EXERCISE Challenge #8: Grouchy Monorhymes

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  1. Grouchy Monorhymes


    As I sit here pondering on a theme to go with this the poetry style I chose, my son is knocking down stacks of blocks and screaming because he's in a bad mood this afternoon. I'm just like, ugh. How annoying. And before I knew it, I started describing my feelings through a poem.

    So, anyway, onto the challenge. We'll be doing monorhymes this week. These are poems in which all the lines end in the same rhyme. The theme is grumpiness. Describe a situation that makes you feel this way, or make a tribute to your most favorite of grouches. Just to name a couple of ideas. You really could take this in a bunch of different directions. Have fun with it. :D

    An example of a monorhyme (open)

    Night Storm

    It came in a winter’s night,
    a fierce cold with quite a bite.
    Frosted wind with all its might
    sent ice and snow an invite
    to layer earth in pure white
    and glisten with morning light.
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  2. A poem for my son. xD

    Cranky Guy

    Cranky little guy,
    I wish I knew why
    you've started to cry.
    You make your toys fly;
    each rule, you defy.
    I hope you'll come by
    when your grumpies die.
    And I won't deny
    the tear in my eye;
    I feel for my guy.
    Just keep your head high
    and grin at the sky.
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  3. Angry Fat Man

    Dear Angry fat man
    Please smile if you can,
    Whilst you terrorize traffic in your ugly white van,
    For I have a plan;
    Remember the day that your hopes all began?
    Long before you drove that rusty tin can.
    When the world was spinning and your head still span
    You dreamt of running away in your beat-up Sedan.
    But one dreams light made the others look wan;
    You once promised yourself that you'd go to Japan.
    So there is little time left upon your shrinking life span
    And I'd hate to see you waste it on being an angry fat man.
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  4. Wishes of Limmers
    I sit quietly and I simmer,
    As the night lights grow dimmer,
    The young girls all wish they were slimmer,
    So they can resemble the most attractive swimmer,
    They're all trying to be the biggest limmer,
    But me, I just want to glimmer,
    And let my personality shimmer,
    Take my time in life- never be a skimmer.

    Fun! I even learned a new word, old and rarely used though it may be. Can we do more than one if we want?
  5. Do as many as you want. :D