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  1. Here at Cello Academy, dancers battle to the death, actors kiss and kill, and nobody is friendly.

    Where do you fit in? Between the outcasts, in the in crowd?

    Maybe you'll meet fabulous Carma Marina, dancer to the stars- or outcast Sabrina Marina, her not so talented sister.

    The choice is yours.

    Groups (Based on talents: Dancer... actress... singer..):
  2. I clicked this because I actually learn cello. Seems interesting enough. I'll start on a character sheet.
  3. Name: Katrina Gray (nickname: Kat or Trin)

    Age: 15

    Grade: 9

    Looks: 5"3 tall, skinny, pale, dark blonde hair (that always seems to be messy), dull blue eyes, small hands and feet. Always seen in old, although she is still very self-conscious about her look.
    \/something like this\/

    Personality: Jumpy, easily excited, humble, friendly. She avoids conflict at all costs. Because she tries not to be on anyone's bad side, she is nice to everyone she meets. Just about the stereotypical teacher's pet, but she is a master at procrastination. Although she is very academic, she often says strange or irrelevant things that generally make no sense whatsoever. She is good at working in groups or by herself, but she doesn't like being the leader. It isn't rare that she ends up sitting by herself, but she much prefers to sit quietly with a group and listening. She is in the outcasts, and is known to some as the 'weird loner'.

    Talents: Embroidery, learning (tends to pick up things quickly) and, surprisingly, football (Aussie Rules, not Soccer). She is hopeless at any other sport.

    Groups (Based on talents: Dancer... actress... singer..): Orchestra (plays double bass), actress

    There it is :)
    Any changes I need to make? Any flaws in my character?
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  4. Name: Sabah
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11
    Looks: He has longer brown hair and blue-ish green eyes. He's 6'2, all of which comes from his long legs. He's muscular and always has a bit of stubble.[​IMG]
    Personality: He's quiet but once he warms up to others he's quite talkative.
    Talents: Anything musical, and track.
    Groups (Based on talents: Dancer... actress... singer..): Band, Orchestra, Singers, Rockstars, ect.

    Note: He's a transfer student from Germany.
  5. Name: Amelia Anderson
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Looks: She has short hair that she died white with dark blue eyes. She's around 5'7. She's usually seen wearing bright and punk-ish, dark and goth, or band tees and dark jeans. She has a nose piercing, tongue piercing, and her right ear is pierced three times and her left ear is pierced four. Often outcastes due to her punk look.
    Personality: She's rather quiet and much prefers to stay by herself and is always off in her own little world. Once she warms up to people she's rather bubbly and nice. If she encounter someone she doesn't like she isn't afraid to start a fight. She enjoys listening to music and often times gets in trouble by the teachers for listening to it during times when she should be learning. Just before her 10th grade school year started she use to be a wonderful martial artist but quit for unexplained reasons, so she's often found practicing for no apparent reason.
    Talents: Karate, Singing, Violin, photography.
    Groups (Based on talents: Dancer... actress... singer..): Singers, Orchestra, Sports, Digital Arts.
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