Chance meetings

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  1. "This day could not get any odder." Said a young man in a mostly black kimono, white obi, straw sandals and a katana's sheath at his side. in his right hand was said katana as he kept his guard up. No more than a few moments later, some unknown creatures appeared out of nowhere, in a attempt to take him down. Within seconds, they were easily taken down as the unknown psuedo-samuari sheathed his katana. Then sometning strange happened: A silver aura surrounded the being as he changed(?) into a white shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. "Now where did I put my hoddie?"
  2. Waiting in the shadows, a young girl stood, eyes wide as she simply stared at the scene before her. She had always seen odd things that other people hadn't, but nothing as vivid as this. Mai was a small girl, the daughter of an extremely old fashioned vicar, hence the conservative white dress she wore. She rarely wore trousers, her dad was that uptight. The daughter, however, was far more open to the world, though constrained by her upbringing. As a result, once the danger had passed, the girl stepped out into the open, naively expecting that the man would give her an answer. "Were those demons?" It was the most logical assumption to her, and so she voiced it without thought.
  3. "You can say that." He half-lied then went back to looking for said hoddie. "Now where would it - There!" He reached behind a tree and put on a brown hoddie that had a orange 'X' spraypainted on the back. "Now that that's out of the way, what are you doing here kid?" Johnathan asked, slightly curious of what purpose would a child have for comming out here. Not that it was dangerous at the moment, but he was a bit worried too. Then again, this already had been one odd day, what else could happen?
  4. The girl was intrigued. She was an extremely inquisitive thing, and found it difficult not to ask questions, though this more often than not got her into a bit of trouble. Even so, she definitely wasn't going to be changing any time soon. "I was just walking. And then I saw those things. Are you alright?" She spoke quite quickly, her deep brown eyes wide and shining with an innocence that most her age didn't have. She had just turned eighteen, and it was fair to say that she had not yet shown any of the tendencies of the other girls turning to women. This of course didn't matter, each to their own, was what Mai thought.
  5. "Yeah, I'm good." He said while stretching slightly. "To be honest, this bout was pretty easy. I've fought things much worse than that." He said while reminiscing back to his younger days. If anything, he wouldn't really explain these things to a young girl like the one he was talking to because it was prime nightmare fuel. But if she wanted to know, he would tell her while explaining the side of the world he was orginally born from. Children these days seemed to completely understand things on the other side of reality these days so it was rather a good thing that this kid saw him and not an adult.