EXERCISE Challenge #22: Three Random Elements II

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  1. Three Random Elements II


    One of my earlier challenges had a list of three things to inspire a poem. Feel free to refer to Challenge #13 for examples that may be of use, in case my instructions may be confusing. You're throwing different ingredients in to see what comes of it. You write with a theme and style of your choosing while involving the following elements in some way:

    1. Breath
    2. Antique
    3. Puzzle

    A reminder that the actual words themselves don't have to be in the poem. Figure a way to put these items into a poem. String them together into something that represents how you interpret these three things. Challenge your brain and writing skills, show me what you come up with! :]
  2. I like to nearly kill my brain by challenging it with palindrome poems. This will do until I feel like making any changes. Inspired by me constantly being kept awake by my own creepy thoughts and dreams.

    Up All Night

    Archaic fables,
    echoing thoughts of mishmash
    Sighs cold and somber,
    chills embracing flesh
    Shivering from confusion of
    morbid reveries
    Signs? Perhaps fears?
    I have questions;
    Ancient ones know answers
    Answers know ancient ones
    Questions I have:
    Fears perhaps? Signs?
    Reveries morbid
    of confusion from shivering
    flesh embracing chills
    Somber and cold sighs,
    mishmash of thoughts echoing
    fables archaic
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  3. Not yet the serious response, but hey:

    A READYMADE HAIKU (If anyone gets the reference, then you'll know why this fits "ancient"):

    Slim Puzzle

    You know how to whistle,
    don't you? You just put your lips
    together, and blow.
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