EXERCISE Challenge #12: How's the weather?

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  1. How's the weather?


    There are times when I look out the window and feel an urge to write about the weather. Then thought, hey! That would be a neat idea for a challenge. Take a peek outside and consider the words you'd use to describe today's temperature, clouds, sunlight, and what have you. I also want you to include the affect it's having on you. Is it making you moody? Excited? Bored? Sleepy?

    Now for the format I'm going to throw at you... I'm going to ask for a short sedoka. Come up with 2 unrhymed, three-line stanzas, which are specially called katauta for this style. There are specific syllable counts as well, which go like this: 5/7/7, 5/7/7. My idea was that in the first katauta, you'd write about the weather. For the second, your feelings. Feel free to come up with other creative ways of going about this. I'd be interested in seeing two differing perspectives on a type of weather, for example.

    This one might be a bit tough. ;] Have fun with it, though. Below, I will provide a couple of examples that use this style, as well as a link to some information in case I sucked at explaining it.

    Definitions and such are from Shadow Poetry.

    Example #1 (open)

    Wispy dawn rising
    ethereal flute of light
    lances the vaporous shroud

    spiderweb glistens
    an intricately woven
    and intangible beauty

    Example #2 (open)

    Fractured wanderer
    leaving a tortured city,
    hammocked insecurely.

    Quenched of thirst for blood,
    he may now respect beauty,
    unappreciated 'fore.

  2. Cold Breath

    Grey with white patches,
    the sky frowns on us today
    and heaves a sigh of cold breath

    I feel myself smile
    My world's been shaking lately,
    plus I never mind the gloom
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  3. Spring Arrives

    Humming cicada
    Shrouded in a dark blanket,
    Surely you enjoy the warmth.

    I cannot agree.
    I miss the butterfly kiss
    Of an ice cold winter night.


    Silver moon linger
    Just a bit longer for me.
    Don't shroud your glow behind clouds.

    Pale light hugging me,
    Why do you begin to fade?
    The daylight creates darkness.
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  4. A Wish

    Howling Winter cold,
    Your ice reaches my very bones,
    And your darkened skies crush hope.

    I want to be free,
    I wish for you to retreat.
    Please bring back the rainy days.​
  5. Pitter-pattering
    the rain glistens off the roads
    watercolor spots of light.

    Dreaminess descends
    in this twilight arena
    where nothing is as it seems.
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  6. Ice encases snow
    Sparkling like diamond's facets
    Almost blinding observers

    Icy cold brings pain
    Aching knees and feet and hands
    Ibuprofen is my friend