Chains from Heaven

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Does this seem interesting?

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  1. "The world was calm before the storm. The leaves shone like emeralds, the wind cooled us from the painful shards of sunlight, and the world was at peace. And that's when the chains fell from heaven."
    The Plot

    God has grown tired of the world. For years, our wars and immorality kept him entertained, but now he's seen it all, and he's bored with it all. So on a sunny, almost perfect day, several iron chains fall from the heavens to places all over the world. Several persons dare to touch them. Many are killed instantly, but others are pulled into the very Heavens above to face God himself. He tells them of his plans to end the world, but gives them one last opportunity to save themselves from destruction. He opens the gates to reality and offers them each a power which dwells inside. Now they each have a connection to Heaven, their only chance at salvation.

    The Antagonists

    The main antagonists are the Yami, created by god to bring an end to earth. They start out as mist like entities who possess humans and animals, eventually killing their host. As time progresses, they become solid and humanoid. They each have a distinguishing facial feature. The Yami are creatures of utter destruction, having little sympathy and reason. They exist only to destroy and kill. They are fast, strong and each possess a power God has stolen from Hell.

    The Powers

    While in Heaven, each character will have the choice of any Glyph they desire. These glyphs serve as chains/connections to heaven. They are tattooed on any body part of the user's choosing and when active can even be projected away from the users body. They possess different names and powers (which you will decide). Each player is allowed one glyph and if this glyph is destroyed or the body part it is on gets severed, the chain to heaven will be broken and the user will lose his/her powers.

    The rp will have a dark undertone as the characters will each have to fight with the knowledge that their world might be damaged beyond repair even if they win the ultimate fight. We will start just before the chains start falling from heaven.​
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  2. Interested as HELL. Is it one glyph per person?
  3. Interested!!!
  4. Wow. This started getting off quickly. As it pertains to your question @Clear, it is indeed one glyph per person. (To prevent anyone being too O.P) but you can have a variety of different techniques and strategies with your glyph
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  5. You have my Interest.
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  6. @Void_coffin It would be difficult to find a list of glyphs with powers suitable enough to make the r.p interesting. And aside from that I want to give persons the liberty to make their own glyphs.
  7. I see...And sorry if you saw I edited my message. I reread the "the powers" and saw my answer. >< But i shall await for the start up of this rp.
  8. Wonderful. I look forward to rp'ing with you
  9. Ooo, sign me up for this it looks interesting.
  10. Great. Now that makes 4 people interested. I'll be making the O.O.C for this r.p in a bit
  11. I'm Interested
  12. Wonderful. Interesting signature btw
  13. thank you
  14. This reminds me of SMT just a little, at least if you removed the demons.

    Anyway, I'm interested.
  15. Is there room for one more?
  16. @Karma200 Of course.

    I don't think I'll be able to get the OOC up today, but I'll be trying to get it up by tomorrow.
  17. I think I'd be interested. :)
  18. Okay guys, the OOC is officially finished. You guys can head over there and make your character sheets. Right Here: Chains from Heaven
  19. @Ayla @Saito Hajime If you guys are still interested, the ooc and sign ups are up now
  20. Wow my alerts are dumb

    filling out a CS now !
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