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  1. There are many people and there are just about as many ways to greet them.


    How do you generally greet people?
  2. I "sing" my hello to customers at work. I do not know how this started.....
  3. Casual wave and saying hello. If I haven't seen someone for a very long time and they're close friends with me, I'll give them a hug. I'm not normally a 'touchy, feely' person though. >.<
  4. How I greet people?
    Mostly I just say "Hej"

    Or that depends on.

    If I meet a friend then I don't greet them, then I just starts talking without saying hey.

    If I meet a new person that someone else introduces me to then I shake their hand and nod my head, sometimes I say hey.

    If I walk passed strangers or familiar people outside then sometimes I give them a nod and smiles a bit (mostly to elder people that says hey first) or I just walk past without noticing them (the most people does this)
  5. Depends on the person!
    People that I'm new with, I generally am fairly polite, "Good afternoon, how are you?" for the most part.
    When it's people that I knew well, it usually involves a hug and launching immediately into some topic or other, especially if we talked recently.
  6. "How's it gooooin'?" - completely with flirty smile.

    jk. Depends on the person. I waggle my eyebrows at my best friend. I just say hi to my roommate. I give my best, most down-to-earth smile to strangers on the street when I say hello. Mostly need the smile though.
  7. "Why hello there."- Everyone.
    "Hello, Hello!"- People I don't talk to often.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"- To my best friend.
  8. HUGS! :D


    And then, other times, it's "Hellos!" Why is 'hello' plural? I have no idea.
  9. Hm. I have no idea, actually. It's one of those things I've never thought about ._.