Chains from Heaven

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    It was the middle of spring and the world was in full blossom. Kirine loved the smell of flowers. It smelt like the world had just been sprayed by a giant bottle of perfume. She stood in the centre of the field and inhaled deeply. The grass was tickling her leg, and she couldn't help but feel all calm and serine. She sat down, cross-legged and smiling, soaking up the sun's rays with her eyes closed. She felt a strong wind blowing through and the tall grass undulated like an ocean. Then she heard a shrill voice calling out to her. "Kirine! Kirine honey, where are you?" It was like a drop of ink in water. Out of place, incongruous. Kirine opened her eyes and got up out of the grass so her grandmother could spot her. "Hey Gran, I'm right here." She started walking over to were her grandmother was standing and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Her grandmother smiled and kissed her right back. Your mother said she just made some lemonade and some sandwiches up by the house. She wants to have a picnic." Her Gran smiled with her entire face as she said this. "She can drive out here then, it's beautiful and calming," Kirine suggested. The field was a bit outside the big city and there was no major roadway nearby. Her Gran agreed with her suggestion and said they should walk back over to her parked jeep and call. Kirine held her hand and started strolling over to the car when she felt a strong breeze -strong enough to push her back. Her Gran stumbled and Kirine helped her back up.
    She heard a strange sound coming from somewhere. It sounded like chains rustling. Kirine looked around but couldn't locate the source of the sound. It got louder and louder until, finally, she looked up and found the source of the noise. It was a chain, and it fell until it stopped short just short of touching the earth. Both Kirine and her Gran stared at it until the older woman began moving over to it slowly. "Gran...." Kirine started to say but trailed off. She was curious too. Her grandmother moved over until she reached the chain. Then slowly, nervously, she grabbed hold of it. There were a few horrifying moments before Kirine realized what had happened. Her Gran had touched the chain and burst into flames, which slowly devoured her and her guttural screams until she was nothing but ash. Kirine screamed and ran over to the chain, grabbing hold and screaming louder, and it instantly began moving upward at an unholy speed, hauling Kirine off earth. She grabbed on until her knuckles turned white as she ascended further up. Eventually she found herself staring down at the planet and still going higher and higher until she couldn't even see the stars. Just utter darkness. Her eyes opened wide as she looked around. And that's when she spotted the single white amorphous blob standing out in the darkness. Kirine stared at it for awhile, before reality set in and she started to scream once more.
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]___________________________________________________________[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG]Clementine was on the porch of her families' estate. The Texas weather was beautiful today. She sipped some of her lemonade. "Today is such a beautiful day...isn't it darling?" Clementine's boyfriend, Bobby Joe hugged her from behind. "It sure is, but nothing is as beautiful as you are...honey." Clementine smiled and kissed him.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]They were about to head back inside, when Clementine heard chains or something. She turned to the noise and chains started to...fall?! "Holy...Jesus!" Bobby Joe had a shocked look on his face...Clementine just stared. "Bobby...Bobby, what are they?" Bobby Joe looked at the chains, he looked up towards the sky...they kept going.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] "I don't know..." Bobby Joe went to touch the chains. "Ahhh!" Clementine looked in horror as Bobby Joe was turned into ash, that flew in the wind. Clementine's entire family came out, asking questions and looking around.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Clementine looked at the chains, she saw one near the top of the hill. "CC...don't do it!" Clementine's younger brother knew what she was up to, Clementine didn't care. She wanted to find out what happened...was Bobby Joe really dead or did he just vanish? Clementine ran to the chain, hiking her dress up. "Clementine!" Her family just watched in horror as she was pulled up farther then the sky and beyond. [/BCOLOR]
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  3. The bus terminal was crowded as always as there was a steady stream of people ready to leave everything behind and people coming back for whatever is left for them. They all lined up waiting to be boarded on buses that come and go in a seemingly choreographed manner. The conductors frantically counted the tickets they hold and the passengers on board. Once everything was in order, the conductor signals the bus driver to leave and calls out the next bus to load another set of passengers.

    Outside the terminal, Todd began unloading his baggage from his Uncle Matthew's truck. He travels light for someone who's going to stay in the city for an unknown period of time, bringing only a few sets of cloths and some supplies needed for magic tricks like cards and colored handkerchiefs. "It's a miracle that this rusty ol' mess made it this far", his uncle said while looking at the truck's smoking engines. "You didn't have to drive me out here, Uncle Matt", Todd said. "I could've just hailed a cab".

    "Well, I just want to see my nephew one last time before he leaves". His uncle gave Todd a big warm embrace. "You're name's gonna be big. I know it will", Matthew said. "But you mustn't forget your roots. The fame is just a big distraction from what really matters". "I know, Matt", Todd laughed. "I'll keep in touch. You know how to use the phone right? Or do I have to use the post office just like the good old days?". Matthew punched him jokingly. "I'm not that old!".

    Todd looked at the terminal schedule behind him and noticed that the last bus headed for the city is going to leave this hour. The next bus won't show up after three hours. "I guess I should go now. Good bye, Matt. Thanks for everything". With that, he carried his baggage and walked towards the terminal. "Come back for supper sometimes!", his uncle yelled from a distance. What his uncle said still echoed in Todd's head: The fame is just a big distraction from what really matters. But that's what matters to me right now, Todd thought. Finding a distraction.

    Todd turned and waved at his uncle Matt one last time.

    Todd woke up as the bus came to a screeching halt. The driver came down the bus and the passengers were curious why. He looked out the window and realized why. There were chains floating in mid air. No, they were hanging from something far up in the sky. The cars and trucks beside the bus stopped as well and the drivers went out of their respective vehicles as if drawn towards the chains hanging from above. He watched the bus driver as he gingerly approached the chains. He touched a chain and was immediately reduced to ashes.

    The passengers stared at the ashes for a moment with disbelief and they soon began screaming and panicking. Others started calling the cops and most of them packed up their stuff and left the bus while avoiding the chains. Todd began packing up as well and was about to leave the bus when he noticed a boy sitting alone behind him. From where he's sitting, a chain is hanging right outside his window. The boy was drawn to it and reached for the chains.

    "Don't do it, kid!"

    Todd dropped his stuff and yanked the boy's hands back. Todd accidentally nudged the chain with his hand and his hand began to act on it's own and held on the chain firmly.

    The chain yanked Todd towards heaven.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Molly was lazily brushing her hair at the white vanity, the white washed walls only seemingly a pale grey now. The faint sound of music drifted from downstairs, as well as the clatter and clinking of what Molly assumed to be liquor glasses. The cheerful, sing song voices of her parent's guests was enough to make her barf. Baby blues looked back towards the vanity, staring at the dusty mirror. She wasn't staring at herself, nor was she staring at the mirror. Just.. looking ahead. Empty. Slowly, Molly pulled her hair into an up-do, tying it up with a lavender clip and ribbon. It seemed to be the same routine every lazy Sunday, the church folk would occupy Molly's rather large house, and for a day, everything would seem peaceful. Small talk over tea and liquor and snacks, which she had never cared to take part in. It was the same every Sunday, the same people, the same talk. Molly was never one for pretenders. Sighing, she reached over, picking up a cracked case of powder, pulling out the brush and decorating her face. Stay pretty, that's all they cared about. She paled her face, dolled her lips, made her eyelashes pretty and perfect. Like a lady, they said. She had a way of living up to her reputation, whether it was built on lies or not. She glanced towards the window, noting the depressingly pale skies of her usually sunny Georgia weather. Looks like her perfect little Sunday had a bit of a snag in it.

    Slowly, she rose from her stool, walking over to the window. Her heels clacked against the old hard wood flooring, a small pitter patter as a reminder that she was indeed, all dolled up in her Sunday best. The girl reached for the handles of her window, pulling open the old frame and letting the wind rush in. It immediately blew stray strands of hair away from her up-do, and she frowned, leaning out the window in just the slightest. From her three story home, she had the perfect view, at the very top, looking out at their beautiful back yard that Molly had grown so used to while others would look in only awe. The wind brought in the fresh scents of spring, maybe even rain, the smell of flowers and pollen and new beginnings. Maybe this year will be better than the last, different. Maybe there will be a change.

    Little did she know, her change wasn't what she would've ever thought it'd be. No, it wouldn't be a rugged bad boy in town. Nor would it be her parents finally divorcing after years of fighting. No, her change would be purely out of God's boredom, the same god she went to church every Sunday to worship. It was funny, Molly was never a believer at heart. Of course, she bowed her head and prayed when she was told, and she listened to the preacher's words about faith and love and damnation, but she never believed in it herself. Not in the way a good Christian girl was supposed to. She never did. Life after death seemed like a possibility to her, but she didn't believe they were all just puppets on strings - or rather in this case, puppets on chains - and their fates were decided by some giant entity that decided who they would fall in love with, decided who's prayers will be answered, who gets their angels and who has to sit and rot in their own pity. Molly was never one for believing that, and all of the Sunday school sessions in the world could not change her mind about that.

    Suddenly, she turned her head to the sudden sound of rattling.. metal? Of course, her immediate reaction was to scan the ground, trying to find one of her servants messing with the gardening tools or the horse's pails, but she found none of that. Instead, in a flash, there were chains. Yes, chains, smacking down into the ground and rattling as loud as thunder. She practically gasped, rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing this right. The faint sound of the horses neighing in the distance, probably from panic, was enough to convince her she wasn't hallucinating. And, on dumb instinct, the girl ran to her door, running down the hallways, throwing her heels off as she ran. She practically slid down the stairs, using the railing to keep her from falling to her death as she twisted down the staircase. She darted through the living room, catching the attention of her parents and their guests.

    "Molly! No running indoors, it's not lady like!" Her mother called after her, not that Molly payed any mind. Molly practically jumped out the back door, her feet immediately landing on the bare dirt, dirtying her socks and kicking up dust in her wake. Yes, there were chains, linked onto the ground. Her mother followed afterwards, followed by her father and everyone who was previously in the house, now curiosity was etching into them as well. Molly slowly, carefully, as if she was approaching a startled animal, walked towards the chain. Her hand slowly reached out, almost going to touch the link. "Don't you dare touch that!" Her father yelled, and Molly hesitated for a second.

    And then, her eyes glanced back to her father, locking eyes with him. And then in a snap, she reached out, grasping the change, her gaze never faltering away from her father. That was all it took, and in that instant, she was yanked from the ground, a sharp cry of surprise and fear leaving her. That lavender ribbon fell from her hair, settling in the dust. Perhaps a symbol of the life she was now going to leave behind.
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  5. Today was a day that Kyle had to rest and relax. Unfortunately, days of rest and relaxation often called him back to his parent's estate, since they seemed to insist on having him visit every spare day he had. This usually entailed listening to his mother natter on about some piece of gossip she had picked up, or his father trying to concoct some scheme to gain their family more prestige. Kyle longed for a day where he could just lounge around in his apartment, far away from the foppish nonsense of the Villiers family.

    As he took a sweet moment of solitude in one of the estate's living rooms, his father suddenly burst in, looking quite irate. "Kyle, it's a black day! The lady of the Smith family has died!"

    "Has she? How terrible." Kyle replied, though not half as distraught as his father appeared to be. Though Smith was a common name, he knew which Smith he meant; it was the oil family from London who his father had been kissing up to for a while now. He had met some of them at some party or another. He didn't know them perfectly, but it was still a shame to hear one of them had died.

    "Yes, it's terrible! They didn't invite us to the funeral!" Kyle suddenly understood why his father seemed to be so upset. "It's a slight on our good name! And after everything I did to support them!"

    "Yes, so terrible." Kyle began, the sarcasm dripping from his words lost on his dad. "It's as though they misinterpreted your friendly overtures as nothing more than obsequious annoyances."

    "Quite! Well, I'll be sure to make this heard! If I'm not right, then let God strike me down where I stand!"

    As his father finished, a great rumbling shook the house. Kyle and his father both raced to the window to look outside. Immediately visible was a great, enormous chain that had slammed into the grounds of the estate. They both hurried outside without a word. Upon getting closer, Kyle noticed a pile of ash sitting near the chain. Nearby was a discarded silver platter. Kyle had the blackest feeling that those were what remained of one of the estates staff.

    "....this must have been sent by God!" His father exclaimed suddenly. Kyle rolled his eyes. His father's zealotry was tiresome at the worst of times, and now he wanted to claim this ridiculous thing was some kind of divine miracle? "It's a sign! We have been blessed!" He raved. He then suddenly moved behind Kyle and began pushing him.

    "What on earth are you doing!?" Kyle shouted. He was clearly shoving him towards the chain.

    "Touch it, Kyle! We have been chosen!"

    "What!? For God's sake, you touch it!"

    "...just do it Kyle! For the family!"

    Having been surprised and overwhelmed, Kyle found himself shoved right onto the chain, grabbing hold of it instinctively. He felt himself being yanked up. The chain was dragging him away. He looked down to see his father waving him goodbye, a sickeningly gleeful look in his eyes. If Kyle survived this, he was going to come back down and beat his father into the ground....
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  6. Pandora
    Pandora was leaning against the door frame, listening to her father rant about something at work. She never really cared about much that had to do with it, but she figured since her mother wasnt around anymore, she would need to be there as a dartboard for him to rant at.
    Their mansion was large and located just outside of London. Her father was going to take a flight out to one of his Factories off the coast of Cuba shortly, and needed to get in his daily list of ranting before he took off, leaving Pan to deal with the insecure housemaids and chefs.
    In the middle of her father yelling about incompetant workers, something exploded outside in the field. It made the crystal chandeliers rattle and the vases clatter to the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces. The hell?
    Pandora and her father both made their way outside, weary and cautious. What they saw made them both inhale sharply.
    A chain, about as thick and wide as a propane container, loomed into the ground just outside their house. It was massive, and seemed to stretch into the sky until its end faded away into the clouds. Up and up it went, and Pan caught herself staring until her eyes watered. She hadnt realized her father was screaming at the thing until he brushed passed her. Around the giant chain, there was a crater where it buried itself, and she found her father scaling down it torward it.
    "Dad, what the hell are you doing? Get away from that thing!"
    "You kidding, Pan? This is a load of bullshit from the Goverment probably preaching to us about God. Im sick of their shit."
    "You arent serious right now?"

    She didnt hear his answer, and ran down to catch up with him. He was screaming at it, but he was so angry that she didnt understand a word of it.
    Before she could blink, her father grabbed onto one of the links with both hands and pulled.
    With a flash of light and the sound of clinking glasses, her father's body exploded into a patch of dust and ash. Her heart seemed to do the same thing. Oh Gods, no, no no, no , NO. This wasnt real. She was dreaming. There was no way her father could just... Turn to ash. No, she didnt believe it. She bit her tongue, pinched the soft spots on her wrist and under her arms, used the heel of her hand to hit her temple.
    No, she wasnt dreaming. Her father was dead. Her mother was dead, too. Why shouldnt she be dead? Why does she get to live? She doesnt.
    Pandora switched into autopilot, moving down the softened dirt of the crater and near the chain that up close, glowed with an eerie yellow-white light. She didnt care. She was going to die. Pan whined in her throat when she unintentionally stepped in the ashes of what had been her father only moments ago. Great. Dead father on her shoes.
    She stopped only inches from the chain and held out her hand.
    "Fuck you."
    Pan practically slammed her palm into the chain, and her brain seemed to burst and reconstruct itself. A feeling similiar to vertigo scoured her body until it burned. Her stomach was in her throat, her heart was slamming into her ribcage so hard it started to hurt. Gods, was this what it was like to die? To turn to ash? No.

    Pandora opened her eyes, and saw the green and blue of the earth billions of miles below her.
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  7. Tony was asleep when all of a sudden he a scream from both his adoptive mother and father. Tony quickly got dressed and ran down stairs to where his adoptive parents where at. Mom? Dad? Whats happening? I-I-I don't know Tony. Tony's mom said worriedly. Tony's dad went into there room and got out two guns. Here son. His dad said as he threw him a gun. When Tony's dad threw him the gun he caught it. Stay here honey. Tony's dad said as him and Tony went out side. When the two went outside they saw a chain hanging down, and people being taken by the chains. Tony's dad ran inside to go get his chainsaw. Tony just stared at the chain and was drawn to it. Tony dropped his gun and walked towards the chain. Tony reached out to the chain, and when he touched the chain it warped around his hand. When the chain warped around his hand he started to go up with the chain. Tony's dad ran outside and grabbed Tony's leg, but his dad didn't hold on for long. When His dad fell to the ground he yelled his son's name before he went off into the sky.
  8. Maddox
    It was yet another slow day in Gary, Indiana. Though, it was always slow and boring within Indiana. Maybe a murder here and there..well, there was one here today but that didn't bother Maddox too much. It was one of the only interesting things he had to report on, the murders. The sky held a dark and gloomy shades of grey, as though they were tainted with something. "Maybe it's the tainted mind of the murderer." Maddox thought, chuckling at the idea of it.

    Upon parking on the side of the road, Maddox noticed the yellow tape, crowd of curious onlookers, and the small time cops holding them back. It reminded Maddox of the TV crime shows, of everyone gathering around to see the product of sinful act. Their curiosity of just the body and their fear of "could I be the next victim?" annoyed Maddox a bit. He's days as a journalist have brought him upon many stories, some being dark tales, but he's seen a body or two in his life time. It's just sleeping person who will never wake up to him, nothing special.

    Grabbing his pen and note pad he got out of his car, and approached the the open field with the yellow tape. Maybe it was some sort of relationship he had with the police force, but he thought it was odd that they allowed him onto it. Not too many journalist or reporters are allowed on crime scenes, but then it hit him. It must be Detective Jonah working the scene. Jonah was hardworking and determined woman, one cop Maddox slightly liked, but her temper was something that could scare Maddox. Though, his presence and sometimes continuous monotoned questions and his own theories on cases has built a...odd friendship. She would let him onto scenes in order to gather an outside view, not that Maddox had too much experience with murder scenes.

    She glanced over to him and gave Maddox a slight smile, as though she was glad to see him. Maddox Felt his stomach churn. He wasn't used to being smiled at, and it made him feel even a bit odd. He just rose his hand as to signify a hello. "So, what happened" He said unknowing of the gender of the body.

    "Seems He was shot, stabbed, and mutilated. Whoever did this obviously didn't like the guy, poor guy." Jonah responded, her words carrying some pity for the dead man.

    "Was he tortured?"
    "From just the looks of it, he could of been. He was shot in the knees and hand, and several spots of skin where cut off...but they slashed his neck so I'm thinking that's what was the final blow."
    "Wonder if there was a purpose to the torturing, if it happened."

    "Dunno. But I'll have forensics check it out. Though, I could just ask him when I get my hands on the person who did this." She chimed with confidence and hope. Something Maddox slightly admired.
    "Well, let me get down the general stuff. What was the man's age and race? Do you have a name? Time of death?"
    "Mhm, No name but he was Caucasian and he looks to be in his early twenties. I won't much more until-" Jonah had said before being cut of. The sound of chains rattling growing louder and louder. Maddox noticed Jonah's face tilt and conform to a confused look. He turned to see a...A falling chain? What was this? chains don't just...fall. Nor do they suspend from the air like being held in place.. what was this? This wasn't...No..It couldn't be apart of anything Normal. Maddox grew curious and the mystery of the hanging chain was drawing Maddox towards it. Before he had even realized it, he was walking towards it. The people who were gathered around the scene stood in fear and curiosity of it, two of three people had went to touch it..Maddox stopped dead.

    It all happened in a moment, but he saw one of them burst into flames. Screaming for just a moment before turning into an ash pile that was starting to float with the wind. The others who were reaching for it and the crowd screamed in horror and began to run back away from the chain. But, Maddox still felt attracted to it. His curiosity overcoming the fear and intensity of what just occurred. He pushed on, and he heard Jonah beginning to yell after him. But he wanted to see where this chain was heading, even if it meant being turned to ash. Least he could escape the boredom that had become his life. With the new found sense of excitement and curiosity he reached out and grip the chain.

    Maddox blinked and withing the course of a second, he went from the light of the earth into the darkness of space...and beyond.

  9. [​IMG]

    "Screw it all to absolute hell," Felix growled and sat up to look his friend, Jonathan in the eye. Felix continued a bit softer now, "let them think what they want. NO ONE can tell you when, where, and how you should change. It's your life, not theirs and the ugly crack heads can get over it because it doesn't concern them."

    Felix and Jonathan had met about a year ago at a shitty night club in Oakland, California. At first, it was just flirtatious glances and the occasional drink but the two of them eventually realized how much they had in common. To this day Jonathan has a job a local clothing store stocking shelves. While it's an unspoken and quite acceptable fact between Felix and Jonathan that they're both homosexual Jonathan's coworkers aren't as understanding.

    Jonathan's face flushed and he quickly took glances around the apartment room trying to avoid Felix's gaze. "I know you're right," Jonathan said with a heavy sigh, "But it's not like I can tell the jerks to 'piss off' and they'll listen."

    Felix decided to lighten the mood before Jonathan got so depressing that he'd ruin the evening. Felix snickered, " Yeah I know! Not everyone can be as wonderfully wonderful as I am!"

    "Oh my god you're such a fag," Jonathan responded holding back his laughter as best he could.

    Felix leaped off the bed and landed directly in front of Jonathan, "You love me though."

    Jonathan smiled and found the courage to meet Felix's eyes. "Yeah, I think I do," he said before standing up reaching out with both hands to wrap his arms around Felix.

    The two boys had never been intimate before but the likely of it was becoming greater and greater. Felix certainly felt tension and by all means planned to act on it. He pressed into Jonathan hoping for something to confirm his feelings. It was then that a blinding light flashed, marking the moment life on Earth would begin to plummet into oblivion. A colossal chain appeared in the light with a sonic force powerful enough to shatter the small apartment windows. Wind rushed into the room and threw both Felix and Jonathan to the floor helplessly. After a few seconds they came to and decided to investigate exactly what just destroyed Jonathan's apartment. Cautiously, Jonathan approached the nearest window with a reluctant Felix close behind him.

    The broken glass pieces crunched under Felix's timid feet as he spoke out in protest, "I don't know man, since when did it seem like a good idea to go near the windows!? I'm curious, Jonathan!"

    "Quiet," Jonathan snapped and continued forward.

    Felix paused and shook his head. "White boys," he grumbled. Felix didn't have much time to start forward again before another flash of light shot through the air once again temporarily blinding Felix. This flash wasn't as powerful as the first so Felix managed to remain standing at least until he realized that Jonathan had seemingly disappeared into thin air.
  10. Danielle "Dani" Green

    "Are you kidding me?" Dani yelled, honking her horn. "Move your ass, bitch!" This was one of those days she would look back on and regret because she was screeching at a poor woman on crutches. But Dani was far too close to being late, and that was something she could not afford. Finally, the woman had cleared the crosswalk enough that Dani could finally put her foot to the gas. The light had just turned red, but she couldn't care less. Not even for narrowly missing the cars coming from both sides.

    Not two seconds later, a loud siren sounded behind her. "Shit, shit, shit!" Dani cursed, moving to the right shoulder of the road and parking. "Damn it! I've lost my job, Mr. Bitch-Cop--thanks to you!" It took a full minute and a half for the cop (who turned out to be a woman) to make her way to Dani's car. Just as Dani was about to give the cop her license and registration, a loud rattling sound pierced the air.

    "What the hell?" the she-cop breathed as a long, looming chain dropped from the sky. It slammed into the hood of the police vehicle, destroying the metal as it forced its way to being only an inch above the ground. Both women stared at the chain in complete awe and fear. How could this be possible? In the very least, how could a chain complete tear through the metal of a police vehicle--including the engine?

    The cop pursed her lips, marching over to the chain. With a look that could kill, she grabbed the chain with the intention of moving it away from her car. The intention was short-lived as she burst into bright flames and exploded into ash. Dani screamed, starting her car and revving the engine as quickly as she could. Tears were falling down her cheeks. The she-cop...what the hell happened?

    She was going home. She had to be sick or something. Another rattling sounded, and her car suddenly stalled. Dani looked up and could barely see the chain falling from the sky...towards her car. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!" she cried. Dani turned her key again...and again...and again. Too late--the chain fell through the hood just as it had with the police vehicle. The force sent Dani through the window (she knew she should have put on her seat belt) and crashing into the chain. She closed her eyes tight, feeling what she imagined to the horrible sensation of burning to a crisp. Her stomach dropped; her head began to spin.

    And when she opened her eyes, she was no where near her small little town in Oregon.
  11. Cain was currently walking through a small port town in Norway, the boy currently busy trying to pronounce the name.
    "Ter-ver-der-sternd." he mumbled, holding tight onto his daddy's hand as they walked through, his attempts only getting worse and worse after the name jumbled in his mind from that brief look at the sign.
    "Tven-des-stand?" he asked himself, before quickly getting distracted by a putrid smell filling his nose, his fingers moving up to hold it.
    "Daahdeeee" he whined, blocked nose only fuelling the whining pitch
    "waabs daab smeeww?" he complained with his finger-stuffed nose. His father, Joe, turned to look at him and smirked
    "oh, fish! We're at the fish market, your mother wanted to pick up some fresh fish before we got on the boat!" he replied, the boy's nose scrunching up in return as his tongue stuck out of his mouth with an 'eeuugghh'.
    "Fishes are groosss!" he stated, crossing his arms the best he could with one over his nose and the other holding his father's.

    Soon enough, Maria returned to the two boys with a bag filled with different fish-related merchandise and took her father's hand, the three walking towards the docks.
    "I don't like fish!" Cain exclaimed as his mother returned, his fingers no longer held to his nose but across his chest, his other pulled out from his father's hand to join it.
    "Tastes icky and I always choke on the bones..." he muttered, his mother simply rolling her eyes and laughing lightly
    "well I'll make sure to de-bone it properly this time." she replied, the boy responding with a 'hmph' before seeing the boat, a wide grin growing over his face.
    "Woooaaaah!" he exclaimed, about to run over before his father yanked the hood of his coat to stop him
    "it's so cool! It's a little one! Just for us!" he said happily bouncing up and down, the bunny attached to his bag jostling up and down as he did so.

    As the two walked over to the boarding plank however, a small chain began to fall from the sky, long, yet thin. It slinked down from between the clouds, shining in the sun as it plummeted to the earth. Cain, worried about getting on the boat, reached for Abel, his little bunny toy, but soon found he was nowhere to be seen.
    "Daddy! Where's Abel?" he asked frantically, turning as he tried to scramble across his bag, his father looked down to the bag, taking it off him and looking through
    "dunno kid, don't worry, he's probably in here." he said, his mother looking over a little worried as she peered into the bag before all she heard was a loud, happy
    "Abel!" from the boy followed by the pitter patter of feet running along the port.

    Cain had seen his little bunny strewn across the ground, the boy running over to pick it up, cuddling it tight before feeling an odd sensation on his head.
    "Huh?" he asked, looking up as the long chain fell from the top of his head and across his face down onto the floor with a jingle. His mother quickly cried out his name as she began running towards him but it was all a faded blur to the little explorer. He raised a brow as he held onto the small, thin chain, far smaller than the other chains falling about the place, and before he knew it he was yanked up, seeing nothing as he quickly closed his eyes, held on tight and hugged his little Abel.
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