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  1. One of the many things we love about gaming is challenges. Sometimes made by the developers and sometimes by ourselves. What are some challenges you have accomplished or are currently trying to accomplish?

    I'm currently attempting the Pure Platinum challenge in Bayonetta 2 and so far I have two more chapters to complete. I'm doing it on 3rd Climax.

    I've beaten all of the secret bosses in Final Fantasy X-2 HD's Creature Creator.
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  2. Completing Devil May Cry/3 with all missions on S Rank on all the starter difficulties. Blood, sweat and fucking tears were payed for the glory of showing off my score to my friends. Fuck I spent weekends on that shit. Then moving on to Dante Must Die Mode...Yeah still only managed half of the missions.

    Actually completing Ninja Gaiden 2 without dying. Yeah, about 20 complete restarts on that shit. FUCKING GIANT FUCKIN TURTLE DEMONS FUCK!

    Finding all GFs in Final Fantasy 8(Yes, I love FFVIII, fucking come at me) that shit took me a whole weekend and a half.

    Learning King's Grapple Combo in the Tekken Series. From Tekken 2 onwards really. Took me aaaaaages to learn that shit. it's so fucking gratifying when you play against friends and just whip that combo out willy nilly. Ragequits cometh.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Impressive :O Now I wanna play DMC3 again! Was it the Special Edition? Also have you tried it with Vergil?
  4. I have a Nuzlocke going for Leaf Green. I hate grinding so its going to be a miracle that I make it to the end. Wish me luck.

    I also have the far away goal of getting at least one platinum trophy for one of the games I own. I only have a handful but they each have like 50 trophies or non at all. I feel so silly doing it though. How do trophy hunters do this without feeling redundant? Gaaaah.
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  5. Both versions actually at different periods of my life. First time was the standard edition when I was about....14? around that age definitely. Second time was when it was released as a remastered bundle with DMC 1 and 2. Needless to say I loved Vergil's style more than Dante's by only a small margin.
  6. I've beaten the following games under special perameters I set for myself just to make things interesting.

    Halo: Combat Evolved.
    • Humanity First.
      • Highest Difficulty Setting.
      • Use whatever weapons you start with. You're not allowed to change them out. Even if you run out of ammo.
      • No plasma grenades. Only dirty aliens use those. Only fragmentation grenades.
      • If you die, you have to restart the mission from scratch. (In co-op, restart the entire campaign.)
      • You cannot use alien vehicles, except where the game physically cannot progress without them. In said sections, you're not allowed to use the vehicle's weapons or kill anyone via ramming them--it's only transportation.
    Thief 1 & Thief 2.
    • Thiefy Thiefy Thiefy.
      • Highest Difficulty Setting in each respective title.
      • Do not alert any guards to your presence. If you do, you lose, and have to start the mission over again.
      • You cannot knock out guards.
      • You cannot kill guards.
      • You can only use equipment that you find--that includes special arrows. Make your water arrows count.
    Dark Souls.
    • Pretend the PC Edition isn't already a badly programmed hard mode.
      • Play with a keyboard and mouse.
    X-COM Apocalypse & X-COM 2.
    • Superhuman's Superhuman.
      • Highest Difficulty Setting.
      • None of your agents are allowed to die.
      • You may not use reaction fire until you've spotted aliens. (Applies more to X-COM 2.)
      • No Psionics. (Note: Apocalypse you may train in psi-labs to raise agent psi-defense, but you may not ever use psi-abilities of any kind.)
      • Apocalypse: Use the pausable real-time mode. The TBS mode is more exploitable, and I just want to torture you. :ferret:
    • Preserve Everything.
      • Do not lose any capital ships. (Destroyers or Battleships.)
      • Do not allow the Mothership to come to any harm. (Save for the Gardens of Kadesh missions, where the AI is a cheating bastard and spawns right beside your mothership. I won't hold you accountable for that.)
      • Do not lose any economy ships. (Resource harvesters.)
      • Do not scuttle or recycle any ships you create. If you spammed scouts, live with your gross strategic negligence.
    Starcraft 1 & 2.
    • Basic as Fuck.
      • Highest Difficulty Setting.
      • Complete the campaigns without using any units beyond those accessible in the first tier, save where you have no other choice. (Easiest to complete with Terrans, hardest with Zerg.)
    • Protoss Lives Matter.
      • Build at least four capital ship-type units (Carriers, Mothership, Void Rays) whenever available.
      • Do not allow any of them to be destroyed.
      • You can replicate this challenge with Terran Battlecruisers, but, again, it's easier with Terran.
    Dynasty Warriors: Empire Editions. (I've used 6 & 8 respectively.)
    • One Life, One Legend.
      • Highest Difficulty.
      • You may not die.
      • You may not lose any battles.
      • You must play a custom character with the weakest possible starting stats.
      • You may not use upgraded weapons or equipment from other campaigns.
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  7. Final Fantasy 12 solo/no gambit challenge is one I've done a couple of times. I quite enjoy it, though a few bosses are hellish. I would try a low level challenge, but it just doesn't appeal to me. Otherwise, Nuzlockes are always a favourite.
  8. I 100%ed black rock shooter the game ^^ That game was pretty damn hard for me, the precision and timing needed for a few challenges are brutal (Both being don't get hit challenges)

    I'm a rage player, meaning I actually get better at video games when I'm angry. One challenge got me so pissed off that I did another challenge that got me pissed off as well just to truly embrace the bullshit. I actually ended up beating it, which calmed me down, so I had to take a break, vs my friend in smash which never fails to enrage me, and then I went back to beat the last challenge while I was outrageously pissed off XD

    Another challenge I did was beating my friend at smash. He got REALLY good at Roy in project M, I forgot what he did, but he did something especially scummy that got me down to 1 life, so I got enraged and my speed, precision, everything went up like 2000% percent. I then continued to wreck him. He was like "You're so backwards DX you're supposed to get sloppy which pissed off, not become a computer.

    The least satisfying challenge however, was getting all the trophies in hatsune miku project diva F... There are TWO INFAMOUS SONGS that are impossible for many. I beat it... Eventually. It was an enraged kinda point where it was a "FINALLY!" Instead of a "I BEAT IT!!!!!!! :D :D :D"
  9. Lately, I've done a few simple but long tasks.

    In Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Rogue, I hunted down every location and item in the game and took down all 8 legendary ships, including the terrifying massive ones that break the laws of physics just to run you the fuck over and nearly kill you with a single broadside. I probably won't look for every Animus fragment or try to 100% each memory sequences' optional objectives, even I have limits.

    The real big one was in Mount & Blade Warband where I rebelled against my king to start my own kingdom and ended up conquering every keep and city and forcing the other six factions to surrender. Took nearly 170 hours.

    In Helldivers, I beat a level 12 (highest level difficulty in the game where if any enemies set off the alarm, it's the fight of your life trying to survive and not run out of ammo or your inventory. Usually people wipe the first time they hit a snag) bug planet with all 3 missions. I got a special cape.

    Now I have to do the Cyborgs and Illuminates. Soob.
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