Celestial Romance

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  1. Moon pushed his fingers through his grey quaff, exhaling tentatively as he glanced around the ornate ballroom, briefly and appreciatively glancing over the high ceilings painted with tales of the celestial bodies. This was the first time that Moon had attended a ball in the Pollux hall as his title of Moon had only recently been bestowed upon him, his predecessor had relinquished the duty due to old age.
    So there Moon stood, in a far and isolated corner of the grand hall. He cast a gloomy air across people in his general vicinity; the personified stars and galaxies around him were nodding off and yawning sleepily. His dark grey trenchcoat hugged him, its tailored fit accentuating his lean body. Moon sighed in displeasure when Graven stalked towards him, an ambrosia-induced smirk curving his lips. "Moon!" Graven exclaimed, clapping the gloomy man on the shoulder which received a gentle groan.
    "Yes, Graven?" Moon responded sullenly, leaning back against the railed wall. Moon gasped when Graven Grabbed his arm and pulled him off the wall, dragging the man onto the mosaic-tiled dancefloor. "You must meet Sun!" Graven called over his shoulder, practically dragging Moon to the side of the room that was bathed in warm light. The colors around Moon seemed to almost fade, losing their vibrant glimmer.
    Moon had always been somewhat of an articulate introvert, which is a disappointing pairing. He had so many thoughts that he wished to express but he did not desire an audience which was enigmatic and frustrating. Moon had many questions of himself that he couldn't answer, not by himself.
  2. Sun had stood off to the side just about on the mosaic dance floor. She had been socializing with others, a dazzling smile gracing her lips which gave off her kind and sweet nature. Those she had spoken to were smiling, visibly happier than before they had approached her. Her very person gave off a pleasant aura, improving the moods of not just the people she had spoken to, but to those that were just around her. Her elegant white dress hugged the woman's alluring curves, extending to just above the ground so the outfit wouldn't become filthy from whatever muck scattered around. More people seemed to approach her, and she welcomed the attention with open arms. Shooing them away would just be heartless and coarse; providing a lively introduction and engaging them in a cordial conversation was just the type of person she was. Who could turn away those who just wanted to be around them?

    Suddenly, Sun began to feel a gloomier aura coming towards her, making her turn to see where the source of such feeling was coming from. Her body slumped somewhat and her warm color appeared to turn cooler. She turned until she could finally see Graven pulling the source of such a somber aura towards her. She wondered if this was an individual the other was going to introduce her to. She had already met and greeted so many people, what was one more person?
  3. When Moon approached Sun he felt the coldness inside of him rising and warming up gradually, but not enough for a smile to crack on his cool, hardened face. Graven stopped in front of the elegant woman, letting go of Moon's arm with a drunken smile. "Sun, this is the previous Moon's successor. This is his first ball. He's been working in the cycle for a few human months. Play nice, kids!" Graven giggled as he disappeared into the crowd as quickly as he'd come.
    Moon exhaled slowly, something he did often. He was maybe half a foot taller than sun, and up close his trench coat had elegant but dark details that you could only see from a close distance. His hair looked sleepily styled, but still attractive in a rugged way. His jawline was prominent, but his eyelids drooped slightly on a regular day. But when he was with Sun, he felt different, peculiar. His eyes were alert, his posture was resurrected, the cool and dull sensation that enveloped him perpetually was beginning to thaw. "Hello, Lady Sun," he greeted her cordially, holding one hand behind his back as he lowered himself gracefully to one knee and pulled her hand up gently, carefully and briefly pressing his lips to her hand before rising once more.
  4. The minute Moon approached her, she could feel the somber aura gradually diminishing. She listened to Graven's slurred words as he explained to her who he was and his position in the cycle. Before she could say anything, the other had already giggled and disappeared into the crowd of guests. Graven had always been a strange one, but that could not be helped by him.

    Sun gazed over to the other, glancing over Moon's gloomy and disheartening (yet attractive) appearance. The young woman could see that the other's features contrasted with her own. Her hair extended to the middle of her butt, no signs of laziness as each strand was placed perfectly. Her jawline was not sharp, as some would have believed at first thought of her. It was round and assisted in giving away her kind nature, everything about her just gave her away. She stood erect in front of the other, her eyes following him as he gave her a cordial greeting. Her smile graced her lips as the other's pressed briefly against her hand, the man rising once more in front of her. The young woman curtsied, holding out her dress to present the faint golden designs that assisted in bringing out her bright nature.

    "Lord Moon.." She returned in greeting, arising once more to look at the other, "It is a pleasure to meet you."
  5. Tingles ran down Moon's spine, causing him to shiver. He tilted his head slightly, a faint and subtle grin curving his lips as he watched the being before him closely. It was as if he was under a trance. Not the celestial trance that cosmic bodies carried with them perpetually, but something more mental than literal. He felt as if he'd met this woman countless times before and he was extremely hesitant to leave her presence.
    He shook his head lightly and licked his lips, the foreign smile still everpresent in her vicinity. "Would you like to dance, Lady?" Moon asked properly, his voice deep and soothing. He held his hand out to her, turning halfway to the dancefloor.
  6. The offer of a dance made Sun rather giddy underneath the somber aura that was surrounding her. A dance did sound lovely, and it was a sure way to brighten the mood between her and the attractive man before her. The same bright and dazzling smile continued to grace her lips, a single nod following her head in response to his question. She reached forward and gently placed her hand in his, enticed by his alluring smile and deep yet soothing voice.

    "I would love to, Lord Moon.." She answered him.
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