirely accommodating. Adrian smiled more, "Haunted is it?", he allowed the mild joke to pass without giving a joker's air.
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  7. Jennifer chuckled lightly at the man's display, after making her way inside also. She frowned a little as she looked around, the general air of the place gave off something unhealthy. Regardless, she was still the heavy breathing woman she always was. "Powers? Oh, honey, of course."

    She raised her arm, curling her fist just enough to allow the flames of which she used to manifest with her palm, as they danced along in a remarkably straight line to form what appeared to be a blade. There was no handle, and it's form was entirely made of this flame. Her fingers traced along it, seemingly unaffected, before she cupped her hands together and the flame was gone, not even wisps to show evidence it was there, once.

    "I just hope you're real, too. I travelled a fair way, and I don't want it to be a waste of my time, let alone anyone who comes around." Evidently skeptical, Jennifer wasn't one to believe anything straight up. She had to see some form of proof, anything, which would convince her otherwise. She may be a hard egg to crack.
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  8. Natalie checked the mirror of the car twice to make sure she looked alright. She was always taught to make a good first impression after all! She messed with her short blonde hair for a moment before sighing and looking out the window, she watched as two people got pulled into the warehouse from a few blocks away in her car. Nervously she looked over at her brother, who had driven her here, and he nodded his head. She could have driven herself but she didn't want her parents to know she was away, so the idea was to have her oldest brother drive her there while the younger ones distracted the parents. They wouldn't know Natalie had snuck out her window moments after telling them she was exhausted and needed to do some work.

    Natalie now got out of the car and her brother drove off, leaving her alone near the warehouse. As she began to walk she noticed another person approach the door. She stopped in her tracks and reminded herself to breath, after all, she did have powers. She could protect herself if anyone tried to hurt her. Slowly approaching the door behind the man who stood at it she adjusted the short white lace skirt she wore with a cream colored top and a pink cardigan.

    Unsure if she should talk to the other person standing there she nervously went to stand beside him so she didn't awkwardly stand behind him scare him. Smiling at him slightly and spoke, "You knocked already?"
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  9. "Oh my god, you guys have no idea how happy I am to see people with real powers. Yesterday two people showed up and all they did was spit water on my floor." she grinned as she heard another knock on the door. "I'd be happy to show you all my power if you are skeptical, but its going to have to wait. I do hope you don't mind." Rory skirted around the other two, "Make yourselves at home!" she called back to them and she swung open the door again,

    "Hi!" she took quick cursory glances down the road and welcomed them both inside, once again closing the door behind them. "Please tell me you two have powers to? Like for real?" She asks her shoulders shrugged up towards her neck hoping for a yes.
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  10. Vurto jumped when Natalie stepped up beside him, despite her best efforts not to scare him. He realized that he'd been holding his breath and clenching his hands together. "Yeah," he said flatly, trying to play it all off as though it were no big deal.

    Before the blonde girl could respond, the door swung open. The young woman from the video was standing in the doorway, right there in the flesh. Vurto looked her up and down, sizing her up, discerning if he could take her in a fight should things go sour. His eyes stopped on her hand: Her wrist ended in a flat line, not the rounded stump that an amputee would have. Vurto stared at the place where the girl's hand should be for a few moments before he realized that she had said something to him.

    He followed Rory inside, the sound of the door closing behind him seeming louder than usual to him. She asked him about his powers, and his eyes fell, again settling on Rory's missing hand. "Of course," he said. "Do you have a plant or something I can borrow?"
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  11. Rory raised an eyebrow, before entering the kitchen and coming back with a small house plant, potted in a small orange pot. She handed it to him, wondering if her was just going to toss it on the floor and raise his arms. She noticed the boy looking at her hand and quickly clasped them behind her back. "Alright, so what's your power?" she asked in a polite manor.
  12. Adrian could not help, but watch as the girl who entered alongside him conjured a blade of flame. Though filled with surprise, he attempted to subdue the urge to show it, instead waiting for the display to end before casually looking at the host of this gathering. There was little to be said, seeing as the other already brought forward the only worry at present. However, rather than the actual response, Adrian came to hook on the subject of the previous visitors. Honestly, if it had been him in such a situation he would have beat both of them to a pulp. Nevertheless, before he could begin to think further as to what may have happened to them, two more people came through the door.

    "So what is the name pyro girl?" His head turned to the other girl, seeing as Rori was busy. Rori, that was the name the video said, wasn't it? Whatever, it didn't really matter if he could recall it properly or not since he could just ask at a later date. "The name is Adrian, nice to know I am not the only freak in this world." He chose to introduce himself, partially to break the ice seeing as his previous question may have came across as rude. Reaching out his hand, he intended to shake the girl's, however immediately coming to retract it, an inquisitive expression taking place. "Shaking your hand will not burn me will it?"
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  13. Hearing what the 'time traveller' had to say, the woman soon found herself nodding, casting off her skepticism with a little throaty chuckle. She didn't want to seem like someone who was mean, or pushy, even if it was what came to mind naturally. A subtle sigh escaped the lips of the fire conjurer, just in time for the black haired illusionist to speak up. She listened, naturally, before smiling in Adrian's direction and extending her hand also.

    "The name's Jennifer Hart, matey, and yes, good to know there's more like us. Honestly, I thought I was the only one." Another chuckle ensued, the woman soon noticing the man's hand retract, before she frowned somewhat. "Well, I didn't know my hand was on fire without my knowledge. I never would've expected such a thing. Anyways, no, you won't burn your hand. My power is limited, as I can only form shapes which appear within my mind, and actualise them into my hands. Think of it this way; where there's air, I can create blades made of flame. They're not a part of my hand, rather, my hand is the spark which lights the flame." Showing knowledge of her power would surely impress some people, but she honestly wasn't trying to do that, looking to allow others to understand what she meant and what actually happened.

    Still holding her hand there, the woman waited for that long awaited shake.
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  14. Arianna could feel the beads of sweat travel down her back, even from inside of her car. Of course, it probably would've been better if the a/c hadn't decided to die on the long car ride to Chicago. It never really lasted long anyway, not with it blasting as much as she could get it every day. "Only a little longer," she whispered to herself, turning the music up louder. Maybe that would take her mind off the heat. She could have done the easy thing, just freeze the inside of her car. Simple. Except her powers were draining in the heat. Great.

    A breath of relief was let out as Ari saw a warehouse come into view. It looked as if it was falling down with some of the bricks smashed and roof dented. "This better have not been a trick," she huffed as the car door opened. A gust of hot air blew her way, making her shiver. It was too hot. She grabbed her purse before half walking, half running to the building. Knocking, the girl tugged on the hem of her shirt. "Hopefully, I'm not under-dressed."
  15. Vurto took the pot in his hands, staring at the fresh green leaves sprouting from the tender soil. It was just a small thing, probably bought from Walmart for a few bucks, so Rory wouldn't miss it. "Just watch," he muttered as he lightly touched his fingers to the stem of the house plant. The healthy green turned to sickly brown, radiating out from his touch and causing the leaves to shrivel up as the small wave of death crept across the plant. Vurto's heart raced, the veins in his hands seeming to throb as the life was transferred from the plant to his body. He felt warm, like he was cloaked in a cozy blanket in a cold house. This was so great. Why didn't he do this more often? Surely there was no harm in touching something bigger, like an animal, or a person--

    Vurto jerked his hand back from the plant, which was now withered and dry, not a scrap of life left in it. The extent to which he enjoyed that rush of euphoria scared him. He hoped Rory wouldn't make him try out his powers on anything else.
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  16. "That's amazing! Have you ever tried it on anything other than a plant? Something larger? Can you transfer energy back into living beings?" Rory had a lot of questions about this one, and the boy that created an illusion, and even the girl that created flames. These people were real and they showed up! They actually came to the Warehouse. This was great. with all these people they could get answers! They could help those who can't help themselves. Rory then turned to the girl that came in with the boy that killed her house plant. "And what about you? What's your power?" Rory had never been this excited, especially after all the fakes had showed up at her door. "Wait! Don't tell me yet! Let me answer the door first!" Rory jogged to the door and swung it open, "Hello! I'm Rory! Come on in!" Rory welcomed the new girl inside, shutting the door behind her, "Okay now, what's y'alls powers?"
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  17. With wonder and some horror Natalie watched as the boy who she came in with destroyed the plant. She looked around at everyone and was slightly terrified, she could feel her anxiety building in her chest. What if she wasn't good enough?

    When the girl who made the video, Rory, asked her about her powers she hesitated from her fear. Luckily someone else knocked on the door but she knew she had to show her when she got back.

    Natalie looked at Rory and everyone in the room. Fiddling with her hands she took a breath, "Sorry. Um, okay." She had to decide what she wanted to do.

    Looking down at the orange plotted dead plant she took a deep breath and brought her left hand around and near her side. The pot lifted into the air above their heads while she very slightly moved her fingers. Moving objects was more of a mental game her fingers just worked as medium.

    The potted plant spun around in the air far above their heads before she brought it back down to where it was before. Once her trick was finished she smiled slightly at them.
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  18. As Arianna entered the room, she was surprised by the contrast. The inside was brand new and very beautiful, nothing like the outside.

    Her fears of it being a hoax were crushed as she witnessed one girl lift a dead plant without touching it. Ari was amazed by it, by the simple fact that she wasn't alone. That she wasn't the only one that had to fear about her powers.

    Ari's gaze locked on her gloved hands before taking a steady breath. "Hi. My name's Arianna. It's nice to meet you all." A reassuring smile made its way to her face, trying to be a friendly as she could. "I guess I should show you my powers now."

    A white glove fell to the ground before her hand reached out to the plant in front of them all. She pulled it back right before it touched though. No, she thought, I have to do this. Her hand shook as it reached out again before just barely touching a leaf with her fingertips. In less than a second, the entire thing was frozen solid.
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  19. "No," Vurto lied. "I've never tried it a person...but I know I can't put the energy back." The last thing he needed was these people connecting him to that murder. Even though it had happened years ago, he could never be too careful. They would report him for sure. He didn't bother apologizing about the plant; it wasn't like he was actually sorry. A demonstration was the only way he could make them believe him.

    Suddenly the plant in his hands felt incredibly light, almost like something was pulling up on it. Vurto watched in wonder as the pot lifted from his hands, seemingly under Natalie's control, and flew around in circles, joined by other small miscellaneous objects. So there really were others like him. Telekinesis was hardly as damaging as his "power"...but at least he wasn't alone. He stared up at the blonde girl as the pot retook its place in his hands. Another girl, this one with unnatural snow-white hair, walked up to it and encased it in ice with just a touch. Vurto was forced to set the plant down on a nearby table. Now that...that was closer to what he could do.
  20. Turning into the front of the warehouse, his loud rap music blaring in his black 2013 Challenger*, he looked over the warehouse one more time before getting out of his car. Putting his flatbill cap on his head* and tossing his aviators inside his car before closing and locking the door. Taking a sip of his silver flask filled with whiskey, he walked towards the warehouse, feeling eyes on him. Turning to his right, he saw the little black raven perched in a tree, and at the base of the tree the black wolf. Trying to ignore them, he said to himself "Your not there. Just go away." Approaching the door he paused as he heard the raven, Coal, say "Be careful in there. In all likeliness this is a big trap, and you'll have to protect yourself." Ignoring the Raven, he took another sip and gave the door three hard pounds, and waited for an answer.
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