Champion of Pokemon Region (need male trainer)

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  1. Your trainer is alot like Paul from the show and he meets my character and they go on an adenture after a pokemon battle. PM me and we can talk more details.

    Name : Crystal Azleo
    age : 23
    Rank in the pokemon world : champion of the region
    Pokemon type : all kinds, each battle is different, different pokemon all the time.
    Her travel team
    Name : Draco
    Gender : male
    level 86
    Ability :Flash fire , If hit by fire type its fire power moves are made stronger
    Moveset : shadow pulse, flame thrower, Grass knot, calm mind
    Name : Arceus
    Gender : male voice, no real gender
    Level 100
    Ability : mulitype : in battle he can change his type
    Moveset : Judgement, Draco Meteor , calm mind, Extreme speed
    Name : Tylo
    Gender : female
    Level 89
    ability : Dark Terrain , when in battle the terrain will turn pitch black
    moveset : Shadow ball, dark paulse, shadow claw, calm mind
    Name : Hyno
    gender : Male
    Level : 95
    moveset : Night Daze, Flame thrower , Scary face , Agility
    Name : Fesl
    Gender : Male
    Level :89
    ability : Overgrow
    Movset : Leaf storm, coil , calm mind, Return (super effective)
    Name : Shard
    Level : 99
    ability : Stead Fast
    moveset, Bone Rush , Fire punch , ice punch, extreme speed
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.