EXERCISE Challenge #25 -- Pokemon Haiku

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    That's right, Pokemon. I thought it might be fun to challenge you guys to write me a haiku about your favourite Pokemon. It sounds pretty simple, right? And fun, of course. Feel free to write more than one. I'm sure that like myself, a lot of you have more than one favourite. I hope you'll enjoy this fun little activity.

    How a haiku is written:

    Haiku (also called nature or seasonal haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three
    unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all.

    Instead of an inspiring list, I offer a couple of links: Bulbapedia and Serebii. They are great resources for learning about Pokemon.

    I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. (; Also, my information on haikus comes from Shadow Poetry. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

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  2. [​IMG]Alakazam

    Your magic awes me
    Your use of spoons completes me
    I'm glad you are mine


    Lurking in shadows
    With the moonlight on your side
    Your prey stands no chance
  3. [​IMG]
    Silken fur so soft
    Yet a fire that burns brightly
    Ninetales, light my night
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  4. Pikachu

    So yellow and so
    Plump. You're electrifying.
    Quick Attack my heart.


    Don't let the fire
    Go out. Your
    Ember is hot.
    Bulbasaur will cry.


    No one understands
    You are just slightly confused.
    Here, have this berry.


    In Pokemon Snap!
    You tried to evade my sight.
    Damn you, Ninja Mew.


    You are too cute, I
    convinced you're the devil.
    Mudkip, Mudkip, why?

    Iherduliek me
    You cannot resist my charm
    There is no escape


    You're the best pillow.
    Never will I
    release you.

    Thanksgiving is
    Coming up soon. I'm sorry,
    You will be
    locked up.

    "Om nom nom nom nom
    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom"
    (World Domination)

    It should be known.
    I did this during my communications class, since we watched videos and it's my most laid back one.
    I was writing poems and then was like, what the hell. And then couldn't stop myself.. So I made them for six pokemon, thinking of a team.<3
    -nodnod. Quickly hops out.-
  5. Litwick


    Your flame dances dim
    In need of life...A tear falls...
    Take mine...I love you.



    Good night and sleep tight.
    This is not even a fight...
    Dreams are mine tonight.

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  6. [​IMG]
    My favorite bat
    I hope to make you
    So that you evolve

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  7. [​IMG]

    Rapidash, you warm

    My heart up when it is cold,

    Like your flaming hair.


    Glaceon, you are

    the most irresistible

    Pokemon there is.


    I hatched you with a

    Pokeflute in Pokemon

    Snap! While some Jinx sang.


    The first Pokemon

    I fell in love with, you are

    My true favorite.
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  8. Chikorita_by_Nix_by_fsLeg.png
    Chikorita, dear.
    I love you the way you are.
    Please just stay as you.

    Bayleef still is cute
    But he just cannot compare.
    To the young, small one.

    Meganium, love,
    I have grown ever so fond.
    Of your pink petals.
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  9. Eevee

    So small and fluffy,
    So many forms you can take,
    I love only you.
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  10. Duskull
    You are a tan skull.
    One eye in your skull ? It's weird.
    You creep me out.Alot.
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  11. [​IMG]
    A tiny turtle,
    Hiding in your Squirtle shell,
    Just a starter though.



    The first of many
    Eeveelutions, right?
    Yet still loved, always.


    Sing a lullaby,
    Lull your crowd to sleep with it,
    Then draw on their faces.


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  12. [​IMG]

    one of nature's great mistakes?
    confined to the dark

    Agile lord of leaves
    no one dares usurp your throne
    hidden in the trees
    Gardevoir has fans
    they write stories and draw art

    I'm a bit...disturbed
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  13. [​IMG]
    Blue like the ocean,
    This little guy is perfect,
    Though he is clumsy.

    Cute as a button,
    Runs fast, but tires quickly,
    Watch out for her cheeks!

    Strong punches and kicks,
    My favorite flame monkey,
    Keep doing your best!
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  14. Totodile first
    Cute and jolly crocodile
    you got ugly

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  15. Psychic and water
    Frustrating constant headaches
    Psyduck, you're my fave.


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